Casteleaux and Quincetree Archives {Dec 26th}

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    Those of you who requested goodies should have received them via slack! I hope you enjoy! :blossom:

    @Alina-Shavrina Thank you!!

    uwu for alina

    @Marquis-Moulin Somehow I never even considered the fact that their wings probably broke off all the time like yours did. That's not very cash money magical of them. (But! it leaves opportunity for cute stories about The Wind Horse With The Broken Wings, or something, ft. the power of love and friendship. :butterfly: ) Thank you for your sweet comment!!! :kissing: :heartpulse:

    uwu for mark

    @Therese-Lind Awww thank you!! I was honestly struggling with the twinkling bits so I'm glad it worked out. :sweat_smile: :heartbeat:

    uwu for therese

    @Luna-Smit Thank you so much! (Though I must say your horses are the ones straight out of a fairy tale) :sparkles:

    uwu for luna

    @Rena-Cort YOU STOP IT. You're one to talk :triumph: Have you seen your last blog post??? The red poppies??? The colors??? :sparkling_heart:

    uwu for rena

    @Maya-Lilly no u!!!

    uwu for maya

  • Alexa, your pons are way too cute for this world :heart:

  • OMG ALEXA!!! THIS??? WHAT IS THIS?! I remember this book!!! :sob: I loved it so much and i have a feeling it might be in my closet but I'm so worried bc if i don't find it i'm gonna be so sad ugh i love that you brought a pleasant childhood memory back to me, that edit made me think of it right away! Why are you so talented?? :heart:

  • I don’t know how I’ve missed so much!!!! As usual everything is adorable and gorgeous. ♥️

    Ps Lena is probably still my favorite :horse:

  • Competition Committee

    a. i'm slow and i didn't see this until now cause finals. but these cute, lil' pony filled replies you're doing now are making my life. give miss non a boop on the nose for me :sparkling_heart:
    b. can we talk about the talent on this blog?! bc the last i'm i checked, i'm here to sob over your talent not the other way around, so shush :triumph:

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    I've already exhausted myself so I'll make you guys cute pony heart pictures later :grimacing: :grimacing: (Your comments are actually so sweet though, thank you so much)

    @Elaine-Rose OMG ELAINE!!!! That's so sweet :cry: :heartpulse: I honestly wish I had those books when I was younger!! I'll wish on a horse that you can find your book :pray:

    @Dawn-Austen Thank you so much!! Give Waverly some kisses for me :kissing_heart:

    @Rena-Cort Hehehehe and look at me not doing the pony-filled replies this time around (oops). And let's not talk about it!!! :heartbeat:

  • Autumns in Southern California don’t exist.

    At most, the trees humble themselves to yellow their leaves. The honeybees still buzz about all the same, traveling from flower to flower under the sun’s brilliant wrath. Even if SoCal is lucky enough to get rain, the hillsides along the freeway stay brown (gold if you want to glorify it) like they do all summer. Purple mountains that background your average SoCal landscape remain capless, waiting for snow. Romanticizing autumn in California becomes easy, normal. You can sip your PSL in 60-degree “sweater weather” like regular autumn-observers do, but it’s fake. That must be why Californians are so obsessed with it.

    Ingrid’s one of those average Southern Californians. Can’t tell the difference between 40- and 50-degree weather but knows they’re both just cold. Now she’s on an order of business, picking up a mare in Ontario. Ontario, Canada; not Ontario, California.

    Gilded in the fiery palette of the season, Canadian maples sparkle to Ingrid’s summer-weary eyes, and did a chill bite her cheeks just now? Ingrid is so enchanted by the autumn she almost forgets her mare. Honeybee is her name. Reminiscent of home. Ingrid and Bee are lucky: there’s a show five hours away, and competing in it delays the return home by two days. They go to embrace the autumn a little longer.

