[RESULTS] Polish Arabian Club Ad Challenge!

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    Welcome to the first Polish Arabian Breeders and Fan Club Challenge.

    This Challenge is based around the idea of a promotional advertisement for your Arabian. All Images that are submitted will be included in a digital magazine featuring the Arabians of Equus. This challenge is open to all members and all strains of Arabians. Please include your horses strain somewhere in your advertisement.

    If you are in need of a Polish Arabian you can download a template from our clubroom post which you may use as is or tweak to your liking to make yourself a dream horse. Templates can be found in the thread linked below

    Polish Arabian Club

    Big Thanks to Nikki Calvaria for donating some prizes for this challenge!


    • Open to all Equus Members membership in the club is not required.
    • Open to Arabians Only.
    • Open to All Strains.
    • Include the horses strain somewhere in the advertisement.
    • Horses are not Required to be registered.
    • Editing is allowed but will not be judged.
    • Entries will be Judged on Creativity only.
    • Images must be new and created for this Challenge.
    • No Entry Fee.
    • 2 Entries per Member.
    • All text is allowed on your image. Please save a text free copy of your image as well in case you are chosen for the cover since the cover will have its own text added.
    • Judges may submit images to this thread for inclusion in the magazine only. Judges images will NOT be submitted via the form for inclusion in judging in any way including the member voting. These images are only to help fill out the pages of the magazine. Members may also submit an additional 3 images besides their entries for magazine inclusion only. These additional images should be marked as for magazine inclusion only in bold in your post and MAY NOT be submitted via the form.

    Image size requirements:

    Image should be based on an 8x10 ( single page ad ) or 16x10 ( double Page ad ) Ratio. The image can be a different size but may need to be cropped in order to be included in the magazine. Templates for size are provided in case you need them. The easiest way to use these included templates is to paste your own image into them to create an image in the correct size Ratio. You can resize these templates but please be sure to maintain aspect ratio when resizing. You can also not use these size guidelines but your image may need to be cropped to fit the magazine format if you choose not to use them. If you need help with sizing you can post in the chatter thread and I will be happy to assist you.

    Template Downloads:

    Single Page Ad Size

    Double Page Ad Size


    Anna Hertler
    Keegan Noble
    Callixta Rosella
    Skye Valens

    Places and Prizes

    Participation Prizes:

    • Face Marking Pack
    • In game Painting of your Entries

    Places and Awards

    Cover Photo ( to be voted on by members )

    • Polish Import from Skye Valens
    • Polish Import from Nikki Calvaria
    • Marking Pack
    • $25,000



    • Polish import from Anna Hertler
    • $12,500


    • Polish Import from Nikki Calvaria
    • $7500


    • Polish Import from Nikki Calvaria
    • $5,000

    Judges Picks

    • Each Judge will pick their favorite entry and award that entrant with a Polish import from that Judge. If there are not enough entries for each judge to choose one then judges will choose one entry total and one judge will award a Polish import to the winner.

    Be sure to post your entry here on the forum AND via the entry form. Entries not submitted via the form will not be judged.

    Entry Form

    Raw List

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    Bahar G & AvA Isra photographed for magazine breeding ads circa 2018. :heartpulse:

  • I hope this works these are my blog pics
    Stallion GVA Prince Siraj Golden Ali Straight Egyptian Arabian

    Mare GVA Alona GoldenSun DayStar Straight Egyptian Arabian

  • PR Committee


    ARC Amanai, Seal Brown Crabbet Arabian Stallion

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    CAS images available upon request.

  • MFU Al Adeed is showing off.

  • Single-Page-Ratiorkoad.png


    Voting Extended until Dec 15th 11:59 P.M. Pacific Time

    Vote Here

  • Voting has been extended through Dec 15th Please vote and help us choose our winner!

  • And the Winners are....

    These winners were chosen by community vote. Thank you everyone who took the time to Vote on our little challenge and Thank you so much to everyone who participated. Please allow a bit of time for Prizes to be delivered due to the holidays. We will get them out to you ASAP.


    MFU Al Adeed and Karen Phoenix

    Congratulations! Please contact me via forum PM to arrange the cover image since I will need an image without text for the cover.

    1st Place

    FT Karimah and Dimitri Dane

    2nd Place

    AVA Isra and Luke Teth

    3rd Place

    Sheikh al Badr L and Therese Lind

    Judges Picks:


    Skye Valens

    Sheikh al Badr L and Therese Lind

    Anna Hertler

    AVA Isra and Luke Teth

    Keegan Noble

    ARC Amanai and Andrea Burdine

    Callixta Rosella

    FT Karimah and Dimitri Dane

  • Wow... I really didn't expect my entry to be chosen for the cover, as the quality was rather average, but.... You never know...:astonished:

    Thank you so much for hosting this challenge, Skye! I am very glad that I got the chance to take part in such a show, since this was my dream to some extent. :heart:
    I also appreciate the fact that you provided Image size templates for your show! They helped me a lot because I am really bad at it. And it was also interesting to use these as part of a small personal challenge when you need to create a picture in a limited form/space. A kind of test of creative and design abilities, which such a pleasant nostalgia for me, personally. I had a great time! :sunny:

    I sent you a message on the forum!

  • :sob: I'm so humbled that I got second place and a judges pick. Thank you to everyone who voted and put me up there with those iconic editing legends (Because that's not me, I don't know what I'm doing!) and also thank you to the judges who thought me worthy of another Arabian. The program expands! :bow:

  • Gratz to the winners :)

  • Thank you so much for hosting the challenge! <3

  • Congratulations to all the winners. :)

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