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    Welcome to Patsy's nook!

    Here ill post updates from Balloo Farm & Kingfisher Dressage

    ill update this post more soon!

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    The SSE crew often make stops through training season, and capable hands await them. This time SSE Bodyguard came alone on a drop off, for a few weeks, for some pre season holiday schooling over worries he wouldn't get the work he needed while Mandy was competing. The original plan was for him to tag along and be worked, but the days are too short and better be safe than sorry.

    He has a mature soul and is liked by many, although very manly he carries a professional sense of self when around other horses, due to very firm training. Hoping this might rub off on the others, Keith liked to hang around for a few extra minutes in a cool off, to walk alongside the younger stallions. "Milo" is a 5 year old stallion whos owner is based at the farm. As you can see, he is very overwhelmed by everything, to me taking a photo, and even the big red horse a little too close in his circle!

  • So glad to see you back! :heart:

    Bodyguard and Milo look so handsome! I especially love Milo's marking

  • Great to see that you opened up a scrappy!

  • Yay you finally made a blog! Bodyguard's coat is so rich and lovely! I'm curious to know more about Milo too, I love his blaze!

  • Consider yourself stalked :innocent:

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    Just a boy and his horse.
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    Not entirely his, but he raised him as his own none the less.

    He has such pride in what he produces. Manny is no exception. A well mannered young stallion, stood quietly in the midst of a very busy showcase. He definitely flies the Balloo flag high today!

  • Oh i love those pictures! He has such a lovely deep coat and the lighting just is perfect! Not that I would expect anything less! :heart_eyes:

  • Just wow.

  • One stunning pon pon here:ok_hand:

  • Beautiful stallion :heart:

  • Manny :heart: he's such a regal looking boy and look just like his sire! I hope he does well in the show!

  • Well hello there, handsome! His coat looks so soft, what a gorgeous horse :heart_eyes:

  • This post is deleted!

  • Weee, glad to see Body's face! Hope he's doing ok over at yours <3 Seems like he is behaving ok and I hope this is the case ;) And so glad to see your blog on here! :raised_hands_tone2: Manny is a handsome one!

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    We had some awesome results from the Breeders showcase at equus-sims! our wonderful MSE Mayhem Managed swept the board and took home first place, judges pick AND grand champion! Currently the team are on their way home, so more when they get back. Currently Angellica is keeping the horses ticking over at home. Ill post more from her soon.

    for now, its over to Kendall County in Colorado, where Keith is preparing his horses for the upcoming season, and picking his top team. Noelle BN has been with us since the beginning, being bred out of our own and out of the infamous stallion Icarus BN. She is feisty inside and out, and at rising 7 years old is to become a permanent member of Keith's GP lineup of horses. She is joining Wakefields Cashmere, Ducati REC, Abraxas WM, & Brolga as they embark on the 2017 showjumping season! its going to be fantastic and the whole team is exited.

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    In other news, because of recent events and the new season starting, staff have been promoted and changed around, so keep an eye out!

    Thomas Sanders is officially being upgraded to show jockey and will be joining Keith at many of his top events.

    Ricky Derby has been promoted to stable jockey.

    Bethany Kingsley is now our travelling show groom.

    Georgia Clearey is training as yard manager.

    The rest of the team remains the same!

  • hi there you pretty horsie :flushed:

  • Congrats on your placing in the Breeder's Showcase! Mayhem certainly deserved it. Your GP lineup sounds very promising ;) no doubt they will be very successful indeed.

  • Already told you this, but congrats on the placing. It's really something to see how strong a line is even after [irl] years!

    Love the colors in the pic for the next show

  • Holy f---
    Your pictures are so stunning and well set!! Good work there!
    And also great coats you have there. :)

  • Congrats on the win! That name is awesome as well by the way! Mischief Managed <3

  • Your win was well deserved <3 Good luck to the current show too!

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