Casteleaux and Quincetree Archives {Dec 8th}

  • I see dapples! :heart_eyes: That's a really stunning picture, the soft lightning and that it's simple but still so detailed <3 Awesome work!

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    U so damn gooooooooooooood p-p

  • replies!

    It's been a long three months.

    @Jasmine-Wilkinson thank you so much, again! i usually have no idea what i'm doing—the post that will follow this is proof—but i'm glad it looks presentable, and maybe even a little artistic. as for lena, she's quite important to me and to the story, so she'll definitely be back soon!

    @Emilia-Fox first: no. second: thank you!! she won second place and will be duly given her carrots. :blush:

    @Rena-Cort banned.

    @Therese-Lind aw, thank you! i could say the exact same right back at you about all of your pretty pictures. :heartpulse:

    you stop it!!

  • t r a v e l

    Paris, France


    i can fly away / always, always, always


    Take me to London, Paris, New York City
    Falling in these beautiful cities
    Like I’m a bird, bird, like a flying bird
    Freely fly, fly, I breathe—


  • I love that angle and the lightning! Really amazing picture <3

  • OMG!! I love that piiic!!

  • What a romantic picture! The colours are really nicely fitting together and you always make the face of your pons look so cute! Totally love it :heart:

  • Just WOW! this picture has such a nice and warm mood.
    The colors are so inviting and it makes me feel like I just wanna fly <3

  • Wow! This picture is amazing! I love angle <3

  • How have I not seen this blog!? Your photos are absolutly AMAZING!

  • Competition Committee

    Emmaline's living my European dream :sparkles:

  • she is the daughter i never had and the mother i didnt know i needed

  • Damn, it looks so good!

  • alt text

    I did really good on my new years resolution right? Let's just pretend that it's still January and that I'm not a total failure....please I'm just a really really forgetful person and a little crazy, well more than a little but I'm super sorry! :joy:I love this little blog so much, its super inspiring and one of my favourite places on equus to visit and it kind of feels good that its only January and I have the whole year left, I can accomplish so much!! :grimacing: :sparkles:

    @Alexa-la-Coupe said in Casteleaux and Quincetree Archives {June 10th}:

    may the flowers remind us why the rain was so necessary

    { }

    I love LOVE this picture, it's so peaceful and speaks to me in so many ways and the mare is just so dreamy, I think I may have found another favourite horse although Morgana has still stolen my heart! :heartpulse: :sparkling_heart:

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    I'm awful and slow but you all knew this already. The next (real) post is in the works, and it's fairly long and content-heavy compared to my usual drop-a-picture-and-run method. :pray:

    @Kára-Evans + @Vera-Alvarez + @Lauren-Goldtree thank you!!

    @Annalena-Voigt a lot of time my color palettes are very happy accidents, but this one was intentional and i'm glad you noticed it! thank you for your continued support!! :tulip: :heartpulse:

    @Elizabeth-Hall first: I'VE BEEN MEANING TO COMMENT ON YOUR BLOG FOR AGES BUT I'M SLOW AND AWFUL. I'M VERY SORRY FOR THE DELAY. second: thank you so much! that's exactly what i was going for. am i a genius yet? :kissing_heart:

    @Jill-Hendricks thank you! i like to wonder how the photographer took this shot (and most of my other jumping shots, for that matter). i imagine them lying on the floor, waiting for The Moment to take the shot, and then scrambling to the next jump to lie on the floor to wait for the next Moment all over again. it's probably not very safe.

    @Ashton-Mills i repeat: i'm awful and slow! seriously though, thank you so much!!!

    @Rena-Cort nothing's stopping your pixels from doing the same :kissing_heart:

    @Maya-Lilly that was the comment i never imagined i'd get

    @Tasha-White said in Casteleaux and Quincetree Archives {June 10th}:

    it kind of feels good that its only January and I have the whole year left

    I TOO AM VERY GLAD IT'S STILL JANUARY. i have twelve whole months left to comment on your blog! and also congrats on keeping your resolution. it takes strength :pensive: :pray: :sparkles:

    thank you so much, as always, though! :sparkling_heart: i know that everyone can definitely agree that you're a tremendous-fantabulous-spectacular-amazing inspiration, so your comments mean so much to me. :revolving_hearts: :relieved: :heartbeat: you should stay tuned for the next post, though. i know you've already seen it on tumblr but it's got a liver chestnut arabian whose name starts with an M and ends with an A. :grin:

