Casteleaux and Quincetree Archives {Dec 8th}

  • Ahh :angry:
    Your entries, that constellation picture is the nicest thing I've seen, so sparkly, so creative :two_hearts: Kisses to that cute lil unicorn :kissing_closed_eyes:

  • un-fall-tering

    alternatively: no writing november
    18 novembre 2018

    Ygretta CX, Cameo AT, RDEC Verettia, and a serious lack of functioning dof


    Within sepia thoughts and
    that summer brilliance lost,
    all once known, now honey-steeped—
    in audacious flannels;
    in crimsons and carmines of the deciduous;
    in weary, long nights—
    lies in the autumn, unwavering.


    Placing third in the most recent eventing show is my little star (who hopefully doesn't need an introduction by now): Yggy! I'm supposed to take classy dressage photos with her but eventing includes more fun things, so. I also wish I had more to say here but it was a rushed entry; though I promise I did think about writing something to go with it.


    Another rushed entry: Cameo AT in the SBS Stallion Showcase. He's a breeding I got from Her Highness @Eowyn-Vance back in May (apparently), and he's downright lovely. I. am. moonstruck. And heartbroken because my pictures never do him justice. I love him nonetheless. (I also meant to write something for this entry, but we don't talk about that.)


    And to finish off is RDEC Verettia, better known as Tia, in this season's jumping show. She's a lovely mare I bought from @Ellory-Clarke in August. One day I'll make a proper post about her.

    You might not be surprised to hear that I wanted to write something for this entry as well. What is a surprise, however, is that this edit is from half a month ago and I've been itching to post it. Hence: no writing!

    :maple_leaf: :fallen_leaf: :maple_leaf:

    in between imports and stress i am yet alive! (physically, only)
    thank you all for all the lovely comments! they flatter me beyond words, truly :yellow_heart:

    @Shea-Hamilton said in Casteleaux and Quincetree Archives {Nov 1st}:

    No words, they are absolutely gorgeous! The pictures really speak for themselves :sparkling_heart: :heart_eyes:

    do tell, what are they saying? creepy! ( <3 )

    @Hilda-Wilson said in Casteleaux and Quincetree Archives {Nov 1st}:

    I love themmmm! :heart_exclamation:
    why are you so creative

    also look whos hereee :jack_o_lantern:

    go away i mean thank you! in all seriousness, yes, thank you for reading and for the kind words as usual <3

    @Rena-Cort said in Casteleaux and Quincetree Archives {Nov 1st}:

    I'm sure you're tired of hearing me say the same thing every time I post here, but I love these so so much! Especially the second one. The constellation connecting is so nice omg.

    I WILL NEVER BE SICK OF YOU. you dont understand how much your comments make my day all the time—thank you. :two_hearts:

    @Luke-Teth said in Casteleaux and Quincetree Archives {Nov 1st}:

    I'm legally disallowed from commenting on any :jack_o_lantern: challenge entries, but--

    Your unicorn's stunning please let me lick her.

    1. i figured so, and 2. how do i ban someone from my blog? asking for a friend

    @Zinnia-Arvi said in Casteleaux and Quincetree Archives {Nov 1st}:

    Ahh :angry:
    Your entries, that constellation picture is the nicest thing I've seen, so sparkly, so creative :two_hearts: Kisses to that cute lil unicorn :kissing_closed_eyes:

    this and your sweet message to me on slack have officially ended me :sparkling_heart: thank you, so much :sob: :heartpulse:

  • So many autumn feelings! I love the colouring of your pictures. Simple (but good!) compositions and living colours make your pictures unique. I'm looking forward to see more 💕

  • And now I want to look "The last unicorn" 😄 Beautiful work, it looks so fantastic and real at the same time.

  • Banned

    nah stop, these autumn vibes are :100:
    your pics are always so clear and bright lol, teach me ?? :drooling_face:
    and i read the word imports mhmmm, can‘t wait to meet mine... hopefully

  • Cameo looks absolutely gorgeous :heart:

  • Competition Committee

    Seriously love all of these, especially RDEC Verettia, she's stunning oh my!

    Also, how do your pictures always look so good with such minimal editing? Teach me senpai ^^

  • hazy

    29 novembre 2018

    Autumn is relentless.

    A weary haze blankets the once known. (And unknown). It arrives the form of fog, forgetfulness, confusion. Its mystique blurs reality; its crispness redefines it. The fine line between exhaustion and madness grows soft, like lightly erased pencil.

    (In other words, I'm tired.)

    (I also kinda-sorta-maybe miss being inspired and posting more often, so)

    :fallen_leaf: :maple_leaf: :fallen_leaf:

    they did

    surgery on

    a grape

    It's been awhile since I put it up, but for anyone who missed it: this is the very last call for anyone who would like a possible import from me. The form is linked under the cut in Rising Stars, Pt 1 :hugging:

    @Sorina-Collins thank you thank you!! also i never actually watched tlu until after i made my entry either so

    @Hilda-Wilson imports? dont know them. who now?
    (yes dont worry you are very much getting an import)

    and thank you!! :yellow_heart: i dont think ive ever actually tried my hand at autumn pictures until this year if my memory serves, so it makes me happy to hear that :kissing_closed_eyes: :coffee:

    @Annalena-Voigt he does, truly, and i have eowyn to thank for doing such a spectacular job on him :sparkles:

    @Rena-Cort aw, thank you! :sparkling_heart: and um. i hate to break it to you but i really did pour hours on those edits (cameo's took me two+ hours to get right in-game and i wish i were lying :sweat_smile: ) if i have to touch the coat i dont really consider it minimal tbqh

  • Competition Committee

    Love you stable, it look so homey yet organized at the same time <3

  • i messed up ignore this

  • @Alexa-la-Coupe said in Casteleaux and Quincetree Archives {Nov 29th}:

    ah i messed up ignore this

    iGnOrE wHaT?

    heh i got it before u edited

    Let's get down to business, chief.


