[R1V] Lockhart Compound - Log #1

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    Log #1
    Date: 10/23/2018
    Author: Samantha Lockhart

    Hello this is Samantha Lockhart, this log is a record of the Lockhart Compound's weekly activity and observations of current activity of the undead hordes aka zombies that plague humanity. We hope to provide other encampments and compounds with the resources to also developed their own rudimentary internet system if they haven't already, we broadcast information on frequency 27.255 aka channel 23 on standard CB radio we are looking to expand from local radio range to a larger range soon.

    This log is both for educational and entertainment purposes because this internet sorely lacks in kitten videos and I'm sure we are all sick of watching the same DVDs over and over again, if you have the luxury of obtaining electrical power of course, and listening to the person who sings badly on CB channel 7.

    The Lockhart Compound is a bit of a mess due to lack of supplies but we hope, through the course of our time here, to improve upon what we have more and more until it resembles something that looks inhabitable. Another fun tidbit about our compound is that we rely mainly on horse power, like actual horses. We believe that horses provide not only companionship without having to feed them meat based foods, which I'm sure many of you know is a hot commodity currently unless you are able to raise or hunt for your meaty foods, but also provides an effective and mostly silent way to travel and transport goods to and from the compound.

    The Front Entrance
    alt text

    Don't mind the holes we are working on that....
    alt text

    Our supplies are running low we will need to plan an expedition soon..
    alt text

    Thank you for reading and remember to tune into frequency 27.255 or CB radio 23 for more information on how to build your own rudimentary internet systems like we have.

    This is Samantha Lockhart signing off, stay safe Equus.

  • very intresting.

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