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  • When can i move in??!

  • white chrysler

    25 décembre 2018

    Cameo AT + Alexa, Kaine's Konstantin

    Happy holidays, friends! A quick semi-edit of Cameo, last month's star at the stallion showcase, and Kon ( @Denn-Hanes ), a draft blanketed with chocolate snow that I was not supposed to win in the Draftsmas raffle. For now, he's chilling outside and is trying to figure out those warmblood weirdos. He'll get a better introduction one day, I promise. :snowflake: :sparkles: :cloud_snow:

    Also yes don't worry I'm definitely going to finish posting the crimborts

    merry chrysler

    @Charlie-Smith aww, that makes me happy to hear :revolving_hearts: (there's times where i can definitely tell that i inspired you, and it's just....the weirdest feeling ever. like..i did that?)

    @Rena-Cort ok, i'm sorry to break the news to you on christmas day, but alas:
    shes lying your honor

    that's Invalid Data. trust me, i tried upvoting your comment, but the forum kept spitting at me. (regardless, i appreciate your kind words heaps :kiss: :sparkles: )

    @Mira-Green when i finish decorating! (aka never) :angel:

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    hmm well, here we go again I guess :joy: I have yet again forgotten about those things called blogs...

    Ygretta CX is absolutely gorgeous! I might be a bit of a sucker for blacks with snips
    Valentia CX-! And she has the cutest face ever! :heart_eyes:
    Your challenge entries are so stunning! They look so magical :heart:
    I'm not gonna lie, Ygretta CX might become one of my favorite horses of yours. Cameo AT and RDEC Verettia looks very handsome too of course. I love how you play with angles on those show pictures!
    And why do you always make such cozy and cute stables? I wish mine looked like that! Scratch that, I don't even have stables... at all
    And again with the stables, all those fairylights, it's so adorable and cozy :heart:
    Your new draft looks amazing! Such perfect snowy picture :heart_eyes:
    And last but not least: MERRY CHRISTMAS :heart:

  • Competition Committee

    Kon wants to come live with me.

    That is all.

    They're both so gorgeous & your pics make me happy. <3

  • Competition Committee

    Look at all these pretty boys, and if I can't have Kon, I need a baby Kon.

    Thats all I have to say about that.

  • twelve grapes

    30 décembre 2018

    Lena (Valentia CX), ridden by Victoria Winter at Glöggrun, the final show (and post) of this year. Crossing my fingers that next year I can finally post staff profiles, finish introducing horses, and do all the things I say I want to do but don't. (Kick me if I don't follow through with any of that) :fingers_crossed: See you all in 2019! :kissing_closed_eyes: :sparkles: :confetti_ball:

    @Anna-Hertler i really do miss your catch-up comments and just realized it now :two_hearts: not quite sure what to do with her. you want her? :sweat_smile: im only half kidding thank you for all your kind words; they truly make my day :sparkling_heart:

    @Toni-Lamberti no he doesnt


    @Rena-Cort what's up with you and toni being so terse? i'm feeling threatened and will fight back :dagger: it also sucks that kon will be gelded and i'm keeping all the straws for myself, huh :kissing_heart:

  • i have been Drooling over your Photos and horses for sometime but never had the Courage to leave you a Comment, i Absolutly love the feeling and atmosphere your Stables and photos leave me in my mind, so Calm and Relaxing, Loving Lena's Dapples and Golden Glow,
    Jealous of your Facilities and Christmas decorations. your stables have a Soft hue to them, i like that, you can feel the love you put into every beam.. That Cameo from Greta in the All Hallows eve Challange is absolutely Stunning , Defo gonna Check back on this Periodically. Stop Posting stunnings on Slack, Fill this up with Goodies!

  • I'm very bad for not commenting on your beautiful blog but I always admire it from afar and gush over your amazing pictures, please forgive me from being such a terrible person you are so nice to me and your comments on my blog always make me smile :sparkling_heart: I want to wish you a very belated merry christmas and I hope you have a wonderful new year! (new years resolution - I'm going to try comment more in this very blog :smile_cat: ) :sparkles: :two_hearts:

    Ps Cosmic sends his love xx :heart:

    alt text

  • Competition Committee

    bootiful as always :sparkling_heart:

  • i dont think i have? ever? posted a reply to your blog? do i know why? nope, because i absolutely admire your work. Its so simply presented with such beauty, and you can tell every time how much effort you put into your pictures, you really should get an award for it. Im serious. :medal:
    Your pictures a beautiful and you always get all the good lighting possible in every image. How? wizardry. Thats all im gonna say about that :heartpulse:

    And Valentia, oh my goodness. everytime i see even the smallest snippet of her and her luxurious coat, i start drooling, i have a serious crush on your horse :sweat_smile:

    hope you bring all your gorgeous things into 2019 for me to continue to stalk

  • LENA! You know i love that mare.

    Your photos are always so soft and pretty. Happy new year!

