[Closed!] Diamond's Christmas Surprises!

  • Mystic Oak Stables Christmas Surprise Sign-Ups

    Because I'm jumping on the band wagon to! Woo!

    Christmas is right around the corner, the greatest time of the year! Giving and receiving gifts big and small! Well this year Mystic Oak Stables wants to give back to the community! That being said you're probably asking what does she have up her sleeve? A new stall-set? Some classy clutter? Well no ... Frankly that's a little bit outta my league ... I can however offer some sweet loving ponies and people!

    How Does It Work?

    Well that's simple! Just fill out this form here and I'll send you a message shortly after letting you know I got you're entry! Once that's done I'll start working on everyone's request! Then when Christmas Eve rolls around I'll start sending everyone their new gifts!


    Because everyone has them!

    • Please do not reuse any part of the horse without direct permission from me
    • All horses will bare the MOS prefix please do not remove the prefix. You may however add your own.
    • Coats can be real or fantasy! If you'd like a Purple Quarter Horse with Pink Hearts I'll make it for you!

    Wait List!

  • Alright everyone not very people signed up so in the next few days I'll be sending out files! Thank you everyone for you're interest! :D

  • So I've kinda done the imports outta order, my bad!

    Paging @Leila-Macland ! This cutie seems to have gotten lost! Would you mind taking him under your wing? If you choose to register him, he'll be the first Argentinian WB on Equus!

    Meet MOS Tecknic A stunning black Argentinian Warmblood!

    Feel free to change his tack, shines, and mane style
    However please leave MOS as his prefix your more then welcome to add yours however!

  • @Diamond-Hawthorne Awwh! I love it ❤️ Thank you so much!

  • Lovely horses! Sad I missed out.

  • thats a stunner, Cant wait to see mine!

  • Paging @Celia-Acosta ! This stunning stallion is eager to meet his new owner! Will you take him home and love him endlessly? :heart_eyes: (I was so tempted to keep him! I ended up making one for myself as well haha.)

    Meet MOS Misfortune A jaw dropping Barock Pinto Stallion!

    Feel free to change his shines, and mane style
    However please leave MOS as his prefix your more then welcome to add yours however!

  • Ohhh so pretty!!! <3 I absolutely love it! :D Thank you sosos much!!!

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