Stable Manager UPDATE: 2019 Riders & More!

  • I copied both sheets. I was able to connect my spreadsheet on the Show Details sheet, however on the main sheet I am stumped. I see the #REF! message in the drop down menu of the Show Entry sheet, however nothing pops up when I hover over it. When I click on it, I get an error message that says the data entered into cell D2 violates the validation rules set for that cell. My sheet is not connecting at all and I do not know what to do!
    Thank you :)

  • @Sinead-Hannigan navigate to the d2 cell and press delete (its doesn't matter if you don't see anything in there) and see if that fixes it.

  • @Siri-Kane I tried it but I'm still getting the same thing :(

  • @Sinead-Hannigan glad it's fixed now!

  • Hi, I have a question - is it possible to change the formula in Rider Database to make them age 1 year every 4 months? I tried to figure it out and failed miserably, I am not the brightest person when it comes to math.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Nadia-Kilian Pretty sure the formula works out as; it's based on whatever options you give your horses in the settings (so for me it's 1 year every month until they're four, then one year every four months) and if that age works out as older than 18, it adds the 18. Please DM if you need some help working out ages!

  • @Siri-Kane It's not exactly what I meant, but thank you anyway :). I figured it out, not in a way I initially wanted to do my riders aging, but it still works :)

  • Hello! Not sure if it's just me being blind or not, but the rider overview isn't showing points for Field Hunter Trials? I had a poke in the riderinfoimport, and it's not in there either.

    Never mind, just a glitch!

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