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    My staff and I regret to inform you all that we are closing down Cloud 9 Equestrian Center and Making Strides due to a horrible flood that destroyed our facilities beyond repair. We counted our ducks, and it would be most beneficial to us if we sell most of our horses, and find a smaller barn to start over. We will also be letting a few of our trainers go. Not just cold turkey though, we are making sure they all have job opportunities before we leave.

    Please join us while we host various auctions and sales while we are packing up our possessions, and the few horses we are willing to keep. Right now, we are auctioning off RDEC Amadeus a 2007 Dutch Warmblood Stallion, and WO Vanilla Sky a 2014 Appaloosa Mare (She is a Show Hunters Regional Champion!). We will be selling all horses from Making Strides and a few from Cloud 9. If you were an original owner of any of our horses, you may reclaim them - obviously.

  • We're offically moving

    We re-homed all horses from Making Strides, and many from Cloud 9. We are packing up, and moving to Texas! We found a relatively cheap, rundown facility that was in our price range, with enough space, and even room to grow again. We are excited to call it home soon. Before moving the horses, we will be hiring a small contractor to renovate the older barns to be horse ready.


    We are basing the new facility off the game Red Dead Redemption. The piece of land, in game is called MacFarlane's Ranch. If you are familiar with it, I hope you are just as excited as I am to tackle this job. The buildings may be available for download :thinking:

    Return for picture follow ups! <3

  • Name Gender Color 1st Discipline 2nd Discipline Posts
    American Quarter Horse
    BS Gold Matador Stallion Red Dun Frame Overo Reining Working Cow Horse
    BPH Justa Smarty Zip Stallion Smokey Black Reining Cutting
    BKR Queen of Lights Mare Dunalino Western Pleasure -
    SVR's Classic Big Blue Stallion Cremello Reining Western Pleasure
    WWC Blue Rose Mare Grullo Splash Western Pleasure Halter
    WWC Ride Like the Wind Stallion Chestnut Splash Reining Barrels & Poles
    CJ Newest Addiction Stallion Palomino Rabicano Reining Halter
    VL Golden Lights Stallion Cremello Dun Reining* Western Pleasure*
    CK Get Jiggy With It Stallion Dark Bay Cutting Working Cow Horse
    CK Wyatt's Barbie Mare Bay Roan Rabicano Reining Working Cow Horse
    American Paint Horse
    BS Indian Artifact Stallion Palomino Reining Western Trail
    VL Black Tie Affair Stallion Black Splash Overo Reining Western Pleasure
    PLR Passing Fancy Mare Buckskin Tobiano Western Pleasure Halter
    PLR/VL Splash A Million Mare Blue Roan Overo Western Pleasure Reining
    VL Hopeless Romantic Stallion Bay Tobiano Western Pleasure Halter
    CK Gun Spinner Stallion Bay Frame Overo Reining Cutting X
    SIR Country Dazee Mare Silver Grullo Overo Reining Cutting
    HB American Soldier Stallion Bay Overo Reining -
    GR's Robin's Dynasty Mare Sorrel Tobiano Reining Cutting
    VL UNV My Autograph Stallion Sorrel Splash Western Pleasure Western Trail
    CK Supernatural Gunner Stallion Silver Black Splash Reining Working Cow Horse
    RCC Gunner Be Awesome Mare Bay Tobiano Reining Working Cow Horse
    SCR Old 'Stile Genes Stallion Sorrel Tobiano Reining Working Cow Horse
    BLU Ophelia Mare Black Frame Tovero Western Pleasure Western Trail
    Wo Rednack Oaklyn Mare Brown Cream Western Pleasure Reining
    VL Down By The Bay Stallion Bay Blanket Reining Western Pleasure
    GR's Smoke and Mirrors Mare Blue Roan Leopard Cutting Working Cow Horse
    VL Ima B Reckless Mare Light Bay Blanket Reining Western Pleasure
    RTEC Hickup Stallion Flea-bitten Grey Western Pleasure Western Dressage
    DRE Athena's Grace Mare Bay Overo Spotted Blanket Western Dressage Western Pleasure
    VL Hopeless Romantic Stallion Bay Tobiano Western Pleasure Halter
    PLR High Noon Mare Bay Tobiano Spotted Blanket - -
    OBEC Sunlight Mare Chestnut Tobiano - -
    OBEC Paintbox Stallion Dark Bay Tobiano - -

  • Sneak Peek

    We finally got the barns repaired enough to give the horses homes, instead of having pasture-brats. This one barn will hold 8 horses. We have made 3 of these barns. Here is a picture of one:

    alt text

    We are so excited to finally have a new place to call home. It was hard in the beginning, but it gave us so many opportunities. We are still hiring a few riders and workers in the area, but we are confident we'll come together as a blended family. Wish us luck for the future! :beer: Cheers to new beginnings

  • I'm happy to say, we repaired the main house enough where we can completely move into it! We had to basically stripe it completely, and repair the roof. We kept the same layout, since it felt wrong to change it. It's just more new things than it was. We also decided on having a small pasture in the front yard, maybe for foaling mares, or ones who need separation/more love. Enjoy! :heartpulse:

    alt text

    Enjoy our replica of the Marston's Ranch house from red dead redemption <3

  • We are slowly putting horses where they need to be. But I took a moment to smell the roses. We bought quite a few horses from @Freya-Valkyrie during our move. Not sure if that was a bad choice or not, but we love them, as if they've been with us forever. Here is CK Gun Spinner ('14 bay frame overo aph) chilling on a beautiful afternoon.

    alt text

    The girls braided his mane, forelock and tail. He stood in the cross-ties like a champ, even though its a new place, and a lot of unfamiliarity. He's precious.

  • Awesome from a native Texan welcome to my great State :D Howdy too lol

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