  • Development Committee

    Okay so I am a month or 5 late but let's ignore that and let me give you this long ass comment that you'll only get once or twice a year. :imp: It's beginning now okay. Here's a little treat for you :strawberry:

    I. Lambretta AT
    asdhdfhggkafrikkinhell you crazy girl. The colours. The mood. The mane and tail. The freakin' pedigree for that mare. You're a lucky kid. I'm officially envious of you, of everything. :sparkles:

    II. Greenness
    Wow. I could barely say that word title thing out loud. Seems like someone is tired today :face_palm: Can I just say, I absolutely love the layout you have going on there? I just think it's so awesome to hear small details like weather and location, makes me cry it's so cute 😭 And Victoria is so cute, I love her face and her little flying hair details. Omg. How do you even think about all these little details, like weather, placement of those lovely tree bushes things and you even remembered stirrup leathers!! I can barely open my game, put on my reshade, pose a horse, take the picture and post the damn thing. I can never think of small details like that!! ugh. Your pictures are so well done and I just love all these little details you put into your posts and pictures. Over to Valentia: Holy wow. her coat is just stunning, she is a true beauty. I just love everything about her. And she just reminded me, you promised to make me a horse around Christmas time because I had too little horses back then :angel: you should definetly do a late christmas present for me now instead!! Don't go look for Valentia in my stable if she suddenly goes missing btw. :eyes:

    III. Travel
    this one is just truly the cherry on top :cherries: Have I ever told you about my passion for France and the language? I barely know some words, but I absolutely love France and the sound of their language. There's just something about this country that makes me want to pack my bags and just live there forever. I've always wanted to visit Paris but I think I'm one of the few that hasn't yet just because of my fear of flights. :airplane: Anyway, I just love how you put the eiffel tower in the background and the birds. I just love the atmosphere in this picture, the colours just give me this calm and safe, still romantic mood. How can you be so creative?! And Emmaline is so cute, is she french? She should meet my frenchie, Emeline, they'd be besties with those cute names!! :hugging:

    I've been screaming so much through these gorgeous pictures of yours and suddenly my eyes just fell out and my jaw is broken!! You broke me with all of this beauty...😭 I just love your editing and the mood in all of your pictures. They just.. always leave me speechless. It literally took me almost an hour to write this little thing because I had to find back my words no alexa, I was not building my new facilities while writing this. I really did spend a lot of time on this comment and only because I was speechless. Okay jokes. but really. I actually spent time on this and it DID make me speechless. Even when I was building at the same time. Anyway, I just love your style as I mentioned hundreds of times now. It's perfect. And I want to be as skilled as you! Can we please just switch skills?

    I'll stop writing now, otherwise this post will end up being enormous. Just know that I love everything okay :heart:

  • @Diana-Sæterbakken said in Casteleaux and Quincetree Archives {June 10th}:

    Here's a little treat for you :strawberry:

    :strawberry: :strawberry: :strawberry: :hugging:

    :sob: :sob: :sob: OK BUT YOU PUT SO MUCH THOUGHT INTO YOUR COMMENT AND IM DECEASED;;; :sparkling_heart: :heartpulse: :gift_heart: :revolving_hearts: :heartbeat:

    asdhdfhggkafrikkinhell you crazy girl.

    That being said, you're the crazy girl. It's the truth :kissing: :strawberry:

    I. She's adorable and I'm so lucky to have her :cry: I promise you'll see her around more once I can pull myself together! (Hopefully that's soon!)

    II. I'm tired everyday and it's no good :sleepy: I probably couldn't even say "greenness" if I were awake. But anyhow!!! Thank you!!!!!! The..... "details," as you call them, are my way of excusing myself from writing something proper and good, but I'm glad you like them. I also wrote one of them incorrectly but I hope nobody notices. (I'm too embarrassed to go back and change it, rather.) As for Lena, thank you!! Let's hope I pull myself together soon so that I can also do more things with her. ALSO YES I WILL MAKE YOU A HORSE I'M SLOW. Keep guilt-tripping me because it's working. :cowboy:

    III. You should definitely go sometime, it's beautiful!! Or maybe Emeline can visit Emmaline one day? We should do that.

    I've been screaming so much through these gorgeous pictures of yours and suddenly my eyes just fell out and my jaw is broken!!

