Cash in tickets

  • I was thinking whether to create this post or not, partly because I do not want to bother. I understand that we all have our lives (and that RL can be disgusting at times), but I need the money from the tickets (I sent the request three weeks ago).

    I have looked at the raw list and have seen that my application (and some others) is in blue. I suppose it was accepted. However, the money does not arrive.

    Truly, if I did not need it, I would not be creating this post.

  • PR Committee

    Hi Irene, I understand your concern and urgency, however, as stated in your post we all have events going on in RL that take up the majority of our time. The staff members of equus are volunteers not paid employees. The staff member in charge of approving achievement tickets will get to your request and send out the cash as soon as he/she gets around it to it. Processing achievement points takes a lot of time and has to be approved by more than one staff member to ensure that all information listed in the achievement tracker is valid and correct.Thank you for your patience and understanding. :D

  • Thanks for answering me. I was a little lost because I did not know what the blue color means in the raw list. As I said, I understand. I think I'm worried fast, hehe.

    Thanks, again. <3

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