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  • Alexaaa! This post is everything what I could expect if i asked about the discripton of autumn. You perfectly said about every changing detail and I'm sure that everyone walked into world of this little novel <3 Also these beauties on pictures, oh! I love your horses and edits so much, they are stunning and every thing plays great in one piece

  • Deep Inhale
    Ohh myyy
    First of all, enchantée Alexa. J'aime votre album.
    Enchantée is the best word. Someday I'd like to say it to a stranger I'm first meeting. Also, since we're both wanting to cry (It's Oct. 3rd and I still want to cry) should we just cry together?
    Second of all, thank you for finally posting something so I can admire your photos and reply (sort of) to what you said.
    Thirdly, you built an aquarium set?! I can barely build a barn. :dizzy_face:
    What Ariadne said was one of the mos accurate things I've read, I don't know how she does it, but she did, and she did a fantastic job!! I'm still speechless about it and it wasn't even for me, I cannot say anymore because... :sob:
    It's Merlot!! That fantastic boy. Do you understand how much I love this picture of him?!? Like the sheer fact you made the effort to write my name and put cute hearts around his head makes my heart melt. So thoughtful and sweet and all of the above. I send you a good old fashioned virtual hug. :hugging:
    Alright, so as I was writing what I just said above, it started raining outside, but the SUN WAS STILL OUT. So I went and found a rainbow!! And you bet your bottom dollar I took pictures of the colours, and of my two horses. One of which looks like she belong in your game, she has nice eyelashes, a long mane, and is a pretty grey. :rainbow: (OH. And this rainbow was above the barn. So there, the rainbows support this comment.)

    Now I'm back on track.

    Pivoine.. Oh how darling she is. Fresh but not overripe, perfect. She reminds me a bit of the my mare, Jane, who I just mentioned. She doesn't have birdcatcher spots, but she's fleabitten, covered in hundreds of stars. However, in Jane's case the stars and the sky would've switched shades. The light body (sky), with dark fleabitten marks (the stars). She also sports a tousled (long) mane, and too much lank. Although she's big, so this lank is hidden a bit more! The way you've described Pivoine is just so lovely. How you've put the words together makes me so content, it's like reading a soft poem with twirling fairy lights all around.
    "Summer ebbs to cinnamon," How dare you find a way to use words so well. Not to mention what follows. :revolving_hearts: I adore your twinkling writing. It flows so well with your pictures. Oh now I've stumbled to your description of Cameo. Tangled mane, yes that's Jane, in fact she has an intricate little twist, one which I have no idea how she got.. And plucks leaves off trees, yes that's Jane as well.
    I have to admit autumn is one of my favourite seasons too, as well as winter. There really is something beautifully whimsical about these seasons. :relieved: :heart:
    I'm happy you enjoy the poses, I very rarely use my own poses, so I'm happy to see someone using them. However, it's awfully strange seeing things I've made in someone's else's game. :heart: :hugging: :rainbow:

  • You got stop with having such aesthetically pleasing updates y'hear :triumph: actually don't do that, it'd be a huge shame, keep posting fantastic updates please & thank you.

    The writing, hollllly cow, that's wonderfully poetic, I'm always blown away by writers can present their story or concept in such an artistic and lyrical way. (I am not one of those writers, but when I see stuff like this I have a shred of enthusiasm that I could try it- but then I go nahh I'll just continue ogling at other people's writing.) Ach it's hard to express, but goodness I just love it to death.

    And of course, Pivoine and Cameo looks lovely as well! I love the grumpy little expression on Pivoine's lil face and her little tail flick, contrasting with Mr.Cameo running around his paddock <3

    and the way you end with that little "nothing gold can stay" absolutely love that. It ties the whole thing together, you really embraced the "spirit" of the poem if you will. as someone who thrives off that sort of vibe, I'm in love :sob:

  • Replies and stuff

    @Martha-Carter Thank you so much!!!! I was really struggling to get it all worded okay-ish (but what's new?). And I love your posts so much (the COLORS on your last post!! Blues is also very cute). :yellow_heart: :fallen_leaf: :yellow_heart: :sparkles: :yellow_heart:

    love for martha!!

    @Zinnia-Arvi You again!!!!!! You radiate so much big heart energy and I love it.

    I think I should clarify that I didn't actually "build" an "aquarium set;" rather, I threw together some junk to make the illusion of an aquarium. Don't be jealous. (And don't compare it to the actual iconic kelp forest exhibit at the Monterey Bay Aquarium because then you'll just laugh at my attempt :laughing: ) That's what sudden bursts of inspiration look like, apparently. The ends justify the means, or something, right...? :fish:

    And look!! You get another picture!! This time of Lena, resident weirdo. She's sending a virtual hug back!! :hugging: :heartbeat:

    The bit about the rainbow made me so happy :cry: :heartpulse: A sunshower, a rainbow, pretty colors, and your adorable horses?!?! That sounds so magical. One day I'll make a picture of one of my greys in a sunshower under a rainbow and you can bet your bottom dollar it's all because of you. :sparkles: I love hearing about your horses!! I also love how you seem to see that Jane in my posts; it's touching. (Is this the same mare that gets evergreen needles stuck in her mane in the winter? She sounds so sweet :cry: )

    Thank you for your lovely words, as usual. :sparkling_heart: I'm struggling with ways to thank you enough (also as usual), so I hope Lena and her virtual hug and hearts will suffice. :kissing_heart:

    love for zinnia!!

