Wanna chat?

  • So, I been getting a little bored building my stable and waiting for the appropriate competitions to show up, plus I realized that I haven't been very active on here. You guys probably don't even know who I am! Thus, I've decided to try and be more involved yeah?

    So, wanna chat? I'm a relatively new stable that at the moment primarily breeds Russian Dons and Anglo-Arabians (AHA). Haven't finished the stable yet, but that's mostly because I wanted to be fully functional as well as look pretty. And uh, that's about it for now!

    Anybody wanna add to the convo? Feel free!

  • Why don't you join our slack channel? There is always people in there to chat with! :D

    But i would love to chat with you! :D

  • Slack Channel? If you don't mind me asking, what exactly is that?

  • Umh it's like a meeting point for people were they can chat and share stuff it's a bit like Discord only thing is you can't talk with members only write with them. :)

  • Signing up for it is simple! Here is the link to the forum post about it: Live Chat

    also, I'll be happy to be friends with both of you!

  • Sweet, I just read the Chat Rules and this whole Slack things seems good. See you both there!

  • Uh, hi again! T'was wondering how long the registration for Slack is supposed to be? If it doesn't take long, I think I misspelled my email and just didn't notice. Whoops.

  • Nevermind we got it!

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