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    Christmas Dimports Sign-Up

    It's (almost) that time of year again: the time of family appreciation, of hot chocolate, pine trees(real or fake), giving gifts, and--the most fun bit--receiving them. This year, Wrenegade is offering to make and wrap up some special presents for all who'd like one. It's...

    It's a horse, guys.
    This is Equus. It's always a horse.

    How it works

    Because of how long it takes me to make horses, sign-ups for receiving a Christmas import will be open from now until October 31st. Horses will be sent out on December 25th, and a thread will be posted with preview images of everyone's custom crittersin the yearly Stocking Stuffers thread.

    Each member is allowed to request one import. If you change your mind, or would like to cancel your import request, please contact me as soon as possible, and I will work to make changes or, if the original request was already made, something entirely new(but please try to avoid doing this like really). Any horses that end up being made but go unused due to no longer being wanted will be thrown into an auction in January.


    • Horses will be given a mainsite profile, but will not be registered. It is up to you to decide on their discipline and register them appropriately--or at all.
    • There are no activity requirements. You can dump the horse straight into reclaims the same day you get it, if you desire.
    • All horses will come with custom markings(unless you request a solid, marking-less horse). Please don't be the kind of person who reuses markings on other horses.
    • Please don't reuse any horses or coats as templates.
    • All horses will include the WRNGS prefix. Do not remove the prefix. Do not add your own.
    • You may find parents for your imports after you receive them; that's entirely in your hands, however. I will not help you to find appropriate pairings.
    • Colors may be as realistic or unrealistic as you please. If you'd like a dun Friesian, I will make you a dun Friesian.
    • The "special notes" area of the form can be used for literally anything. Do you have a particular name in mind for your horse? Do you have a particular shade of chestnut that you had your heart set on? A particular marking shape or type? You could even tell me the personality you imagine for the horse. The only thing I request you NOT put in there is any links to reference images. I mean, you can, but don't expect a perfect recreation of any given horse; at best it would be used for inspiration and not replication.
    • If in the event that I feel uncomfortable fulfilling a certain request, for any reason, either a breed that I'm not familiar enough with to make, or a marking that's too complicated, or something that's just too time-intensive for me to make the holiday deadline, I may contact you to work out an alternative. Please don't be offended if this happens. I will do my best to give everything a fair crack, but I would like to feel happy with the quality of the work, and I'd like you to be satisfied, as well.
    Sign-ups are currently closed.

  • Wow thank you Dimitri :hugging:

  • Oh my, thank you so much for this :heart:

  • Competition Committee

    Thank you for doing this! <3

  • You are insane :pray:

  • Due to the (quite literally) overwhelming number of requests, I've made the decision to close the sign-up sheet earlier than I had anticipated. Depending on how things go, I may reopen sign-ups again later on in case there were any last-minute stragglers, but the elves have their work cut out for them this year!

    Happy Halloween, Thanksgiving, and eventually, Christmas, to everyone. <3

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