    Anyway, you flatter me too much :cry: :heartpulse: I'm shaking in my boots over here; YOU'RE NOT ALLOWED TO BE THIS NICE TO ME. Not until 1. I finally comment on your new blog (!!) and 2. I finally find a way to not make every show jumping picture look the same, okay?

    I wish I could thank you properly but to be quite honest I'm busy screaming and you really were way too nice and I don't deserve you. My heart is full :pensive: :v: :heartbeat: You keep on building.

    (Also when are we actually going to switch skills like we keep saying we will)

  • quincetree

    early summer

    click me!

    Preface: In short, Quincetree kids take on Monterey!

    In long, here’s a project I’ve been working on for stupid long. It’s summer, and California summers are fun to complain about and fun period. It’s also been just over a year since Quincetree came into fruition (pun intended), and the characters behind it still don’t have very many appearances here. Which also means you probably won’t know who Adeline-Irene-Lene-Nora-Wren are. There's also a guy named Alexander Verway involved.

    Adeline - High schooler who’s leasing a mare named Milkshake. Plays the violin and likes frogs.

    Alexander - Rider from Courtour Estate ( @Rena-Cort ). What's he doing all the way out in SoCal? I don't know.

    Irene - High schooler and Lene’s sister. Does a ton of volunteer work, especially at other stables, and is super smart but jokes otherwise. Would give the world for her gray mare Peach.

    Lene - Irene’s older sister. Dropped out of college to work with horses. Rather capricious but adores her mare Morgana to pieces.

    Nora - High schooler who plays the flute in marching band and is Wren’s best friend. Was never entirely interested in sports, but was dragged into riding by Wren.

    Wren - Nora’s best friend. Plays the oboe in marching band. Super tall. Is focusing on music and studies rather than riding at the moment.

    Enjoy! (Also notice how all my jumping pictures look the same.) If you really read the whole thing I'll die. A comment would make my day ♡


    I. Preface, Contents, Introduction
    II. Shows
    III. Shore's End Working Hunter Trials
    IV. Design Seed Challenge: Creature Color
    V. Random Theme Challenge: Beach Vibes

    Students savored in the July sunshine at the height of summer. Summer meant waking up at 2 PM with a destroyed sleep schedule; wasting time to mindless scrolling; lying about, awash with boredom; stifling air; popsicles and fans to combat that; the inescapable buzz and hum of beetles; never changing out of pajamas; and an evening choir of cricket chirps.

    That was not summer for the students at Quincetree.

    Early July took Adeline, Irene, Nora, and Wren to Monterey Bay, a two hours’ drive from the hilly suburb where Quincetree nestled. Lene, being the only adult, was their designated chauffeur/driver/mother for the weekend. The boredom-laden teens tried to entertain themselves on the road by eating all the snacks they’d bought from Daiso that morning. They spared not a single Pocky. A tangy (almost headache-inducing) sugar scent floated from fruit candy wrappers and filled the car the whole way.

    In the passenger seat, Irene leaned on her window and absorbed herself in her earbuds. The fuzzy strip of gray and green outside buzzed by like an endless film reel and dizzied her. Collected on the floor where her feet rested, the crinkle of empty snack wrappers pierced the hum of freeway whenever she shifted in her seat. An exhausted Adeline napped much of the way, and found herself quietly embarrassed when she woke up with a seatbelt imprint on her cheek where leaned on it. In the back, Wren and Nora sat together, spilling tea and chittering among themselves.

    welcome to monterey


    you're doing great sweaty

    take a closer look: 1, 2, 3

    Self-explanatory show entries. Peach and Irene won 1st of their class in the Spring Jubilee Discipline Show. Mesmeric is trying too hard at Shore's End and Lady M is shown in the Regional Spring Showcase, both of which are being judged. :sparkles:

    shore's end

    click me!

    Shore up, shore down…
    Or something.

    The Leo in Adeline insisted her mare would compete in show hunting, despite—

    “Every hunter judge in the world will be offended.”
    “The judges will DQ her for looking like pink lemonade."
    "She won’t fit in with all the bays and chestnuts."


