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  • gold

    january jamboree: theme III/V
    january 13, 2019

    Morgana QT, WRNGS Caprice

    Anybody remember Quincetree and my arabians? (Me either.)

    sweats in french


    California is always golder. Not in the glimmering, sparkling way, but in the overwhelming, oversaturated California way: stained by tears from starlets in tinseltown, steeped in the honey of flames, washed out by year-long summers. Aurum in the coldest, unromantic manner, with too much California sun and no California dream.

    Quincetree, of course, couldn’t escape this false fantasy of Santa Ana winds and fire and flame in every direction—or that sense of utter vulnerability adorned in gold. But California is like a vanity fair, almost: stepping on danger’s toes and enjoying it.

    @Kira-Kita that’s definitely what i imagined, too :blush: i’m glad you like them, as well!! thank you for the sweet words <3

    @Constantine-Vale thank you!!

    @Mira-Green um, umm...the retextures (the tiny chalkboard in the back + all the little picture frames) took a little over half an hour to make, the poses took about the same amount of time, i spent several days decorating the room itself, the actual pictures took about three minutes apparently, and editing took another half an hour. so a little under two hours, i guess, minus the decorating? pretty fast for myself :thinking_face:

    hm. bios. that dreaded word. i’m….working on them..maybe. :angel:

    and, tbqh, what i primarily had in mind was a certain love interest and someone’s “bad” tastes. that’s all i’ll reveal for now :mag: thanks for the comment!

    @Rena-Cort call me mad but i’m…...still trying to clutter it more. the ridiculously-bright yellow hoof oil is bothering me a lot now, too :weary: but! thank you as usual, dearest :sparkling_heart:

    @Lux-Winscott lux!! i remember you!!! (also. what happened to your blog. :unamused: )

    anyway. uhh... (sweats in french) bonjour, lux! je suis bien...? j’aprécie ton commentaire <3

    terrible confession time. if you couldn’t tell from the atrocity above, i’m not french! at all! nonetheless, i very much appreciate all your references to the french language and culture. i must admit i struggle a lot with the fact that my stables are halfway across the globe from where i am, but seeing your comment somehow...helps?

    but now real talk. everything you’ve said means so much to me :cry: i admire your pictures a lot, and hearing all this coming from you warms my heart. i’m almost blushing at how much it sounds like you inspected my rushed pictures (and it makes me so happy that you recognized some of the picture frames!!) :blush: :sparkling_heart: also, i’m not a very funny person; you’re not missing out on much :grimacing: your english sounds amazing, though! I never would have guessed you weren’t bilingual :open_mouth:

    i love your take on the fuss, by the way. i never took giselle’s last name into consideration--poor her :laughing: (c’est la vie, i suppose?)

    thank you so much for taking the time to write such a lovely comment <3 it means so much more to me than you know :sparkling_heart: :sparkles:

    @Aliisa-Pohl you’re not supposed to be that kind to me!! i struggle very much with expressing my characters’ emotions, and i’m very glad to hear that i finally executed it right this time :cry: and what you said about the cropping!! i never even considered that. you are such a genius. thank you so much :revolving_hearts: :sparkling_heart: :two_hearts: (and i may or may not have more story-pictures regarding these two in the works :smirk: you can expect them within the next decade, i hope!)

    @Anna-Hertler i'm trying i'm trying :weary: if you bully me more about it i'll try harder, though! :kissing_closed_eyes:

  • Holy woah those horses are stunning! :heart_eyes:
    And lovely edit! now i really miss spring. :joy:

  • I love Morgana QT! I saw her on your profile (totally not creepy looking at your mainsite and horses XD) and her name stood out as I'm kinda already infatuated with that name as I watched a TV series called Merlin and loved Morgana <3 Her coat is truly divine, she looks very unique with her gorgeous shade of liver chestnut :heart_exclamation: :heart_eyes: shes also appears very soulful and wise to me

    WRNGS Caprice is also another beauty and reminds me of a butterfly :heart_eyes:
    Your editing is outstanding and you probs already know i think that, but ima say it anyways <3 That golden light is so pretty as well

  • WOW is all i can Say, i Love the Golden Hue, and those 2 arabians are Stunning BUT even that grey, "soft spot for Greys" <3 Love every one of your Updates, Keep them Coming

  • Competition Committee

    Both these girls are stunning. The mane editing in the second one is perfection <3

  • The Hollywood starlets have to behave themselves, eh?

