VISCULENHOF SALE! [Ends when sold]

  • Hello out there!

    I am selling a few horses.
    Take a look and DM me when you are interested :)


    Please just apply when you have real interest in the horse.
    Please dont change the coat or mane colour
    You can change the mane and tail style for sure
    You can use the horse-template for offsprings of the horse
    But please dont upload the template/marking or anything else
    Please dont change the prefix/suffix
    Stallions may be gelded
    I am looking for an active hope.
    Horses with no horse files dont need to get back when you dont want them anymore.
    For horses I have created and you bought please contact me when you dont want it anymore
    Disciplines can be changed
    Missing markings can be replaced


    Balvareth's Antera
    alt text

    BHR Hershey's Kiss
    alt text

    Annelise HX
    alt text


  • now the link should work

  • And me again posted the wrong link, now its right.. xD

  • i would like to buy BHR Hershey's Kiss if the creator wont take her :)

  • @Breanna-Fahnestock oh no! Which one do youd like to see :o ?

  • oh thats weird! I posted the available ones in this thread in the first post and I try to update the Images as soon as possible in the sheet!

  • Uff. xD ok makes sense. The main post should work now?

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