Question for main site registered horses

  • Hello i just gave my french trotters an cleveland bays back to a lady who made them for me.So my question is how do i take them off my main account since i do not own them no more? An how do i get the ones in lease back from the other player who i had leasing them?

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    To remove a horse from your main site you will click on the horse's name then got to edit profile, scroll down until you see a header that reads TRANSFER HORSE you'll click the drop down menu and find the name of the member who you want to send the horse to

    To get a horse back from a leaser that you own you will follow the same steps except instead of transfer horse you'll use the menu beside it that says lease or loan a horse. You'll select No One in the drop down menu and hit submit. That will remove a horse from a leaser.

  • Thanks ok so what is the player is not on EQUUS she just told me she is not a member there.

  • PR Committee

    Then that will be something you will have to work out with the person privately.

  • Then you can send the horse to [EQ] Reclaimable Horses.
    If she ever registeres with her prefix/suffix here she might be able to reclaim the horse later if she really wants to, but otherwise thats the place for not used mainsites. ;)

  • thanks an they are already with her gve them to her by facebook.:)

  • yes, but if she ever might join Equus and wants these horses mainsite profiles she can reclaim them. ;) not talking about the files

  • ok thanks an i did the reclaim thanks again. :)

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