    Girl, you already know it. You made my day :ok_hand: All the goldy atmosphere is so warmy and not only perfectly shows off the beauty of these dolls but also - trust me, this is not a small matter - it helps me forgetting the dreadful grey sky above my head :sneezing_face: Take me to California now? Please? Awaiting this miracle, I wish all my days begin by having such a sight! :yellow_heart: :star2: :sunglasses:

  • thief

    january jamboree: theme IV/V
    18 janvier 2018

    RDEC Verettia, purchased from @Ellory-Clarke

    Pardon if you don't understand anything I wrote below.

    (It'd be because I haven't introduced my staff yet.)

    (Because nobody's kicking me to do it, even after the divided theme.)

    (That's what happens when I'm the one doing all the kicking around here, I guess.)


    . . .
    "Tia is a fairly easy-going mare with the type of unremarkableness that makes her a gem for younger and less experienced riders; simply point, squeeze, and she'll forgive your mistakes if you forgive hers. She's usually the outlier of the group in the field and seems to prefer her own company to those of other horses, but she's well-mannered and sweet enough."

    A relatively-recent purchase, Tia entered the fray in mid-August. Her graceful bearing and “been there, done that” attitude served as a respite from the likes of Mayday and Fyre, a cool wind to their capricious natures.

    Sweltering heat, newly-painted fences that glowed too brightly in the sun, and the show season’s climax composed August, provoking flushed cheeks and fiery tempers. The horses revelled in the heat of competition and pasture alike while the stifling summer air continued to spur drama and excitement amongst their riders.

    A sale ad for an RDEC Verettia piqued Emmaline’s interest while she was competing in the States, and the mare—a then-seventeen year-old Dutch warmblood—seemed too valuable to not meet in person. The meeting...didn’t go as planned. A sepia chestnut coat, velveteen nose, doe eyes. Tia’s demure mannerisms and sincerity captivated Emmaline at first sight. She was absolutely smitten, and fell further in love with Tia and her every breath, step, jump.

    "Em, she's seventeen."

    "Young and sweet, you know."

    Another mount wasn't exactly necessary (she already had the rest of that mess of a show jumping team), yet Tia seemed to exude an aloof, distant sort of affection that promised something valuable, though she didn't know what. (Something like a distraction from that broken heart that she refused to speak of.) Emotions aside, the addition of a mare like Tia and those seventeen years of experience under her girth seemed valuable. Em eventually overcame her crossroads and purchased her, and couldn’t be prouder of having such a fine mare under her name.

    On all levels except physical, Tia stole Em’s heart—that sincere, irresistibly gentle, and unassuming thief.


    a tacky update this time yet again, because the "thief" theme had me more stumped than divided did. :shrug: (also, eowyn, i hope you don't mind i used your quote—i fell in love with it the first time i read it and couldn't resist reviving it)

    @Gina-Jolie-Richards it's :sun_with_face: always :sunny: summer :clap: in :sunglasses: california :sunrise_over_mountains:
    (i Hate It!)

    @Kira-Kita a friend named her for me (yes, based on the character in merlin) and allegedly morgana's iconic. i'm glad to hear mare-gana (i'm so sorry) is up to par with her name <3 and caprice!! i love her too. i know i always say i dislike greys but dimitri did an amazing job with her :sob: thank you for your lovely comment, as always :two_hearts:

    @Lexi-House thank you!!

