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    bootiful as always :sparkling_heart:

  • i dont think i have? ever? posted a reply to your blog? do i know why? nope, because i absolutely admire your work. Its so simply presented with such beauty, and you can tell every time how much effort you put into your pictures, you really should get an award for it. Im serious. :medal:
    Your pictures a beautiful and you always get all the good lighting possible in every image. How? wizardry. Thats all im gonna say about that :heartpulse:

    And Valentia, oh my goodness. everytime i see even the smallest snippet of her and her luxurious coat, i start drooling, i have a serious crush on your horse :sweat_smile:

    hope you bring all your gorgeous things into 2019 for me to continue to stalk

  • LENA! You know i love that mare.

    Your photos are always so soft and pretty. Happy new year!

  • evergreen

    january jamboree: theme I/V
    2 3 janvier 2019

    WRNGS Gwehnyfar, some spruces

    My not-so-revolutionary take on theme I of the January Jamboree (an awful decision between me, @Aliisa-Pohl, @Eowyn-Vance, @Denn-Hanes, and @Mevi-Hackerman that I'm sure you've already heard about on their scrapbooks). This photoset features a spruce mod that @Dimitri-Dane inspired me to make, as well as that wizard's import for me, Gwen, who I've fallen head over heels for. :sparkles: (Psst, higher resolution images are on my tumblr.)




    { }

    Balsam, pine, evergreen. Cedars and spruce, redwood and fir. Snowflakes waltz in the air, caught in the lilt of a biting wind. Fresh snow blankets the earth, renewing, caressing, softening it.

    A winter wonderland, as they'd say.

    Embers—a mare—flecks the fields, glowing, burning, ravaging the winter haven. Soft whispers and whinnies sound as snow falls heavier and clouds paint the sky with ash. In spite of the blaze, the coming snowstorm, the biting wind, the evergreens flourish in their greenness, almost a respite from time if it weren't for all that snow.

    happy new year! a huge thank you to everyone who left a comment; they mean so, so much more to me than you could ever imagine :revolving_hearts:

    @Lexi-House you're so sweet :sob: :sparkling_heart: you've described my photos exactly how i want them to feel, and it warms my heart :heartpulse: thank you for taking the time to write something so kind and so sob-worthy :pray: :yellow_heart:

    @Tasha-White your comment murdered me so hard; i'm the one always gushing and admiring your gorgeous edits of elegance and grace and softness :sparkling_heart: i feel incredibly honored, thank you so much :sob: :revolving_hearts: :heartpulse: :heartbeat: :two_hearts:

    @Rena-Cort + @Dawn-Austen thank you!! :heartbeat:

    @Charlie-Smith you must have really wonky memory, considering you just commented just ten days ago :sweat_smile: nonetheless, i appreciate the kind words so much and i really dont know what to say at such lovely sentiments--thank you. :cry: :two_hearts: (and look, here it is, 2019, and here i am, with my things :dark_sunglasses: )

  • i


  • it's been brought to my attention that im an absolute idiot. let's pretend i posted this twenty-four hours in the future, shall we?

  • I'm grateful you posted this early. Not upset at all. I got to see something wonderful before bed... this has to be the prettiest update I've seen in awhile. The trees and the light just stunning. It takes my Breath away..And this horse is just devine. Thankyou so much for blessing me with this.

  • Ok wow this is perfect tried to catch my breath again
    I love this style if pictures. It gives me a real winter feeling

  • ok your right i do have a wonky memory but im here again to pop in and say i love the idea you bunch came up with in posting all different blog updates :star: I find it so unique more to the fact that no ones done it before, but also that every single one of you all have the most beauftiful pictures and manage to capture such beauty in them, weather its just a landscape photo or a shot of a horse and its rider, its so peaceful and tranquil :sun_with_face: :heartpulse:

    and not to mention the contrast on Gwehnyfar is divine. Its so out there and bold yet it all forms together and is so smooth and natural. The little dark spots on her blaze really gives her character and adds a little personal touch to her :kiss:

    and i see you didnt let me down with your first post to 2019 :kissing_heart:

  • Ok so i've been drinking so sorry if this ain't the best comment, but i love your album and those facilities are awesome and cute <3 your photo and editing skills are perf too!

