[OPEN] Leaser needed!

  • Hey guys!
    I decided to lease some of my most precious horses, as I don't have that much time they deserves but I'm too attached to sell them.

    I'm looking for someone reliable who could lease them for a long time and keep active. It's all I want, to keep them ACTIVE.

    • You don't need to pay me for lease, neither I pay.
    • You keep all winnings.
    • What I can offer in addtion is one free breeding per every 8 months (2 EC years) where you can keep or sell the foal but horses must enter every r-show that is hosted.
    • C-shows and blog updates are optional but I'd be nice to see them from time to time.
    • If you know you're going to have a longer break let me know, otherwise I'll end the lease.
    • Standard rules apply, no uploading, copying coat/confo and so on...
    • If I eventually decide to sell the horse I'll offer you firstbuy right but horse have to be active during lease.

    If you have any questions or ideas what you'd like in return PM/DM me.

    meet Hetman of Clouds
    Hetman is Belgian Warmblood with excellent pedigree so pressure on him is obvious. Sweet, gentle and kind horse you never tell he is young stallion. Willing to work hard but is extremely unlucky. He competes in show jumping, has gained some points so far and I' love he could continue his carreer.

    Hennessey is cute as a button, gentle and willing but can be stubborn if you use force or your hand is too heavy. No spurs, not with him. He is oversensitive and needs care against insects. Feel free to add missing markings to similar ones.

    Eye-catching lady with character. She is easy to handle, good mount for beginners. Do anything for the right treat. Can be lease-to-buy.

  • Oooh! I'd take him!

    I don't have those lines at all and the breeding offer sounds awesome to me! I am active in all R shows (sometimes C, but not with leased horses) and could do updates on him if you wish to send the file ^^

  • New horses added

  • I will take them both if you are still looking for a leaser ^^

  • @Celia-Acosta said in [OPEN] Leaser needed!:

    I will take them both if you are still looking for a leaser ^^

    Found then ;)

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