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  • Wolfsbanes First small Cross Country Set

    As I get used to more meshing I created a few XC jumps in the past few days. They are both pretty basic but a first start for me getting comfortable with meshing ans texturizing.
    So with no further words, let me present!

    The V Jump

    alt text

    Rather small obstacle for your XC course. The narrowing logs forming a V to train to jump narrow jumps. Get it HERE

    The Loco Roll Top Jump <-

    alt text

    Locomotive jump. It is possible to over jump it at any place but depending on where you jump it, it gets a little bit more difficult!. Get it HERE

    JUST A REMINDER: It is forbidden to share or steal any of my creations. I had especially problems with people sharing it anywhere and I DO NOT WANT THAT. If I want to spread my creations I do it by myself. People who wants this and are not part of this community (or any other community where I shared my creations) should ask me personally and I will share my creations with them. THANK YOU AND HAVE FUN!!!!

  • Thank you so much for these new jumps! I LOVE that train its so quirky <3

  • Those are great! Thank you very much! :heart:

  • Absolutely brilliant! Please make more XC jumps! They're seriously amazing!!

  • Wolfsbanes Community Stable Front

    alt text

    Ever wanted one of these community stables? Well, now you can rebuild your stables if you want to have it. It is a deco community stable front. In RL he horses stick their heads through the openings and can eat hay that is scattered on the ground . It comes with a normal stall front panel and a special panel that would represent a door.
    HERE for the normal stall front
    HERE for the stall door

    Have Fun

  • That "front" would be perfect, if I had Icelandic Horses! thinks about making some lol xD

  • I saw you post these on Facebook. I was hoping you would share them! So happy that you did! They're amazing!¬

  • this is so so cool! thank you :)

  • Ahhh I was just thinking of building another "open" or community stable for my broodmares, so this is absolutely perfect! Thank you so much for sharing! :heart:

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