    @Marquis-Moulin I can't guarantee fantastic updates but I can try!!! (You stop being so kind, please and thank you)

    AHHHHH the one who's blown away is me. I'm happy you see so much in my mess of funky metaphors. And believe me, I admire writing like yours, too; first person writing?!?!?! in-character writing?!?!?! A STRUGGLE. You seem to nail it somehow. I don't get it!!

    Thank you so much :two_hearts: (Cheers!)

    love for mark!!

  • @Alexa-la-Coupe And I really thank you too! <3 (goshhh i can't stand cuteness of this picture with Cameo I love your creativity girl you are flawless)

  • @Alexa-la-Coupe said in Casteleaux and Quincetree Archives {Oct 2nd}:

    (You stop being so kind, please and thank you)

    alt text

    I am an absolutey sucker for metaphors a symbolism alrighty, that sorta stuff makes me go wild. Ngl, we're ends of the spectrum, absolute total chaos of first person writing, and your glorious figurative writing :sob: though thank you I'm gonna go cry now, it's illegal to be nice back to me

    (and there you go again saying "Cheers", i'm gonna explode you stop that, and that photo of Milkshake? "Markiwi" stop that, I'll die)

  • I love your pics. You know that, right? :heart:

  • @Constantine-Vale you!! are too kind to me!!

    love for constantine!!

  • if wishes were horses


    Happy Halloween! Judging by last Halloween (has it really been a year already?), you might notice that I have a penchant for stars and the moon and sparkles and the color blue and also the idea of flying.

    Did you know Breyer Wind Dancers were a thing? I didn’t because I wasn’t a horse girl back then, but discovering them was perfect inspiration for me. (Horses! with wings! that have children’s books written about them! and beautiful illustrations drawn of them!) I decided to create a photoset of the four Wind Horses, but naturally, I gave up less than halfway through. We’re left with WRNGS Caprice ( @Dimitri-Dane ) as Sumatra, based on the lovely artwork by Tara Larsen Chang in Horses Her Way. I hope I got the funky hairstyle across?

    Message me trick or treat and/or include a :new_moon_with_face: in your comment so I can send you halloween goodies!

  • WOOOOW:astonished: it just amazing:heart_eyes:

  • WOAH, HOLD ON MA’AM I- this is beautiful 🥺 also thank you for awakening that very deep memory about Breyer Windancers to me, I used to have them when I was little (my parents questioned me) and the wings would always break off, it was unfortunate. But thats besides the point, this is stunning and I love it!! Happy Halloween to you too :new_moon_with_face:


  • Oh wow! I love the twinkling star on the cheek and the glowing butterflies <3 and the eye :heart_eyes: Such a neat idea! :ok_hand:
    Happy Halloween :jack_o_lantern:

  • Straight out of a fairytail :butterfly: so magical and beautiful :heart_eyes:

  • Competition Committee

    I swear, I'd be set with half of your talent. I really don't know how you do it. The editing, the lighting, the cute lil animated butterflies!? It's so smooooth. There's too much talent here... too much :kissing_heart:

  • So perfect, Alexa!!

  • Replies

    Those of you who requested goodies should have received them via slack! I hope you enjoy! :blossom:

    @Alina-Shavrina Thank you!!

    uwu for alina

    @Marquis-Moulin Somehow I never even considered the fact that their wings probably broke off all the time like yours did. That's not very cash money magical of them. (But! it leaves opportunity for cute stories about The Wind Horse With The Broken Wings, or something, ft. the power of love and friendship. :butterfly: ) Thank you for your sweet comment!!! :kissing: :heartpulse:

    uwu for mark

    @Therese-Lind Awww thank you!! I was honestly struggling with the twinkling bits so I'm glad it worked out. :sweat_smile: :heartbeat:

    uwu for therese

    @Luna-Smit Thank you so much! (Though I must say your horses are the ones straight out of a fairy tale) :sparkles:

    uwu for luna

    @Rena-Cort YOU STOP IT. You're one to talk :triumph: Have you seen your last blog post??? The red poppies??? The colors??? :sparkling_heart:

    uwu for rena

    @Maya-Lilly no u!!!

    uwu for maya

  • Alexa, your pons are way too cute for this world :heart:

  • OMG ALEXA!!! THIS??? WHAT IS THIS?! I remember this book!!! :sob: I loved it so much and i have a feeling it might be in my closet but I'm so worried bc if i don't find it i'm gonna be so sad ugh i love that you brought a pleasant childhood memory back to me, that edit made me think of it right away! Why are you so talented?? :heart:

  • I don’t know how I’ve missed so much!!!! As usual everything is adorable and gorgeous. ♥️

    Ps Lena is probably still my favorite :horse:

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