  • evergreen

    january jamboree: theme I/V
    2 3 janvier 2019

    WRNGS Gwehnyfar, some spruces

    My not-so-revolutionary take on theme I of the January Jamboree (an awful decision between me, @Aliisa-Pohl, @Eowyn-Vance, @Denn-Hanes, and @Mevi-Hackerman that I'm sure you've already heard about on their scrapbooks). This photoset features a spruce mod that @Dimitri-Dane inspired me to make, as well as that wizard's import for me, Gwen, who I've fallen head over heels for. :sparkles: (Psst, higher resolution images are on my tumblr.)




    { }

    Balsam, pine, evergreen. Cedars and spruce, redwood and fir. Snowflakes waltz in the air, caught in the lilt of a biting wind. Fresh snow blankets the earth, renewing, caressing, softening it.

    A winter wonderland, as they'd say.

    Embers—a mare—flecks the fields, glowing, burning, ravaging the winter haven. Soft whispers and whinnies sound as snow falls heavier and clouds paint the sky with ash. In spite of the blaze, the coming snowstorm, the biting wind, the evergreens flourish in their greenness, almost a respite from time if it weren't for all that snow.

    happy new year! a huge thank you to everyone who left a comment; they mean so, so much more to me than you could ever imagine :revolving_hearts:

    @Lexi-House you're so sweet :sob: :sparkling_heart: you've described my photos exactly how i want them to feel, and it warms my heart :heartpulse: thank you for taking the time to write something so kind and so sob-worthy :pray: :yellow_heart:

    @Tasha-White your comment murdered me so hard; i'm the one always gushing and admiring your gorgeous edits of elegance and grace and softness :sparkling_heart: i feel incredibly honored, thank you so much :sob: :revolving_hearts: :heartpulse: :heartbeat: :two_hearts:

    @Rena-Cort + @Dawn-Austen thank you!! :heartbeat:

    @Charlie-Smith you must have really wonky memory, considering you just commented just ten days ago :sweat_smile: nonetheless, i appreciate the kind words so much and i really dont know what to say at such lovely sentiments--thank you. :cry: :two_hearts: (and look, here it is, 2019, and here i am, with my things :dark_sunglasses: )

  • i


  • it's been brought to my attention that im an absolute idiot. let's pretend i posted this twenty-four hours in the future, shall we?

  • I'm grateful you posted this early. Not upset at all. I got to see something wonderful before bed... this has to be the prettiest update I've seen in awhile. The trees and the light just stunning. It takes my Breath away..And this horse is just devine. Thankyou so much for blessing me with this.

  • Ok wow this is perfect tried to catch my breath again
    I love this style if pictures. It gives me a real winter feeling

  • ok your right i do have a wonky memory but im here again to pop in and say i love the idea you bunch came up with in posting all different blog updates :star: I find it so unique more to the fact that no ones done it before, but also that every single one of you all have the most beauftiful pictures and manage to capture such beauty in them, weather its just a landscape photo or a shot of a horse and its rider, its so peaceful and tranquil :sun_with_face: :heartpulse:

    and not to mention the contrast on Gwehnyfar is divine. Its so out there and bold yet it all forms together and is so smooth and natural. The little dark spots on her blaze really gives her character and adds a little personal touch to her :kiss:

    and i see you didnt let me down with your first post to 2019 :kissing_heart:

  • Ok so i've been drinking so sorry if this ain't the best comment, but i love your album and those facilities are awesome and cute <3 your photo and editing skills are perf too!

  • Look at you ... or better look at these images! I don't know how you have managed tho give this theme such rich colors and make it look dreamy, cold, yet warm and overall a pleasure to look at (it might be the gorgeous dark bay and its rich colors, but who knows?) The green and dark & light brown go so well with the subtle snowflakes like it's an early winter day.
    Oh and before I forget - Your other pictures are BREATHTAKING aswell, yep, I looked through them all and you such a talented little bee. (And I love your sims and with the new rider levels I hope we see more of them in the future. cough, cough)

  • This. Album. is. not. from. this. world. :rocket: :night_with_stars: :heart:

    I love every picture in here and saved them multiple times on my desk, your Building skills are truly magnificent :house: :tools: I wish I could put color schemes so well together as you do :weary: And your Entry for the Hollywood & Halloween will be my forever Favorite those too are so well done and creative :art: they are #goals :sweat_drops: :fist:

    And seeing your Evergreen Prompt Post we stan a Queen :crown: :bow: Love love LOOOOOVEEE this so much, your pictures are so crisp and clean looking is this even sims anymore ?! And Gwehnyfar :two_hearts: such a lovely looking girl, and the little green Ribbon in her mane what a unique detail :ribbon: I'm super excited to see what you come up with for the other themes :popcorn: :champagne:

    @Alexa-la-Coupe said in Casteleaux and Quincetree Archives {Jan 3rd}:

    (an awful decision between me, @Aliisa-Pohl, @Eowyn-Vance, @Denn-Hanes, and @Mevi-Hackerman that I'm sure you've already heard about on their scrapbooks).

    alt text

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