  • I see you are a fan of this angle. Well ME TOO. I love that working ambient occlusion :weary: :sweat_drops:

    and WOW i'm really behind on posts.

    its nearly december and i'm still starstruck (haha get it) by your creativity and ability to come up with such one of a kind edits. Like sure I can edit a pic of a horse in a field but a coNsTelLatIoN pegasus?? That's some uncharted territory ma'am and I so wish I was as creative as you :sob:

    I'm all HERE FOR NO WRITING NOVEMBER. I'm here for it but at the same time I know Molly will be kicking me to start writing again and to stop putting it off even more. We can be no writing buddies :full_moon_with_face: Again though I really love how you use depth of field in your pictures whether edited or from reshade. I'm especially looking at the soft edges below Yggy's belly (YoU!!! Called!!! Her! Yggy!!! I'm crying even more :sob: ) I also REALLY enjoy how crisp your pictures look. (I'm too weenie to make crisp pictures) I always thinking about eating ice when I look at them. Cronch cronch :shaved_ice:

  • The detail in these pictures is incredible! :heart:

  • partridge in a pear tree

    22 décembre 2018

    It's been a moment, huh?

    There's so much more I want to post before 2018 dies and the holiday season is over, so fingers crossed that I can get to them. It turns out that facility pictures are always in stock on my computer, and this is an idea I've had in my head for awhile—albeit grander and more glittery than its execution—so...more facilities: holiday edition.

    "But Alexa shouldn't you be posting imports?" Absolutely.




    (a bonus because i liked this shot but realized it looks way too similar to the other one, ft. pump(s)kins)

    @Luke-Teth i have no idea what you're talking about, since we're ignoring it! :^)

    @Denn-Hanes said in Casteleaux and Quincetree Archives {Nov 29th}:

    I see you are a fan of this angle.

    i am not a fan of this call-out culture. rude.

    anyway! thank you for writing such a long comment again, it warms my heart :sob: :two_hearts: and uhhh......"creativity and ability to come up with such one of a kind edits." you make it sound like you've never taken a shower :thinking: that's gross, denn.

    no writing november is for me only, by the way. you're not allowed to participate. i'm with @Molly-Marston on this one and will kick you. :angel:

    @Rena-Cort + @Annalena-Voigt thank you both!! it seems you're the only two people who didn't call me out this time, what a relief :sweat_smile:

  • all your photos are absolutely gorgeous and i want your stable

    thnx :kiss:

    (but seriously though you inspire me heaps :heart: )

  • Competition Committee

    hecck you're like here, have a fence with some lights and idk what to do with it. alexa you're a magician I swear

    who am i to call out an arTIST :paintbrush:

  • When can i move in??!

  • white chrysler

    25 décembre 2018

    Cameo AT + Alexa, Kaine's Konstantin

    Happy holidays, friends! A quick semi-edit of Cameo, last month's star at the stallion showcase, and Kon ( @Denn-Hanes ), a draft blanketed with chocolate snow that I was not supposed to win in the Draftsmas raffle. For now, he's chilling outside and is trying to figure out those warmblood weirdos. He'll get a better introduction one day, I promise. :snowflake: :sparkles: :cloud_snow:

    Also yes don't worry I'm definitely going to finish posting the crimborts

    merry chrysler

    @Charlie-Smith aww, that makes me happy to hear :revolving_hearts: (there's times where i can definitely tell that i inspired you, and it's just....the weirdest feeling ever. like..i did that?)

    @Rena-Cort ok, i'm sorry to break the news to you on christmas day, but alas:
    shes lying your honor

    that's Invalid Data. trust me, i tried upvoting your comment, but the forum kept spitting at me. (regardless, i appreciate your kind words heaps :kiss: :sparkles: )

    @Mira-Green when i finish decorating! (aka never) :angel:

  • Competition Committee

    hmm well, here we go again I guess :joy: I have yet again forgotten about those things called blogs...

    Ygretta CX is absolutely gorgeous! I might be a bit of a sucker for blacks with snips
    Valentia CX-! And she has the cutest face ever! :heart_eyes:
    Your challenge entries are so stunning! They look so magical :heart:
    I'm not gonna lie, Ygretta CX might become one of my favorite horses of yours. Cameo AT and RDEC Verettia looks very handsome too of course. I love how you play with angles on those show pictures!
    And why do you always make such cozy and cute stables? I wish mine looked like that! Scratch that, I don't even have stables... at all
    And again with the stables, all those fairylights, it's so adorable and cozy :heart:
    Your new draft looks amazing! Such perfect snowy picture :heart_eyes:
    And last but not least: MERRY CHRISTMAS :heart:

  • Competition Committee

    Kon wants to come live with me.

    That is all.

    They're both so gorgeous & your pics make me happy. <3

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