  • Look at you ... or better look at these images! I don't know how you have managed tho give this theme such rich colors and make it look dreamy, cold, yet warm and overall a pleasure to look at (it might be the gorgeous dark bay and its rich colors, but who knows?) The green and dark & light brown go so well with the subtle snowflakes like it's an early winter day.
    Oh and before I forget - Your other pictures are BREATHTAKING aswell, yep, I looked through them all and you such a talented little bee. (And I love your sims and with the new rider levels I hope we see more of them in the future. cough, cough)

  • This. Album. is. not. from. this. world. :rocket: :night_with_stars: :heart:

    I love every picture in here and saved them multiple times on my desk, your Building skills are truly magnificent :house: :tools: I wish I could put color schemes so well together as you do :weary: And your Entry for the Hollywood & Halloween will be my forever Favorite those too are so well done and creative :art: they are #goals :sweat_drops: :fist:

    And seeing your Evergreen Prompt Post we stan a Queen :crown: :bow: Love love LOOOOOVEEE this so much, your pictures are so crisp and clean looking is this even sims anymore ?! And Gwehnyfar :two_hearts: such a lovely looking girl, and the little green Ribbon in her mane what a unique detail :ribbon: I'm super excited to see what you come up with for the other themes :popcorn: :champagne:

    @Alexa-la-Coupe said in Casteleaux and Quincetree Archives {Jan 3rd}:

    (an awful decision between me, @Aliisa-Pohl, @Eowyn-Vance, @Denn-Hanes, and @Mevi-Hackerman that I'm sure you've already heard about on their scrapbooks).

    alt text

  • Great Gatsby gifs : )))))^
    First of all your string lights make me so happy, this picture makes me stupidly happy, I want to sit on one of those chairs and read a book as horses occasionally walk by. (with horseshoes on so they make that extra nice clip clop sound!!!)
    Kon is the cutest little (big) guy out there, his spots and pink nose :hugging: Your barn looked so nice all decorated for the holidays. And those antlers have string lights!!!! :scream:
    Your entry for the Glöggrun is so cute. (it's the horse with the golden highlights :sparkler: :yellow_heart:)
    I love the idea of all of you doing a theme thing for January, it sounds so creative and fun!! Also a Spruce mod?!?! Whaaat is this? That horse is so interesting and different looking, she reminds me of a fire with that black black coat and fire like highlights, she's lovely :two_hearts: (Also I have to say that I adore all these pink noses in your blog, great for giving virtual kisses to :kissing_closed_eyes:) Oh, I have to say I really love that this update is surrounded by spruce trees, :evergreen_tree: my new mare is constantly getting spruce or fir branches (I totally forget what kind of trees are near her pasture) in her mane, it's so cute and this reminded me of her! :hugging:Here's a picture :heart:

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    UGH ALEGGSA :star2:

    Your photos are always such a blessing to look at. The composition, the lighting, the colors, you have it all down to a science and it's BREATHTAKING. The subtle little glow animation on the lights is! so! perfect! That spruce mod is so gorgeous and dark and rich, and of course the horse in the middle is just.......beyond words. You have the only game on the site that makes me want to just crawl into it (including my own!) Everything looks like it would be so lovely to just experience- you have a serious talent for creating atmospheres.

    this long and gushy comment brought to you by the fact that i'm TERRIBLE at remembering to check your album i'm so sorry forgive me . i'll do better in 2019 i SWEAR :sob:

  • Ok I'm back. This time with a real comment.

    You don't even know how EXCITED I was to see this post from you. I've probably said it a million times already but evergreen trees and piney sagey shades of green are my absolute FAVORITE and always get me feeling some kinda way that I never know how to describe ;_; It's like this emo, contemplative, moody, happy, lovey feeling that IDK I'm basically getting high off looking at a tree. :evergreen_tree: This specific combination of spruce and woody textures from that fence is just absolutely perfect. :ok_hand: Your DOF is looking beautiful as ever and it makes me so jealous. The way the spruce leaves are blurred out they look so pillowy and soft (not prickly at all) Like Nikki said I just want to jump right in and hug those trees and give sweet Gwen a little pat. Your pictures are truly magical and I just want to thank you for giving my eyes something so beautiful to look at :sob:

    ps. Kon is lookin juicy in your game :tongue: :sweat_drops: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

  • divided

    january jamboree: theme II/V
    8 janvier 2019

    Juliet Lebeau (left) + Giselle le Sourd (right)

    Conversation goes south for the Casteleaux gossip queens in the haze of after-hours, because what are words without spice and drama?

    I’m honestly not quite sure what they’re discussing that led to Juliet looking so incredibly ashamed of herself, so if anyone has ideas they’d like to share I’m down for writing something proper in a redux post down the line. :writing_hand:

    As a side note, Giselle and Juliet are very rarely as distraught as this photoset portrays them to be and it disappoints me that this is their first post. But alas, staff bios are still drafted just like they were months ago, and nobody’s been kicking me to finish them so I didn’t—it really do be like that sometimes!

    (Pardon the grossly large images. Maybe I'll fix them sometime, maybe not.)








    Also, just a huge, huge thank you to all of you for taking the time to write such lovely comments! I used to feel like one of the odd ones who'd just gush and gush and gush over posts with my wacky, multi-paragraphed comments essays with hearts and sparkles simply because that's really how I feel, and seeing all of your comments with so much effort put into them makes my day. I appreciate it so much more than you know—thank you so much for putting up with me particularly on Slack, and pardon my inability to write how :sparkling_heart: :sparkles: :heartpulse: :heartbeat: :love_letter: I feel in response to all of your ridiculously sweet words :revolving_hearts: :two_hearts:

    (Trust me, I'm finding words and even emojis stupidly incapable of expressing how I feel right now. A shot for every time I use :sob: or :sparkling_heart: if you're feeling edgy.)

