[ ENDED] 4th Generation Hanoverian Dressage Stallion

  • We are proud to present the following stallion available for auction. Please read the rules carefully! We are selling this beautiful black dressage stallion, WEC Calagero. Calagero is a 12 year old Hanoverian stallion currently competing at Intermediare II with 167 points in dressage. He is dear to my heart and close to being fully titled but we do not have a place for him in our breeding program. He is by EEC/HAS Concalido and has lines back to LEC Eligius, LEC Call Me Casanova, and LEC Eloquence. If you are looking for more rare LEC lines he is your guy. He has that typical WEC refined hanoverian head with minimal markings. We think he is quite stunning :-)


    • Do not change his prefix, and do not add your own.
    • Do not alter the coat or conformation without first asking me. You can change shine markings and mane and tail style.
    • If you ever want to sell him please contact me first, I reserve the right to take him back before he is sold onward.
    • This auction will turn into 24 hrs ALB if he receives a bid on November 1st.
    • Write your favorite TV show in your first bid
    • Active Show home is preferred as he is almost fully titled.
    • We reserve the right to end this auction at any time for any reason.

    Starting bid: $20,000
    Minimum bid increase is $1,000
    No maximum bid increase
    No Autobuy is available

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

  • SB


  • Banned

    why I haven‘t seen this auction before

    21k! :heart_exclamation:

    (game of thrones)

  • PR Committee


    Great British baking show

  • All bids accepted! :-)

    Current High Bid: Danielle Maddox - 22k

  • If Calagero receives a bid today this auction will turn into 24 hr ALB.

    The current High Bid is Danielle Maddox with $22,000

  • $23.000 :heart:

    I think Rick and Morty, but there are lots of others I love!

  • $24,000

  • All bids accepted! This auction is now 24 hr ALB

    Current High Bid - Maggie York $24,000

  • $25,000 :see_no_evil:

  • 27,000 :bird:

  • Bid accepted!

    Current high bid is Idoya Cinta - $27,000

    If there is no bid in the next 2 hours this auction will be over :-)

  • $28, 000

  • Accepted! Current high bid is Maggie York - $28,000

  • This auction has ended! Congratulations to Maggie York on the purchase of WEC Calagero! <3

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