[FOUND] Parents for my Warmblood

  • Hello everyone! I recently got this horse and will be registered very soon and I wanted him to have registered parents in Equus, this is him, oh and by the way he is around 5 years old if that helps. Here is a small list of what I am looking for ^^

    • A mare and stallion (not to buy them but just to add them as parents).
    • Coat colour can be almost anything from black to bay to chestnut, dapple grey, etc. I might consider tobianos and similar coats.
    • Parents must be active competitors in Dressage, pedigree bonus is not a must but is welcomed.
    • 2nd generation horses or over. I might consider foundation horses but +2nd generation ones are prefered.

    What can I offer as payment?:

    • $$$
    • Custom markings (shines, dapples, tobianos, overos and similar ones)
    • Breedings from any of my horses.
    • Coat imports.

    That is everything I am looking for and what I can offer as payment, if you are interested please let me know here or send me a private message, thank you very much in advance!

  • Oooh I have a few I can offer! Will DM you!

  • @Lidija-Rotherford great! Thank you! :D

  • A stallion has been found ^^

  • If you're still looking for a mare, I have a couple I can offer. HRST To The Moon is a 2nd gen black Trakehner with 114 points in dressage. She gives a +3 bonus and receives a +12. I also have a 2nd gen sooty bay Hanoverian mare with 96 points. She gives +2 and receives +8. Both mares are still actively competing.
    alt text
    alt text

  • Mare has been found, thank you everyone <3

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