ABCH Stock Auction [Ended]

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    Hello and welcome to this special auction of 8 stunning stock horses. Four amazing western stables here on Equus have come together to offer a different type of sale, where you get great lines and perfect minds. All offspring are bred out of exceptional, titled parents that have proven their skill and worth across western leaderboards. All offspring have bonus points and are 3rd generation plus. So what is the catch and what makes this sale different? You won’t know the breeder of your horse until the auction as ended and you are declared the winner. Offered below are 5 colts, and 3 fillies. This is your chance to win a AAS, BNR, CSR, or HMR horse! Also as an added bonus besides the sweet bonus points these youngsters receive they also ALL come with custom markings, Yay!
    This sale will end on February 20th at 11:59 PM US Pacific time. Any horses that receive bids on the 20th will turn into 24 hour ALB auctions. Horses that do not receive bids on the 20th will end at midnight.

    Sale Rules

    ✯ Gender (unless gelding), coat and conformation may not be changed under any circumstances, unless you have permission.
    ✯ HD markings, clips, and other shine markings can be added at any time. Mane and tail style can be changed also.
    ✯ All horses are to be registered realistically.
    ✯ Do NOT upload the horse to any mass download sites! Should you be found doing this, you will be banned from any future services.
    ✯ Do NOT upload custom markings to any sites or share them with other people. The markings are only for the horse they belong to.
    ✯ The coat and conformation are not to be used as a base for any other horses or for templates.
    ✯ The show name may NOT be changed. You may not remove any prefix. You may not add your own prefix/suffix.
    ✯ These horses must go to active show homes.
    ✯ If you become inactive within the community for 1 ES year (4 RL month's of no posting on the forum) the horse will be reclaimed.
    ✯ Should you decide to sell the horse in the future, please notify the breeder of the horse you win first.
    ✯ You must add your favorite candy to your first bid I know you read these rules.
    We reserve the right to refuse or cancel any sale/auction for any reason we see fit.


    Note: Parents have now been listed for the foals.

    Parents for all the foals were pooled together and we each picked our pairs out of this combined pool of horses
    Starting Bids for all horses start at 8k
    Buyer May Bid On Multiple Horses but only win one


    Zigga's Lost Cat
    CAP Image
    FC Zigga's Fancy Cat x RL Sheza Smokin' Outlaw
    Zigga is a 5th gen, Silver Grullo Splash AQH, that receives 6 pts in Working Cow Horse, and 5 pts in Cutting

    Nic's Trusty Flintlock
    alt text
    CAP Image
    RWH Nic N Candy x JNS ImmaDarkGunModel BKR
    Flintlock is a 3 gen, Sorrel Overo APH, that receives 3 pts in Reining, and 1 pts in Cutting

    Shiny New Kicks
    alt text
    CAP Image
    QMR/CSR Maximum Glow x CSR Dees Fresh Kicks

    Shiny is a 3 gen, Black Snowcap Appaloosa, that receives 4 pts in Reining, 4 pts in Working Cow Horse, and 7 pts in Ranch Versatility

    Midnight Mobster
    alt text
    CAP Image
    SIR One Special Mobster x EIS Midnight Dance
    Mobster is a 4th gen, Bay Dun AQH, that receives 4 pts in Western Pleasure , and 4 pts in Western Trail

    Wrecking Ball
    alt text
    CAP Image
    AAS Coming Loose x R|R Brick House
    Wrecking Ball is a 3rd gen, Buckskin Roan Overo APH, that receives 2 pts in Cutting and 3 pts in Working Cow Horse



    Golden Tiara
    alt text
    CAP Image
    BNR Golden Showers x RWH Sapphires N Diamonds
    Tiara is a 4th gen, Palomino Splash APH, that receives 4pts in Western Trail, 3 pts in Western Pleasure, and 1 pt in Reining

    In Bad Humor
    alt text
    CAP Image
    ADS #1 Punhound x VIR Wyatt's Missin' Manners
    Humor is a 3rd gen, Bay Roan Sabino Overo APH, that receives 2 pts in Working Cow Horse, 3 in Cutting, and 1 pt in Reining

    Diamond Temptress
    alt text
    CAP Image
    ADS Buccaneer's Tempest x EIS Mistress Gold Diamond
    Diamond is a 6th gen, Silver Smokey Grulla AQH, that receives 9 pts in Working Cow Horse, and 8 in Reining

    alt text

    Highest Bids:

    Zigga's Lost Cat: $10,000 Freya Valkyrie
    Nic's Trusty Flintlock: $21,000 Kia Williams
    Shiny New Kicks: $22,000 Angeles Dunn
    Midnight Mobster: $15,000 Olivia Yendall
    Wrecking Ball: $9,000 Dalton Howell

    Golden Tiara: Starting Bid Cristyne Westwood
    In Bad Humor: $14,000 Sadie Woodson
    Diamond Temptress: $36,000 Freya Valkyrie

  • Awesome idea! Is there anyway for us to see/check the pedigrees on these horses without giving away who bred who?

  • If the pedigree is given then you can search the parents and there by see who owns them, and then would know who created who xD
    So tis a mystery

  • um... can I bid on all of them? lol how am I supposed to decide?!

  • okay, I've narrowed it down. SB on Shiny New Kicks, In Bad Humor, and Diamond Temptress

    also, I love twizzlers :)

  • Shiny New Kicks 9k?
    no favourite candy as i don't like them much >_> but i love cake. cake is life xD

  • Zigga's Lost Cat - SB
    Nic's Trusty Flintlock - SB
    Midnight Mobster - SB
    In Bad Humor - 9k

    So many beautiful horses, so hard to pick 😍

  • In Bad Humor - 10k
    Reese's :heart_eyes:

  • Breed Committee

    Diamond Temptress - $9,000
    Been wanting to get into some form of western discipline for a while but have had many issues so this seems perfect! Also I really like sweets in general... the drumstick (if I can spell it) lollies and anything Haribo is top of the list :wink:

  • 10k - shiny new kicks


  • Diamond Temptress - $20,000

    Twix (yet ironically I'm not a big fan of caramel on its own)

  • All bids accepted and main post has been updated as of 10:31 am Pacific time
    Thank you all for bidding!

  • Zigga's Lost Cat - $10,000
    Nic's Trusty Flintlock - $10,000
    Midnight Mobster - $10,000
    Diamond Temptress - $25,000


  • Nic's Trusty Flintlock - $11,000


  • Note: Parents have now been listed for the foals.

    Parents for all the foals were pooled together and we each picked our pairs out of this combined pool of horses

    All bids accepted and the main post has been updated

  • In Bad Humor - 11k
    Nic's Trusty Flintlock - 12k

    chocolate covered macadamia nuts

  • Administrators

    Shiny New Kicks: $11,000
    Wrecking Ball - SB
    Thin Mints

  • All bids accepted and main posted updated as of 8:24 pm Pacific time

  • In Bad Humor - 12k

  • Shiny New Kicks - 12k

  • Shiny New Kicks 13k

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