    @Rena-Cort thank you! also don't tell anyone i put way more effort in caprice's picture than morg's

    @Lux-Winscott :sparkling_heart: :yellow_heart: :two_hearts: :sparkles: :gift_heart:

    i would have proposed that we switch—i love cloudy, dreary weather (in moderation, of course)—but this entire week california decided that it was time to get spicy and actually rain. thank you for your kind words, though :kissing_closed_eyes: :revolving_hearts:

  • Wow this horse is just super duper sweet. Like sugar 💖
    It looks like a realy clever pony & you can have a lot of fun with her

  • She reminds me a lot of my mare RDEC Hogotha, with a similar barn name as well(sort of), Tabitha. Those Trinidad babies all look alike I guess aha! Very cute :heart:

  • Yay! I actually don't know many people saw the Merlin series so thats soo cool to hear hehe

    Your new mare is gorgeous glad Em went to see her! I love how you did her mane and the color of it also <3 she looks adorable holding that bucket :heart_eyes:

  • peregrination

    random breed challenge
    February 3, 2019

    Really QT and Welliam QT

    The postathon—

    Let’s not discuss that. It's February. Moving on.

    Meet Really, a bay appaloosa sabino pony of the Americas gelding. For now he resides in Quincetree with fellow-pony-friend Welliam (a grey welara). I do have a story planned behind the two of them (it includes Sponge, oddly enough), but I can't really decide between putting that off for a vague one day or selling them.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    Walnut Creek, California
    9:52 AM

    we stan some losers

  • Umm okay. Really QT is the most amazing thing ive ever seen in my life! If you consider selling him please let me know because Im totally down for this hunka spunk spotty boy to be in my paddocks. These pictures are seriously amazing by the way (as always). love the soft warm lighting and the greens from those trees ( i will forever be questioning how your trees look so lifelike.....). Now just let e star at this for the next half hour....

  • Competition Committee

    We love a spotty bean :sparkling_heart:

  • They looks so beautiful ❤️
    & I love the style of your pictures

  • écuries du casteleaux staff: victoria winter

    9 février 2019

    Pardon the atrocious coding. And the fact that I've had this written since, who knows, October? Oh well. Shoddy staff profiles; part one of who-knows, finally.

    fools rush in

    where angels

    . . .

    Tori Winter. Victoria if you so desire, but avoid Vicky. Show jumper, hot-head, and Casteleaux’ official difficult decision-maker with a penchant for balmy summer air and useless things with sentimental value.

    She wishes she were nicer, but that slightly vengeful streak and a whole world to be bitter about seem to stick. Incompetence, inconveniences, invalid stubbornness—

    Safely she hides her little resentments within the harbors of solitude and a held tongue, though, and they remain further subdued by an exterior of unnecessary smiles and somewhat sugar-coated words, uplifting compliments of convincing genuineness, and what perhaps seems to be a true heart of gold.

    Most of her concerns about being unpleasant are all in her head, anyway.

    . . .

    fear to tread

    @Neeve-Kalford :scream: :scream: thank you???? i've always loved your pictures too <3

    @Rena-Cort silly you, the spotty is a PoA and the bean is the grey :laughing:

    @Mira-Green thank you!! <3

  • Can I allow this to go on without saying something about it? The answer is irrevocably and sure enough, NON! :loudspeaker: Tell me, why everything that comes from you is so... insane? You clearly have an eye for design combined with this unrivaled writing which still have me on tenterhooks everytime I see you have posted (#annoyinggroupienerd).

    However, I want to talk about some things now. Firstly, RDEC Verettia is a bombshell. I love her light chestnut coat and the fact that she is acting like a dog. "I've got the thing you asked for mom" :dog2: I also very much applaud the timeless familiar cliché. I like clichés :weary: And hearts :cupid:

    What about your peregrination initiative? Oh... Oh! Actually, the key words that come to my mind are insufficient. The layout, the two buddies and the green surroundings are finely all fitting together. Please, tell me your secret for making such delightful pons and, lately, for showing us terrific! real! trees! :deciduous_tree:

    Lastly... you dare! Vicky Victoria! What a personality; I think it is quite interesting to have this temperament in your stables :fire: I hope to see part two soon, hehe.

