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  • Welcome to Abury

  • A new Year, a new Forum, a new Start ^.^

    I´m not good in writing back-up stories for my stable so just a short introduction. We are a small stable centered near Litchfield, New England. We mainly focus on dressage and Eventing but we also have a small team for Western and Endurance.

  • Staff of Abury
    Name Discipline Horses
    Inga Johannson Eventing Abury´s Kabala, Abury´s Arioso
    Clara Doyle Eventing Abury´s Jasna
    Ashley Vale Eventing Visculenhof´s Western Pride
    Alina Kalinkova Eventing Eastbourgh´s Dasher
    Rebecca Madison Eventing Eastbourgh´s Dancer
    James Madison jr. Reining, Western Pleasure Abury´s Khemosabi
    Cecilia Dane Reining, Western Pleasure Abury´s Maghribi
    Kylie Monroe Dressage Abury´s Kingsman
    Audrey Clement Endurance, Working Equitation Abury´s Escorpion
    Phoebe Davenport Dressage, Halter YDA Vingador
    James Madison Chef Trainer
    Eleonor Dietrich Dressage, Classical Dressage GEC Quirica, GEC Vikinga
    Anne Hathrow Western Pleasure, Western Trail Abury´s Honey Bar & TJS Lil More Conclusive
    Hikari Olsen Reining, Western Trail CSR Pelago Jack

  • The Horses
    Name Breed Discipline Picture
    Visculenhof´s Western Pride TB Eventing
    Eastbourgh´s Dasher Irish Sport Horse Eventing alt text
    Abury´s Kingsman KWPN Dressage
    Abury´s Arioso Malopolski Eventing alt text
    Abury´s Escorpion Criollo Endurance, Working Equitation
    Abury´s Khemosabi Arabian Reining, Western Pleasure alt text
    CSR Pelago Jack APH Reining, Western Trail alt text
    GEC Sultan XXVII Andalusian PRE Dressage, Halter
    Name Breed Discipline Picture
    Abury´s Kabala Malopolski Eventing alt text
    Abury´s Jasna Malopolski Eventing alt text
    Eastbourgh´s Dancer Irish Sport Horse Eventing alt text
    Abury´s Maghribi Arabian Reining, Western Pleasure alt text
    GEC Quirica Andalusian PRE Dressage, Classical Dressage alt text
    GEC Vikinga Andalusian PRE Dressage, Classical Dressage alt text
    Abury´s Honey Bar APH Western Pleasure, Reining alt text
    TJS Lil More Conclusive APH Western Pleisure, Western Trail alt text

  • While Jasna is not really impressed about me trying to make some nice pics... Arioso is looking at me like " what the hell are you doing down there??"

    alt text

  • Our new purchased Andalusian stallion YDA Vingador is enjoying his time in one of our huge pastures. During the time our horses don´t take part in competitions they are mostly running free on our huge pastures.

    image url)

  • I was lucky to purchase one lovely spanish stable lot in @Marina-Davia ´s auction. This will be the new home for our Dressage horses.

    So today I started to work on the home of our Eventers and Western Horses.

    That´s what I have so far... base stable shell is from Sugars Legacy and I did all the recouloring etc coz Im not able to build a full new stable on my own...my game always crashed

    Still don´t know what to put on the left and right side of the way... ^^

    alt text
    alt text

  • Say hello to Abury´s Honey Bar, a 6 year old dunalino Pintaloosa mare & TJS Lil More Conclusive, a 9 year old black tobiano mare^^ They will strenghten our newly formed Western team.

    Abury´s Honey Bar
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

    TJS Lil More Conclusive
    alt text
    alt text

  • Honey Bar <3

  • TJS Lil More Conclusive <3

  • Vikinga looks amazing! I love that pure white coat, and he's got a wonderful conformation!

  • @Alexandra-Yashirina I´m glad you like her ^.^
    @Nina-Ricchi found her file again and I think she´s too pretty to just stand on a pasture
    @Isaiah-Pace thanks ^^ I made her coat totally from scratch and it nearly drove me nuts XD She´s got her lovely conformation from the gorgeous Template from @Morgan-Cameron! Oh and she´s a mare ^.-

  • A very special girl and her pon

    alt text
    Today I want to introduce you to Hikari Olsen, a very special girl. Anne Hathrow, one of our riders, first met Hikari during her time volunteering at the St. Claire´s orphanage. This special sweet girl grew up at the orphanage. Her mother died short after she was born. She never met her father, who lives in Japan. When she was a toddler she was sick with parotitis and some consequences still affect her life. First Anne asked Hikari to come to us in her spare time coz she told her that she loves horses so much. But when the team met this lovely girl they decided to take her in as a foster-child.

    We don´t know what it is... but Hikari has a special bond to horses. When she´s around it looks like all horses calm down. Seems like she´s got an auro of freedom around her that the horses can sense.

    A few days ago we were able to purchase a 4 year old paint stallion from Cascabel Ranch. And it looks like that with that young stallion Hikari finally found her "special pon". Every where Hikari is, CSR Pelago Jack aka Lego is also around.

    Text/image here
    Text/image here
    Text/image here

  • Breed Committee

    Gosh he looks great, I'm glad to see he found a special person :smile:

  • Lovely story, they'll make a great team!

  • Everyone need some racers in the stable... well that´s what Inga told us two days ago when suddenly a horse transporter entered the yard of Abury... So let´s welcome two of four racing prospects....

    Abury´s Tokhtamysh, Akhal Teke stallion
    alt text

    Abury´s Shakmed, Akhal Teke mare
    alt text

  • Is that vitiligo I see on Hikari? Stunning!

  • @Isaiah-Pace Yes She´s got Vitiligo Isaiah... that´s the reason she still was in the orphanage....

  • Sooo.. all the horses of Abury are finally in the stable... well I promised myself not more horses now XD

    So let me introduce to

    Abury´s Saraktash, Akhal Teke mare
    alt text

    FAN Principessa, KWPN mare made by the gorgeous @Fiora-Healy
    alt text

    GEC Sultan XVIII, Andalusian PRE stallion
    alt text

    WPW Pandia, Pintabian Mare made by @Nikki-Calvaria
    alt text
    pic also by Nikki coz I need to bring Pandia in my game first ^^

  • OMG, what a beautiful horses! <3

  • Beautiful horses, I love the diversity in all those breeds.
    GEC Sultan XVIII looks to have a really sweet face, I really like his confo :heart:

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