[Ends 2/18] Galileo's first Eventing Stud Auction

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    Hello and welcome to Galileo Stud' first ever breeding auction! We have one State Champion to offer today. This wonderful stallion originally came to us from Maggie York during one of her sales and was the horse that got our stable back up and running from a long break. He compete's in both Dressage and Eventing. Point wise he sits at 105 giving a 3 point bonus to his offspring in Eventing in his secondary disiplne he sits at 69 points offering a 2 point bonus to his offspring. This Irish Sport Horse Stallion is still competing! The winner of this auction will not only come home with a breeding from this stunning stallion but the foal will have a custom marking and main site profile for no additional cost!

    Mister Brightside

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    •The resulting offspring must not be edited without prior permission. No mass uploading ect ect. Normal Rules
    •The prefix must remain the same (Stag Hill's) as I will create the offspring.
    •If the offspring carries grey, I can create a greying pack for you or you can realistically grey the coat yourself.
    •Please only active show homes bid for the breeding.
    •The offspring might be reclaimed if you are inactive for 4 months without informing the Stud.
    •Shine and detail markings may be changed. Please tell me your favourite candy in your first bid.
    •Should you sell the foal please alert us first as we may rebuy the foal
    •R shows are required, photo updates 1 every real life 12 months

    Starting Bid: 5,000
    Max Increase: 10,000
    Min Increase: 1,000

  • SB :smile:
    Any sour candies I guess

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