  • She is super pretty

  • mirror, mirror

    11 février 2019

    The divide between reality and its imposter: ripples in the tranquil of a foggy morning, surfaces of glassy, frozen-over lakes; expectations and hopes set by precedent.

    may the flowers remind us why the rain was so necessary

    { }

    Sailor’s first foal on the ground—Sailleur, they named her—initially appeared to be her facsimile: a scraggly little filly whose chestnut coat would ease into a pearly grey with a scope in jumping and a somewhat detached, mostly-sweet nature. As she grew older and established herself in the competition ring, her typically-passive character subsided, giving way to feistiness and stubbornness and determination. Her conformation had filled out rather...unpleasantly over the years, as well, and Sailleur began to differentiate herself from her dam in what appeared to be a rebellious phase. The phase never ended, though and to this personality she was eternally bound with her new nickname Mayday.

    All hail the Queen, it suggested.

    Or perish.

    Taking her reins and walking on thin ice posed the same perils: too much caution and progress seemed impossible; excessive confidence and—the best laid plans of mice and men. It takes a certain unwavering spirit to tame Mayday.

    To merely approach her nonchalantly and without restraint is, as the saying goes, either incredibly brave or incredibly stupid. (Usually the latter.) Secretly, though, this ability became an unspoken subject of jealousy among Casteleaux' riders, especially with Mayday's apparent partiality to a certain Victoria. However, Mayday's queenly image of haughtiness and privilege, or whatever impression you might get of it, she shatters under saddle. She’s—she’s a terrible mount. Chaotic to the bone, every move is a guaranteed war between powers, and through pinned ears and a tossed head she indicates the insufficiency to challenge her authority.

    Where Sailor and Sailleur used to reflect likeness now presents only juxtaposition, contrast, divide. Only through rising from the shadows of expectations could Sailleur manifest her individuality—a queen in her own right.

    { b + a }

    It’s officially been a year since I started plaguing this place?!?!

    This post features my first edit of this year—it was originally intended for the “divided” postathon prompt—of the stupidly-lanky Sailleur CX (better known as Mayday). This is supposed to be a semi-redux of this edit I did with her dam, White Sails CX (aka Sailor), which also happens to have been my first real post here ever. They’re both special mares to me, albeit greys, since I’ve had Sailor since the very beginnings of my stable back in 2014 and Mayday since 2015. As for the writing bit...I can’t justify it too well. Most of it I wrote back in, who knows, November?, and the rest was written hastily last night. It's awful and it shows. :shrug:

    That’s my ridiculously-unnecessarily-boringly-distastefully-LONG way of saying I think now is an apt time to post this, finally.

    @Lux-Winscott aren't you the absolute sweetest. (i applaud you for keeping up with blog-commenting as well—bravo. :clap: :relieved: )

    Tell me, why everything that comes from you is so... insane? You clearly have an eye for design combined with this unrivaled writing which still have me on tenterhooks everytime I see you have posted (#annoyinggroupienerd).

    i assure you, you're anything but annoying :sparkling_heart: your kind comment made my day, and i feel incredibly insufficient for such kind words. :hugging:

    "'I've got the thing you asked for mom'" - ADORABLE. your perspective on my things (and other people's blogs, too!) is always a pleasure to read, and this one makes my heart go :heart: :heartpulse: :revolving_hearts: :two_hearts: :cupid: because i don't think anyone could describe the picture in a cuter way. i'm glad you've enjoyed the trees, as well! :deciduous_tree: making tree retextures is one of My Passions that i tend to neglect but nonetheless enjoy. (if you have a tree you'd like me to retexture for you, do feel free to ask <3 )

    your words truly have me at a loss yet again, but know that i appreciate them more than you could ever imagine. thank you! :sparkling_heart: :sparkles:

    @Mira-Green thank you! :sparkles:

  • OMG what a stunning edit! I have so many feelings about it, from love ot cry because... it's so stunning! :heart:

  • oh wow, this is stunning!!

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