[FOUND] Marking creator for a big marking!

  • Hey guys, I am looking for an experienced marking creator to make me this marking:

    alt text

    alt text

    I am offering $25,000 for a well executed marking (doesn't need to be spot on with the cattracks but the only thing I REALLY want is the connection under the neck, the "collar" :rofl: ).

    DM me here, on Slack or simply post to get in touch!

  • I could give it a try :D would be a little challenge for me

  • Ahh, know this girl in real life! She is a Mangalarga Marchador mare, Floresta da Morro Alto

  • I have someone who responded to this, attempting to create this wonderful marking, so if it won't be doable I will contact you @Claire-von-Hohenfeld :) But for now I wait! :D

    @Fernanda-Luchetta Well now I'm jealous xD

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