    @Denn-Hanes cool thanks

    @Lexi-House i'm???? :sob: :sob: :sob: you're so much nicer to me than i deserve and i'm flattered beyond words, truly :heartpulse: thank you for the lovely comment and making my night!

    @Mira-Green i'm so full of big heart energy right now—thank you so much for the kind words :heartbeat:

    @Charlie-Smith your memory is even wonkier than we first thought, it seems. we're not the first bunch to do a joint postathon thing; @Ariadne-Waters and @Chelsea-Montgomery did one in september/october/november/idontremember but they never finished it. which i'm still very upset about and is exactly why i'm tagging them. so it doesnt count. which means maybe you're right. despite your memory that partially serves, thank you, as usual <3

    @Kira-Simpson everything you've said to me on slack and here mean so much to me, thank you thank you thank you :sparkling_heart: :sob:

    @Aliisa-Pohl i. i really dont know what to say. i think this is what they call feeling starstruck? the closest thing i can say to reflect how warm i feel after reading that is :sob: :sparkles: :sparkling_heart: :heartpulse: :heartbeat: :heart_decoration: :two_hearts: :revolving_hearts: :heart: :heart_exclamation: :sparkling_heart: :heartbeat: :heartpulse: thank you so, so much!!! also: :smirk: for the part where you mentioned riders! i have more writings about them in the works and it's they're all a mess, but hopefully a mess that'll be posted soon-ish :fire:

    @Mevi-Hackerman first off: :sob: :sparkling_heart:

    second off: WHY ARE YOU SAVING THEM. only i'm allowed to do that with other people's pictures. mine are just rotting and wasting space. :put_litter_in_its_place: (put litter in its place, please.)

    but regardless, i'm??? your comment was so sweet that the ants are carrying it away. i really dont know what to say; thank you thank you thank youuuuuu :sob: :heartpulse: :revolving_hearts:

    @Zinnia-Arvi i would definitely stop, but i'm stuck in the january jamboree :weary: you could say i got jammed. or not if you don't like horrendous puns.

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa but also your attention to the little details!! i'm so amazed by that. and the connection you made to your mare!!! i think it's so sweet how this reminded you of her and i just feel so warm and fuzzy from it. your whole comment just means so much more to me than you know, thank you :revolving_hearts: many virtual kisses from me and my horses' pink noses to you :kiss: :sparkling_heart:

    @Nikki-Calvaria NECKBONES :knife:
    it uhh..seems you forgot already.

    ┃┃╱╲ in
    ┃╱╱╲╲ this
    ▔▏┗┛▕▔ we
    are alexaphobic
    ╱╱┏┳┓╭╮┏┳┓ ╲╲

    but ok for real, idk where to even begin on your comment :sob: as a thank you, you're welcome to crawl into my game any time you want :hugging: :sparkling_heart:

    @Denn-Hanes said in Casteleaux and Quincetree Archives {Jan 3rd}:

    emo, contemplative, moody, happy, lovey feeling

    i love this description so much because the emo, contemplative, moody is just all from gwen dimitri and that happy, lovey feeling is all me. funny how it do that :shrug:

    I'm basically getting high off looking at a tree.

    also this. if you need to talk i'm here for you but uhh please get that checked out.

    but! more importantly, thank you thank you :sparkling_heart: your comments are always such a pleasure to read and make me so happy when i read them :heartpulse:

  • I think Giselle seems kinda pissed at Juliet for some reason though i have know idea what, but it looks like she walked off in a huff and left Juliet feeling kinda upset (thats what i'm seeing though i probs am wrong like usual XD) These girls are really unique and beautiful sims by the way I love Giselle le Sourd's style in clothes! They're names are really pretty too, French names and words sound like music <3

    <3 Everything you have said to me means so much too! And I love my edit you've done of my Vanner lady, that was very kind of you <3:blush:

  • All the details you put into pictures... mindblowing! :heart_eyes:

  • I just wonder how much time do you spend to make so awesome photos?🥰🤔

    All the small things & details are realy on point.🤩
    Both of your sim girls looks realy pretty & I love the names. (I hope there are some stuffbios 🥳
    Maybe the girls argued about a boy or a horse ( I think its a horse cause who needs a boy if you can have the greatest horses )
    Or its the typical blasphemy among woman („ she said that to her“)
    Thats what a lot of woman do

  • Competition Committee

    Okay I'm just sat here appreciating the amount of clutter in your tack room. Also, I forgot to respond to your last post, how dare I?! The details in it and this whole series is just gorgeous :sparkling_heart:

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