[ENDED] Warmbloods and TB

  • Hello everyone! I will be selling all of my non-baroque horses this week, I will add more once I get the pictures ^^


    • Names, prefixes, coat color, breed and gender must remain the same. Stallions can be gelded and dapple greys may turn white.
    • Do not use the conformation to create other horses or upload it for mass download.
    • If you are missing any markings you can either contact me or replace them with similar ones.
    • Active stables are preferred.
    • You may update the coat or conformation if it gets outdated, please do not do it unless necessary.
    • Disciplines may be changed as desired.
    • Love the horse/s and take care of them.

    Link to the sheet

    The horses do not have a price set because what I really want is to find a good home for them so please when applying for any of them tell me why you want the horse and why your stables is the best place for him/her to be at.

    If you want to see more pictures of a certain horse please let me know.

  • Thoroughbred has been sold :D

  • Pedigree bonus updated for PCRA End of Me ^^

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