[FOUND] Warmblood Dressage Mare for BIY or Sale

  • I am in search of a warmblood dressage mare to breed to one of my studs. It is for a BIY.

    I am open to Warmbloods of different breeds. I would prefer the mare be 2nd Generation or higher and have 150+ points but will make exceptions for the right mare! If the mare is still competing does not necessarily have to have so many points.

  • PR Committee

    I have a few mares you can look through:

    HRST Fiddle Dee-Dee Foal would receive +15 dressage and +9 eventing

    WP Roseburg Foal would receive +9 dressage

    WPW Sophrosyne Foal would receive +10 dressage

    TMBR Rosalina Foal would receive +3 dressage +8 eventing

    Ygritte ZI Fould would receive +11 dressage +3 eventing

    If any of these mares interest you please DM me and we can work out prices.

  • OCN Strainseir Dorcha 105 Dressage pts & 94 Eventing points currently & Activly showing, +11 Dressage & +3 Eventing - Would consider sale on this mare as I am wanting to phase out of WBs in dressage. She has custom face & leg markings by me

    RFE Intravolta 128pts currently & Activly showing, +16 Dressage

  • Thanks everyone for all the offers! I have a ton of mares to choose from and have found a suitable mare for the breeding. Thank you all! :-)

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