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    Yes, zombies. This is an RP that takes place in the zombie apocalypse, let's just say Equus gets hit with the R1 Virus that renders all carnivores and humans zombies if infected with it. Fortunately horses are not affected by this, at least no cases have ever been reported so far. You are basically now running a horse stable in the apocalypse and must survive. How will your stable survive in the zombie apocalypse? Will you thrive or be on the menu?


    The R1 virus is a modified version of the rabies virus that was supposed to be the key to restore paralyzed patients ability to walk or move in general, since the rabies virus affects the central nervous system. The trials done in paralyzed mice and rats was going amazingly well, which meant that R1 was then approved for human trials later on. It was a miracle! People were actually being cured of their paralysis. What was not expected was the virus mutating in one of the patients causing them to experience extreme mood swings, which in one case caused the patient to begin biting people. When the patient was captured and examined by medical personal it was discovered that the man was indeed no longer alive, but the viruses ability to repair the central nervous system allowed the corpse to continue “living”.

    The patient was only acting upon basic instinct and since the rest of the internal organs had shut down it seems the living dead were eternally hungry, hence the biting. The people who were bitten were immediately notified but there was no cure and the virus soon began to quickly spread through their bodies within two days the people who were bitten had passed away and began their quest to quench their insatiable hunger, which would never happen.

    As expected mass panic ensued, the infected were forced into quarantine, which caused people to begin hiding the fact they were bitten, since once you went into quarantine you didn’t come back. The R1 virus was spread worldwide when a prominent businessman was bitten and hid his condition from customs and flew back to his home country on his private jet where he proceeded to bite his staff, family, and even his dog before being caught. The virus is obviously transmitted through saliva, but there are myths about a strain that is transmitted through blood. It takes a 72 hour incubation period for the virus to begin showing symptoms of infection which is mood swings, fever, fear of water (yet being extremely thirsty but unable to drink), and excess salivation.

    Some people were lucky and noticed they were immune, but these people were rare and still contained the virus in their saliva therefore acting as reservoirs for the virus. Only 1:100,000,000 are unable to become infected with the virus. Which is roughly 74,400 world wide unable to become zombies. This doesn’t mean they can’t transmit the virus to others via saliva. So far all herbivores were found to be immune to the R1 virus, unfortunately it seems that all carnivores and omnivores are able to be infected with the R1 virus, though in wild animals it is as common as normal rabies is and seems to work slightly different in animals than it does human hosts and will cause the animal to permanently die within a month of becoming undead so the chances of encountering wild animals with the virus is rare but not uncommon, the only exception to this are opossums which seem to be the only omnivorous animals to be immune to the virus strangely enough.

    It was quickly noted that loud noises attracted zombies. That made transportation via vehicles difficult. It is counter productive for a supply run to become overrun with a hoard of zombies, because the vehicle used to get to the supplies attracted them. Not only that but vehicles require gasoline which was beginning to become increasingly scarce and rare to find. That's when people turned to quieter more natural means of transportation. Horses! Not only are horses relatively quiet but they also do not require gas, they just make it.

    A few years later remaining survivors built a rudimentary internet server to keep log books, blogs, and to spread information to other survivors, radio is great in a pinch but being able to share important documents and photos over a system that didn't involve travel was an extremely important asset to the survival of humanity. The Lockhart Compound was the first to develop this technology and has spread this knowledge to other compounds throughout Equus.


    • All Equus rules apply.

    • PG-13 Rating only. This means no overly gory scenes written or photographed or obscene language. I know zombies are gory in nature, but this is also a horse forum.

    • You may only RP in the RP section. Please do not make a new blog in the blog section for this RP, all posts must be in the

    • Roleplay section of the forum.

    • Please try avoid being a gary lue or mary sue. People have flaws, use them to your advantage in your story!

    • Do not power play! It is unfair to other players if you make their character do something they do not want to.

    • If you do not follow these rules I have the right to remove you from the RP.

    Sign ups

    Sign up is simple! Please fill out this form with your information and then begin posting! Please keep in character, you may use this post for out of character chatting and questions.

    Survivors cannot choose to be immune to the virus, you must contact me first for permission. It is then I will roll a die to determine whether you are immune or not, I will roll a 20 sided die and you will pick one random number if I roll this number you are immune, you can determine immunity straight away or if one of your characters are bitten in the roleplay. Immunity status to the virus will only be kept between me and you unless you wish to tell others of it.

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    Post Format

    When posting your thread for this RP please include #brains in your threads tags and [R1V] in the title of your RP post so that I and other players can find you.

    Post format varies. In general your posts should reflect a blog or log book type format usually since you are using a rudimentary version of the internet to communicate with others through blogs/logbooks.

    You can also just RP in a more traditional format if your character doesn’t have access to the rudimentary internet systems that some other larger compounds have access to.

    Characters are also allowed to comment on other players blog/log posts in character, if you want to comment OOC on someones RP post please do not and instead PM the player directly this is to keep the flow of posts going and keeping everything neat and clean. Please arrange group plot lines together in PMs or in the chatter thread if you wish to discuss where you want the plot to go.

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