[WORKING] Sorinas Christmas pet shop

  • Inspired by @Dimitri-Dane 's Christmas Dimport, I would like to welcome you to take a look at Sorina's Christmas pet shop. Come in, warm your fingers to a cup of hot chocolate and enjoy speculoos and pyramid cakes as you look around.

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    Christmas, the time of candles, biscuits and Christmas trees, gifts and laughing children's eyes, of reconciliation, snow, the ringing of bells and the time of hope. Savannah Creek Stables has set itself the task of fulfilling a few of these hopes this year. In cooperation with animal shelters but also renowned breeders and training stables, Nathaniel Lujan and his team are looking for the perfect pet for you. Whether you want to give a child-loving dog a new cance or you are looking for a promising sports companion on four hooves, this year we want to find out what belongs together.

    Register until 31th Octber for one import. You have the choice between a horse, a dog or a cat. Please note that I can only create horses with a comparatively simple marking like Tobiano or Splash with a custom marking. You can send me pictures as examples, which I will use as orientation. I will not create a pet completely by reference, since I need too much time for such pets.

    On December 25th I will post pictures of your pets in the Stocking Suffers thread. If you like your pet and want to give it a new home, just send me a comment and I will send your gift on its way. All I ask of you is an official picture within January, so that I know that your pet has arrived healthy and happy at its home. Pets that do not please or don't find their way into the game will get a second chance to find a new owner in February.

    • You may not upload the pet or a part of it. Please don't claim it as a work of your own.
    • You may not use the template or the coat for other pets.
    • You may not change the coat/mane and tail color in general.
    • You may not change the prefix.
    • You may not mass breeding.
    • You may change mane/tail style/length.
    • You may change shine/shade/detail markings.
    • You may do minor tweaks on the pet.
    • I've no rule for updates. Just post one official picture within January.
    • Love your new pet.

  • Competition Committee

    Thank you for doing this! :heart_eyes:

  • Examples for horses:


    from left to right: Noriker, Thoroughbred, Hanoverian, Baroque Grade, American Quarter Horse (stock type)

  • Examples for dogs:


    from left to right: Greyhound, Rottweiler, German Shepherd, Chihuahua

  • Examples for cats:


    from left to right: Siam cat, Maine Coon cat

  • @Maize-Winters said in [OPEN] Sorinas Christmas pet shop:

    Thank you for doing this! :heart_eyes:

    You are welcome :cat2:

  • I hope this is still open

    Edit: It is not. I learned how to read :laughing: this was a great idea, and I wish I saw it sooner! :broken_heart:

  • @Veola-Loveless If you can wait some days more you can still enter. I won't je able to deliver until Christmas.

  • @Sorina-Collins I'll wait as long as I have to to get a puppy from you!

  • @Breanna-Fahnestock , look into the first post. There is a link to the register formular :)

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