    This is the gold that can’t stay.

    according to all known laws of aviation
    the bee should not be able to fly


    Around 2 am a few weeks back I caved and got a breeding, oops. Meet QST Honeybee, known as Honey, Bee, Dummy Bee, and everything in between. She's a standardbred by QST Odd Eye and out of QST BayBee from Quest Stables ( @Laura-Quest ), and I swear she's too cute for words. Pictured here she's seven years old. The lovely @Ariadne-Waters hosted the St. Claire City Classic on ES!

  • Honestly thought it was my Bee in the photo for a split-second and I was SO confused:laughing: These pictures are gorgeous and Ingrid and Honeybee look like a great team, hope they placed well:heart:

  • She has such a wonderful confo and I love her head! They look like a great team and I hope they placed well :heart_eyes:

  • Replies!!!

    dawn <3 elaine <3 laura <3

    luna<3 rena <3

    @Dawn-Austen @Elaine-Rose @Rena-Cort Your pony pics as promised :kissing_closed_eyes:

    @Laura-Quest They placed third and won judge's pick!! Also, BayBee is so cute that I wouldn't even mind if I had the wrong Bee (which is not to say Honeybee isn't cute enough, because she is more than cute enough and I love her so much). Thank you so much!! :sparkling_heart:

    @Luna-Smit Thank you!! Laura did wonders with her confo and head; I love the way her bridge is shaped and as a whole she is just. so. cute.

  • :fallen_leaf:

  • :kissing_closed_eyes:
    this is so sweet
    you bet I’m going to write a proper reply to your perfect pictures soooon

  • Ahhh such a sweet sweet picture! :heart_eyes:

    Ps tell Voodon’t I love him too ;)

  • I am now certain that the forum mention system serves the only purpose of ruining my friendships. It NEVER notifies me when I am tagged. NEVER.

    I'm not really sure how to start this. In part, because... this album. :boom: But- since we're telling the truth- it may also have something to do with the fever and consequent scramble-mindedness I'm blessedly experiencing in the middle of summer. That's also my disclaimer, by the way. If I say something even more nonsensical than usual, this is why.

    Alright. Dot points. Simple and safe.

    I. Whatever happened to Really QT? And the story? I checked my calendar just now and it seems that 'a vague one day' is coming up quite fast. Really quite fast indeed.

    II. A fiery red-head! With an enviable ability to pair the colour of her shirt to bring out that in her eyes. :ok_hand: Big respect. I'd love you to bring Vickytoria I couldn't help myself I'm sorry back and show us her hot temperament in action. Let her scream at some kids, Alexa!! :smirk: Where are parts who-knew and goodness-knows of your shoddy staff profiles? I don't see them. * taps watch * And I am waiting.

    III. Addressing the pure artistic talent first- the post you've created for Sailleur is * clutches hair * How am I to speak about the artistry? I cannot. It's even more ethereal than all Gymnopédies composed and their many renditions. And I adore what you've written about her. You've brought her to life, Alexa. I love the idea of a rebellious phase that never ends, I love that she isn't another horse in the Equus club of top-bred best-temperament A+ physique horses, and I LOVE this line-

    All hail the Queen, it suggested.
    Or perish.


    It’s officially been a year since I started plaguing this place?!?!

    February, 2018? Really??... Feels much longer. :smirk: :hugging:

    IV. Oh, I've long admired Lambretta from afar (liver chestnut thing; you know how it is) I've realised she's half-sister to my fat Lulu! She's definitely the sporty sister. I'm glad to see her with you!

    V. I'm still partly enamoured by that flock of birds taking flight in front of the Eiffel Tower- and upon a backdrop of the softest pink, no less. Iconic. :heart_eyes:

    VI. Sarupa Mill at Quincetree Grove. I have definitely told you how good that name sounds to my ear, but do allow me to remind you: I love it.
    I'm reading through your Monterey update, and before I get into, I want to jump up and down and point my finger at you and say NYAH! California ISN'T all brown as you say it is!!!