    Remarks about the mare’s strawberry roan overo coat echoed wherever she set hoof. Her overo, a wrapping of peeled paint, obscured a roan turtleneck and the rose-gold glaze that hid beneath it. Curious, glittering eyes and lanky Thoroughbred legs that tangled in themselves were the cherry on top. Heart-stealing aside (or were those lovestruck gazes offended glares?), the pair struggled in the ring. Adeline saw past that, though. She’d shore herself up for her pride’s sake, the way Leos do, and promise to place “next time.”

    Milkshake, the mare, belonged in a Barbie movie. She radiated sweetness and sparkles, and in some outlandish fantasy she saved the world with the power of love. In this life, though, she was still at sea.

    Adeline’s indifference to losing and Milkshake’s nonexistent rosette collection proved that they were at shoring up’s end. If not for sentimentality’s sake, Adeline needed a final hunter show to dispel whatever glimmer of hope she still saw in Milkshake’s hunting career.



    Palm shadows zig-zagged through the other horses’ coats and turned them into zebras. God knows what it turned Milkshake. The judges were verily offended.

    Pretty pink lemonade skies whipped the ever-pinker Milkshake into a tomato smoothie (ketchup?). The judges wanted to DQ her for it.

    Milkshake absolutely did not fit in with the bays and chestnuts.

    Shores don’t end with footprint-pocked sand, freckled with sea glass and seashells. They end with an awkward strawberry roan overo Thoroughbred mare named Milkshake.

    Creature Color
    Monterey Bay Aquarium.

    ft. Irene Kim & Adeline Ma

    i am a fish

    “Ad, look. This is you as a fish.”
    “It’s a clownfish.”

    Beach Vibes

    don't get lost

    Something always lured Wren and Nora to the sea.

    It’s why they opted out of spending their afternoon at the Monterey Bay Aquarium with Adeline and Irene. From there, McAbee Beach was only a five minutes’ walk. That strip of sand and stone, a rocky paradise of its own, yawned through tourists’ chatter in the shadows of Cannery Row’s restaurants and shops above. But Wren and Nora did not spend their afternoon at McAbee Beach, either. The teens elected to visit Lovers Point Beach for adventure’s sake, embarking on a trip five times as long and in the opposite direction of Cannery Row. Salt imbued the air, just subtly enough to revive memories of other beaches and salted airs. Sand crabs and sandcastles bloomed in Wren and Nora’s minds, which sparkled in the rose gold blush of nostalgia.

    A jetty divided the beach in half. The northmost half sat free from the towels and umbrellas that dotted the other half of the beach, which breathed children’s laughter and sand castles. In the midsummer stillness, the air smelled of warm salt and dusty sand. The sea was an azure mirror that glittered beyond the shore and swallowed the sky. Wren and Nora could feel a bit of brine on their tongues and in the back of their throats as they breathed, and the ocean from which it came murmured as its waves kissed the sand and retreated. The rhythm of life and laughter slowed to match the tumble of the sea, but that never stopped the seagulls from their shenanigans.

    No blanket, no lunch (thus no seagull shenanigans); Wren and Nora sat on the bare sand. The regret of unpreparedness sank into them with every grain of sand that clung to their sunscreened legs but they drowned it out. They lamented over band camp and trivial things and chattered in the sun’s warmth. Their eyes glittered with mirth as the ocean did in the high afternoon sun.

    Waves washed the sand and the rest of the afternoon away as the tide rolled in closer, threatening the girls’ toes. Sunburn tinged their shoulders pink, seaspray salted their lips, laughter filled their bellies. Clouds’ long shadows stretched on their sandy canvas below as the sky turned to copper, like the inside of a seashell, and the sun was a ripe lemon over the horizon. Seagulls still squeaked in the sky. Adeline and Irene finished their escapades at the aquarium and too journeyed to Lovers Point, but the beach belonged to Wren and Nora.


  • Emm... hmm... I'm dead.
    Literally I'm trying to collect myself from pieces as your stunning pictures, stories and general creativity hit me like a bullet right in my heart. Everything here is so stunning, Alexa!! :)

  • These pictures are absolutely gorgeous I truly adore the vibe of the aquarium and beach pic the lighting is just on point! :smile:

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