Casteleaux and Quincetree Archives {Dec 26th}

  • I LOVE how you've set up your 'sad excuse of a photoset' amazing looking facilities
    especially all the little details in the last picture <3 and the idea with the lights is so cool! it puts so much mood in your pictures and just invites to stay a while~ :heart_exclamation:

  • rising stars, part I

    18 octobre 2018

    Starring Ygretta CX, a month-old edit that I’m starting to dislike but needs to be posted because the dof worked, and text that was written way too long ago.

    Special thanks to @Callixta-Rosella for the opportunity to have a foal from Erchamion, and @Danielle-Maddox for providing the dam! This special girl gets a +13 in eventing and a +25 in dressage :star2: She also recently won the top of her class in the last dressage c-show!

    can you tell i got less than three hours of sleep

    Heavily-built for her breeding, skittish for her age.

    Which is absolutely not to disregard her attentive mind, her smooth gaits. Her genuine aim to please.

    Ygretta CX, more affectionately known as Greta (or sometimes Yogurt), merely needs the confidence. Someone to tell her what she’s doing right, without a doubt. It’s reasonable, considering her gold-gilded pedigree (GOS Erchamion X Ygritte ZI) and the high expectations that come with it.

    She’s learning, though. Fear is unnecessary when you’re such a stellar mount, with rosettes decorating your stall and the heart of a lion. Or a cub, rather; for now she slinks in the shadows—waiting, waiting—before she catches her prey off-guard.

    I'm stealthily going to sneak this under the cut because I'm already overwhelmed with requests, but in case you haven't seen it already I've made a form where you can request an import from me :kissing: Please please please only fill it out if you reeeeaaaally want a horse from me, since it takes me days, weeks, months to make just one. Also note that I'm not going to necessarily complete all of the submitted requests; as haughty as it sounds, I want to prioritize people who seem to legitimately want one of my pons (if you've left upvotes or a touching comment before that means you!) :slight_smile:

    @Luke-Teth theyre made of my tears and sweat so they dont taste very good. also im not hiding your "pumpkin friends," theyre hiding from you. (you might want to reconsider who your real friends are :thinking: )

    @Mira-Green aww, thank you! but don't compare your skill to mine like that, because your barns look spectacular as well! (the cute brown walls, the little fairy lights, overgrown ivy...i love it) :yellow_heart: as a side note, i think i've rebuilt my barns um...eight times now. in the past year. this is fine.

    @Anna-Hertler i sure did you a bit of a frighten didnt i :angel: anyway, i look forward to the anna spamma! :kissing_closed_eyes:

    @Elizabeth-Hall thank you so much!! that means a lot coming from you :sparkling_heart: it's good to know the trouble of pretending to know how to animate is worth it :bulb:

  • Wow what a stunning girl! :heart_eyes:

  • Competition Committee

    This! This is just stunning, oh my :heart_eyes:

  • What a lovely half-sister to my own Ygritte foal. See you in the ring, sis :smirk: :kissing_closed_eyes: :tea:

  • PR Committee

    So happy to see her! She looks amazing! I'm a proud grandma no doubt. Everyone producing all of these lovely Trakehners. I have some competition out for me!

  • Ygretta CX is so pretty :heart: i cant make black coats to save my life tbh

  • PR Committee

    Well this explains why I was starting to miss your started a new scrapbook :open_mouth: Obviously I need to peek out from under my rock a bit more. It's lovely to see Ygretta around (I like her new name). It always makes me smile to see the next generation strutting their stuff and oldies like Erchamion get to rest in their pastures and do nothing (sounds great, right?), I'm sure Ygretta will have a great career ahead of her <3

  • Oh it's so great to see some Yoletta (grand)offspring :heart: She looks gorgeous with you!

  • rising stars, part II

    28 octobre 2018

    This update was supposed to be something else, but I’m drowning in import requests and need to clear this (hilariously mediocre) chunk of text out of my drafts. So, continuing with my up-and-coming stars, today’s post features Valentia CX and some very shamefully shamelessly mostly-unedited photos. A huge thank you to @Chelsea-Montgomery for her sire, Orvil AT; @Ellory-Clarke from who I bought her dam, RDEC Verettia; and the all-powerful queen @Eowyn-Vance who made them both :kissing_closed_eyes: :star:

    i just know im going to hate this post later. i know it. i been knew

    { full images because I hate Markdown: i, ii, iii }

    Lena, Lena, Lena.

    Or Valentia CX. But definitely not Valentina. Vuh-len-shuh; without an N.

    (It’s a wink to...something. The lack of an N is crucial.)

