[CANCELLED] Pintabian Mare

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    Meet Magpie! This is going to be a short auction for only one mare. This sale will end on February 15th at 11:59 PM EST. However, any bids placed on the 15th will roll the auction into 24hr ALB. This is only to ensure no one loses out on a horse because someone else was able to bid at the last minute. If there are no bids on the 15th, it will end at midnight when the timer runs out.Starting bid is $5,000. Min bid is $1,000, no max bid, no autobuy.


    -Horses may not be listed for mass download.
    -Coat or conformation may not be used at templates for other horses. Conformation may be used as a base for offspring only.
    -You must keep my WPW prefix. Do not change her name.
    -I am not extremely strict about activity, but the horse needs to be entered in at least an R show here and there. I will inquire about buying the horse back if it seems to be ignored for 4 months.
    -Shine markings, detail markings (such as eye detail and body shade) and mane/tail styles can be changed, but please don't edit conformation or mane and tail color.
    -Horse can be gelded/bred/sold at your discretion, but please contact me before you sell in case I wish to buy it back.
    -Discipline can be changed if you wish.

    -Do not list my markings for mass download.
    -All of my markings have a distinct thumbnail with the horse's name. Therefore, you have no excuse to use any of the markings intended for a specific horse on another! If you do reuse, distribute, or otherwise disrespect my markings you will not be permitted to buy from me again.
    -Put your favorite book character in your first bid so I know you read all my rules.

    “Magpie, n.: A bird whose thievish disposition suggested to someone that it might be taught to talk.”

    Named not only for the striking white clouds on her otherwise soot-black coat, Magpie also has a clever, thieving personality in common with the birds whom she was named for. Far too intelligent for her own good and curious by nature, she has a habit of finding new ways to get in trouble every day.


    Name: WPW Magpie
    Breed: Pintabian
    Gender: Mare
    Coat: Black Tobiano
    Genotype: Ee/aa/nT
    Discipline Endurance, 10pts

    CAS 1
    CAS 2

    Magpie 2
    magpie 3

    All in-game photos were taken with Reshade on. DOF effect is in-game, and photos have not been edited. CAS pictures were taken without Reshade effects and have not been edited.


    TOP BID:

    NAME - SB

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    Eggs - from the book Boy Proof

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    Kvothe from the Name of the Wind series.

  • 7k

    i cant fucking read

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    This post is deleted!

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    Cancelled due to a change of circumstances. Apologies to the bidders, thank you for your interest nonetheless! :heart:

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