{RESULTS} Silver Berry Stallion Showcase

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    :heart_eyes: I can't believe my three boys all took first place! Thank you so much for this show, it was so much fun!

  • Thank you very much for hosting! :heart: Well, I had to laugh at Smoky's 1st place :sweat_smile: Old man's lucky he had no competition :face_palm:

  • :rose: :champagne: :rose: :champagne: :rose: :champagne: :rose: :champagne: :rose: :champagne: :rose: :champagne:

    HOLY LORD !!! I really can't believe it :heartbeat: I didnt even wanted to post it at first because i was so sure that i couldn't stand a chance against all those other talented ppl :trophy: And then i look in this Thread an see that Marzipan actually placed first :sweat_smile: Guess someone has earned a extra :carrot: today :horse:

    Thank you so much for hosting @Charlie-Smith :heart_decoration: Really enjoyed this challenge hope you make another one sometime :medal: <3

  • Thank you Charlie for hosting :D

  • thank you so much for hosting, and elin for the AMAZING ribbons (theyre fantastic and im in love). this challenge was a pleasure to take pictures for, and i really enjoyed the creative freedom :art: congratulations to all the winners! :medal: :horse:

  • Thank you for hosting Charlie! It's always nice to have reason to show off our boys <3

  • Thank you so much @Charlie-Smith for hosting :slight_smile: congratulations to all the winners and thanks for these wonderful prizes!

  • Competition Committee

    Congrats to all the winners, thank you so much for putting this on, Charlie!

  • Wow, I didn’t expect such great results at all....:astonished:
    This is incredible, I'm so happy!...:sunny:
    Thank you very much for hosting and for your hard work, Charlie! And also a big thank you to all the members who submitted their wonderful prizes for this show!:heartpulse:

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