{JUDGING} Silver Berry Stallion Showcase || Chatter

  • i’d like to take an entry picture that’s Aesthetique™️, but it means the full horse won’t be shown. would this go against me or???

  • @Alexa-la-Coupe

    As long as it isn’t a headshot or something really zoomed in, anything is welcome as judging isn’t going to be simply focused on the horses conformation etc.

    So if not all the horse is shown but yet still some of it’s visible, it’s most welcome in the challenge :)

  • Does ridden showing mean walk, trot and canter or is it also allowed to show the horses' dressage moves / jumping skills under saddle?

  • @Maria-Jones

    Yes, in this case for this challenge Ridden Showing is based and judged on the walk, trot and canter just like the previous ridden showing challenge, but this time focusing more on the horse rather than the rider :)

  • Is background blurring allowed in the unedited section or just the drawing of reins?

  • @Rena-Cort

    Background blurring is fine, as long as nothing else is edited (not including reins) it can fit in under as unedited :)

  • I was curious to if there was a result update ^_^

    Thanks in advanced

  • @Marc-Sanders

    I apologise for the late results and thought i would have time to get through them earlier, but due to a busy couple weeks they were put back.
    I hope to have results posted within the next couple days, and they’ll be posted to the challenge thread as well as the chatter thread here :smile:

  • Thank you for the update ^-^ It's a busy time of year so it's understandable. <3

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