{ENDED} Silver Berry Colour Auction

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    As i have a spring back in my step on the road to recovery, i thought to take some action and make some horses! Im not interested in having anymore myself, so what better way to use up some credits.
    Today i have 6 lovely colourful horses up for auction. 3 boys and 3 girls. Breeds havent been selected for them as of yet so their new owners may choose those, but they are warmblood based. These horses come with their own custom markings and will receive a mainsite once their new owners choose the new horses desired breed.
    This sale will end on the 18th of October. Horses that receive bids on the 18th will turn into 24hr ALB auction so that everyone gets a chance in different time zones.
    Please take a quick moment to read the rules before you bid.
    The starting bid for all horses is $5,000. Minimum bid increase is $1,000. There is no maximum bid increase and there is no autobuy. If i up-vote your comment it means it has been accepted. I will be trying to update this post regularly with the highest bids.


    Coat or conformation may not be tweaked or changed. You may only adjust shine markings due to different HD mods.
    You must keep my suffix. Please keep their names although you're welcome to change their barn names.
    Once the horse is yours you may do what you like with it, weather you enter shows or not.
    Do not mass upload the horse or its marking

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    Kay (chestnut tobinao) is a bold young man with a lot of talent. He strives in making himself seen even within the stable stalls as he whines for attention. He may be a tad noisy, but this gentleman is a sweetheart.

    alt text
    alt text
    alt text alt text alt text
    Dart (dark bay overo) as hes called around here, is a quiet and timid young boy, although very polite and kind. He has a very sweet personality and a great movement in the saddle when ridden.

    alt text
    alt text
    alt text alt text alt text
    Sammy (black sabino) is a very unique young man with a lot of talent in him. He has stunning strides and is always an eye catcher in the field or in the ring. Loves his riders with a lot of love.

    alt text
    alt text
    alt text alt text alt text
    Ally (grey tobiano) is a quirky and sassy mare who is a wonderful mover and has a perfect temperament. Just about being able to be thrown into any career path, Ally isnt one to miss out on.

    alt text
    alt text
    alt text alt text alt text
    Marge (bay sabino) may come off as shy, but once calm and comfortable wont leave you alone. You'll find her following you in the paddock for your afternoon stroll, always asking for smooches.

    alt text
    alt text
    alt text alt text alt text
    Tilly (spotted - black underneath) is a spectacular stunner, and her coat explains her. She can sometimes be a bit uncoordinated and might have a stumble, but dont take it to heart, shes just clumsy.

    Horse Member Bid End Time
    Kitche S Callixta Rosella $12,000 SOLD
    Dardrenor S Richard Sterling $25,000 SOLD
    Saffron S Siri Kane SB SOLD
    Adaline S Siri Kane $10,000 SOLD
    Margery S Richard Sterling SB SOLD
    Tarina S Richard Sterling $13,000 SOLD
    Happy Bidding :heart:

  • Saffron S - SB
    Adaline S - SB

    WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO ME CHARLIE :speak_no_evil:

  • Tarina is soooo tempting!

  • Dardrenor S - SB
    Margery S - SB
    Tarina S - SB

  • SB Kitche S . im loving this Color <3 i just want to Snuggle with him. what a Handsome Young Man he would SO fit in.,

  • Adaline - 6000

  • PR Committee

    Kitche S - 6000
    Dardrenor S - 6000

  • Adaline - 7k

  • Adaline 8k :)

  • Dardrenor S - 7000

  • Adaline - 10k :D

  • PR Committee

    Dardrenor S - 10k

  • Dardrenor S - 11k

  • PR Committee

    Dardrenor S - 13k

  • PR Committee

    Dardrenor - 14,000
    Tarina - 6,000

  • Dardrenor S - 15k

  • tarina S 7k

  • Tarina S - 8k

  • tarina 9k

  • Kitche S - 7000

  • PR Committee

    Kitche S - 9000
    Dardrenor S - 17,000

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