Question on shows the pedigree part

  • Hell was editing my blog an was looking at the shows an my arabians have not had any pedigree points.Is the pedigree for the offspring that the horses have or for the parents too when they are foundation.Still learning here lol.XD

  • As far as I understood this regulation a 1st generation (or foundation) horse has no bonus points when it is starting to compete, however it gains one bonus point per title (so it can have up to 5 bonus points at the end of his/her carreer). These bonus points are one the one hand gained for the horse itself (received points) and on the other hand are given to their offspring when they start competing in the same discipline (given points).

    So for example if you have a second generation horse, whose parents both competed in dressage and the sire has e.g. 5 points (5 titles) and the dam has 4 points (titles) the offspring will recieve 9 bonus points in dressage.

    That's how I understood it, I hope that made sense. And please correct me if anything is wrong with that information (:

  • Thanks so much yes i understand.:)

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