    The fuzzy strip of gray and green outside buzzed by like an endless film reel


    Seriously though, I'm quite taken by those two opening sentences describing summer. Partly because it's beautiful and evocative, but also because some of it is quite foreign to me and I relish another perspective. I also think the way you wrote the car trip was clever- you conveyed the boredom of travel, without being boring. :clap:

    Milkshake, the mare, belonged in a Barbie movie

    Pretty sure Barbie rides exclusively palomino horses. Palominos, with pink streaks in their fetlock-reaching manes. :shrug: Sorry, Milkshake.
    There's plenty I could pick out, here, but I think my favourite thing about your Shore's End entry is, in fact, that shadow. That shadow. It's just-? Fantastic use of shadow play; 10/10; wish I thought of it. :ok_hand:

    I know I told you the aquarium photos are my favourite Equus pictures this year, but allow me to bring it up again. They deserve a big gawking prize announcing how wonderful they are. They really do. The colour, the glow, the premise- I view these pictures and this basically starts playing in my head. :heartbeat: :fish: It just has that mood.
    Finally, your commitment to making that postcard/map (that flipping CUP STAIN!!!!) is next level and I applaud it heartily, wishing it were the sort of thing one could see more often around the community. How wonderful, too, to see the characters getting out of the barn and having a life. :heart_exclamation:

    VII. The prose written for 'Catching Colors' is lovely; when I am less feverish, I shall reread it and savour it more fully, as good prose should be. :relieved: Oh! I want to tell you a slightly embarrassing story- when I first read this, I misread 'Pivoine' as 'Piovine'. Now, in Italian, piove means rains, or raining, and in my mind, the suffix '-ine'- for a reason I cannot pinpoint- has this meaning of 'like; similar; reminiscent of; relating to,' as in leonine, vespertine, feminine... so I thought you'd made this incredibly clever wordplay by calling your horse with delicate birdcatcher spots a name that means rain like, or like raining. (I thought it was such a perfect name!!)

    VIII. We have recently discussed the glory that is Caprice with wings so I'll not rehash it. (I mean it, though) (every word)

    IX. Which brings us full circle, back to my opening comment. With the show over, I can freely say how refreshing it was to read what you included with your entry. I didn't realise Honeybee was a Standardbred! I had a Standardbred when I was a little girl and I've a soft spot for them. :two_hearts: That picture of the two of them with their rosette (Judge's Pick, no less!) warms my cold and frail heart by virtue of what is captured within and that it exists in the first place, but the designer in me is in bliss admiring the careful attention to colour.

    alt text

    Please allow me to end this disgracefully overdue comment by gifting you... this, inspired by those delightfully playful pictures you leave in your replies. I thought it would be nice for you to receive one for a change, even if it doesn't quite capture the essence and charm of the originals. ;)

    I have to go fall into a feverish pile now. Be good. Remember you are wonderful. :heartbeat: :sparkling_heart: :sparkles: :hugging: :rainbow:

  • Competition Committee

    askjahd, why is everything you post so freaking adorable and realistic, alexa, i can't :sob: :two_hearts:
    this really is the cutest and i love how bee is just like, 'okay mom we get it!' so sweet
    also, ahem, congrats on your placing and judges pick, that is so exciting!

  • That picture just looks so sweet:heart: Congratulations to Ingrid and Honeybee for their placement and for being the judge's pick! Also, tell Milkshake that she's adorable and that I love her too!

  • H o n e Y b E E , that is.. the cutest name ever. that photo is so SWEET and WHOLSEOME too... the little heart-shaped snip on Bee's nose makes it all the more precious. I think Honeybee may be a new fave of mine ngl... her big roman nose and orange coat UGH.. I love

  • not so simple gifts

    Do you remember Wren and Nora? They’re nerds. Leave a guess about what Nora’s gift is for Wren (I promise it’s horse-related!!) and I’ll give you a simple gift too. Gift reveal will be soon-ish. :snowman:

    (Replies will be soon-ish, too.)

    spoiler: it’s a horse ornament

  • I'm going to be wild.
    It's a... NEWunicorn HORSE!!! :unicorn:
    (Again... I'm going to reply properly... soon...)
    Oh! Merry Christmas. :heart: :christmas_tree:

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