[Ends 24ALB] Blind Import Sale

  • I did this once and the turn out was great(except I believe it was a raffle can't remember).


    • You can name the horse but use my prefix do not add your own.
    • You can make the horse any gender you like(as I'm going to auction them off gender neutral)
    • Horses can be active in randomized shows I don't expect an update on them often
    • You are welcome to resell the horse(s) if you don't want them anymore(no permission needed)
    • You are welcome to use any of my horses in their pedigree(you just need my permission first)
    • Discipline is for you to choose from
    • If no bids are placed within the first 48 hours images of the import horses will be posted

    Starting bid: Each horse starts off at $2,000
    Minimum Bid: $1,000
    Maximum Bid: $5,000
    Autobuy: $5,000 per horse

    Horse #1
    Bay Thoroughbred

    Horse #2
    Grey(Bay Base) Dutch Warmblood

    Horse #3
    Palomino American Quarter Horse

    Horse #4
    Bay Hanoverian

    Horse #5
    Black Overo American Paint Horse

    Horse #6
    Chestnut Thoroughbred

    Highest Bids
    Horse #1 -
    Horse #2- Sold to Maize
    Horse #3- Sold via Auto
    Horse #4-
    Horse#5- Sold via Auto

  • Horse 2 - SB
    Horse 3 - Auto
    Horse 5 - Auto

  • Horse 5 - 6k

  • @Maize-Winters bid accepted as well as the 2 autobuys. I'll send them all together :)
    @Olivia-Yendall horse was bought via autobuys sorry :(

  • @Serenity-Gwin Damn it xD, didn't get a chance to see the topic till this morning

  • @Olivia-Yendall said in [Ends 24ALB] Blind Import Sale:

    @Serenity-Gwin Damn it xD, didn't get a chance to see the topic till this morning

    Depending on popularity, and if I can keep myself off the MMO I'm playing I may add more

  • Will send the payment for the two autobuys.

  • Since it has been 48 hours and 3 horses have no bids on them images of them will be up later tonight or early Thursday morning :)

  • This post is deleted!

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