    Hailing from stellar bloodlines (Orvil AT X RDEC Verettia), Lena is a lovely mare with a magnificent scope for jumping and dapples brighter than your future. Her flawless form over poles parallels that of the stars that precede her, and she possesses the effortless grace that’s in her blood—which is certainly not to say that she lives in the shadows of her pedigree. Sometimes (a lot of times) she’s ditzy and has four left hooves—must be from her sire—because you can’t just have your cake and eat it too. She’s adorable, really.

    even if i dont to respond to them all directly, thank you so, so much for leaving such lovely comments :sob: it means a lot to me when you take the time to write something nice :yellow_heart:

    @Danielle-Maddox and again, a super huge thanks to you! ngl, providing her a fancy (not very fancy by luke's standards) pedigree renewed my interest in her, and i'm excited to keep showing her (even if shes one of my least favorite colors ahaha) :confetti_ball:

    @Callixta-Rosella if peeking out of your rock more involves more character development blog posts from you, then yes please (though i still have to comment on your last two; but we don't talk about that.) :hugging: and thank you again for the breeding from erchamion; i hope greta will do her sire proud!

  • Banned

    she is super cute!

  • She‘s so beautiful!

  • She's super gorgeous, and i'm kinda weirded out that it's a foal from two horses that I've had in game and loved :laughing: basically my grandchild

  • a queen :crown:

  • Such a beautiful girl :heart_eyes:

  • Competition Committee

    Oh my goodness, look at her little face <3

  • Said it in Slack and I'll say it here.
    Those. Dapples. Are. Stunning.
    The contrast in the coat is beautiful too <3

  • alexa alexa alexa aelax aelxa laelxa aelax what. the. actual. hECK. first of all i have an important midterm coming up but who cares when there's beautiful posts to comment on right??

    Ygretta. You always pick such fancy names I love them :weary: Like it just rolls off the tongue and I love it. Also I remember when you first posted that pic I stared at it for SO long. The colors are so perfect. Cool toned but not too cool and it still has that warm autumn feel? I'm really loving the subtle animated bits like that blue bokeh happening is just amazing. It makes me think of frost or like the beginnings of snowfall (even though its still only November). The whole picture just feels so crisp and wonderful like an autumn breeze. That bokeh in the background is so nice?? Like @alexa's_game work dammit!! So that she can make more DoF pics!!! And the reins!!! I love how detailed they are, they actually look like they're made of leather. (ps: pls give Greta a kiss for me) (ps ps: i've been calling her Yggy read as Iggy in my head and i thought you should know that)

    Valentia though. Are those hair markings I see on her dapples?? You really did such a good job on her dapples I'm cryig (still trying to figure out dapple markings myself) All these horses with pink snips :thinking: I mean I'm not complaining. X marks the spot for a big bOOP on the nose. Also yesterday you complained about how dark your reshade is but It Looks Great!! It's very mysterious and brings out the beeeeeautiful bright part on her coat.

    Anyway thats enough from me back into my hole :full_moon_with_face:

  • starstruck

    1er novembre 2018
    (it's still october 31st somewhere)

    Coincidentally matching the spacey theme of the previous two posts: reposts from the Hollywood Horse Challenge and the All Hallow's Eve Challenge (ft. Greta)! Underwhelming products of over-ambition, really, but I have Halloween goodies (make sure to keep reading!) that need pictures to go with them. Do yourself me a favor and click on the fulls as well :full_moon_with_face:

    wow. a unicorn

    wow. a pegasus

    { full views: i,ii }

    leave a little :jack_o_lantern: in your comment for halloween goodies! (nothing much so dont get your hopes up, but still :eyes: )

    @Eowyn-Vance thank you! i hope she'll do granny eowyn proud! :older_woman:

    @Andrea-Burdine surprise: lena's actually not the one i posted in slack :scream: regardless, thank you so much for your kind words, truly :pray:

    and the best comment award goes to...


    !! you noticed the bokeh!!!!! (also dont even "its still only Novmeber" @ me. i started xmas imports on october 14th, denn. october 14th!!!)

    @Denn-Hanes said in Casteleaux and Quincetree Archives {Oct 28th}:

    Like @alexa's_game work dammit!!

    you said it! lack of bokeh makes me feel like my pictures dont sparkle as much as a want them to and you dont want to know how many posts i've scrapped because of it. oh well :shrug: quality control, perhaps?

    also yggy is the cutest (and very fitting) nickname for her, i love that. oh, and you might want to check out what leather looks like irl, because trust me that isnt even close tons of kisses go to the yggy formerly known as greta next time i go in game :kissing_closed_eyes:

    OK I'LL HAVE YOU KNOW: my dapple dabbling was directly inspired by yours, so consider yourself partially responsible for this. (i say "partially" because none other than the @Dimitri-Dane was the one who initially suggested i make a dapple marking a couple months ago. its prototype version needed a tester horse ofc, so bam)

    @Denn-Hanes said in Casteleaux and Quincetree Archives {Oct 28th}:

    X marks the spot for a big bOOP

    THIS IS IT. THE FIRST TIME I READ IT I WAS BARELY STIFLING MY LAUGHTER AND EVEN THO IVE REREAD THIS PART LIKE TEN TIMES NOW IT STILL MAKES ME LAUGH. X MARKS THE SPOT FOR A BIG BOOP. the best way to call me out on my obsession for snips, and the best way to ensure that my pons get more boops from now on. 16/10 this comment made my life; my skin is clear and my crops are thriving :sparkling_heart:

  • No words, they are absolutely gorgeous! The pictures really speak for themselves :sparkling_heart: :heart_eyes:

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