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  • Amir Ibn Fariq

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    A pink horse,
    bridled and saddled, -
    for whom ?

    No matter how close the rider may be,
    he remains hidden.

    Come for him,
    enter the picture
    and grab the reins!

    (Günther Eich: Japanischer Holzschnitt, freely translated from German)

  • Arabian Import

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    @Richard-Sterling got hold of this Arabian mare in the Forum Game TPBM. We wish you a lot of fun with this fiery beauty.

  • Nice hore and hair editing! :D

  • Morgan Horse Import Import

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    A Morgan Horse with custom splash marking for @Rachel-Deacon . I hope, you enjoy your new horse.


    @Lidija-Rotherford : Thank you! :heart:

  • Morgan Horse Import Import

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    @Leila-Macland got this Camargue Horse Import in TPBM. I hope you like your little girl.

  • Newcomers

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    After Cadence and I surprisingly decided to buy a mare during the last auction, the next unplanned opportunity awaited us when we picked up the horse. The conversation with @Richard-Sterling , the owner of the Rocket Valley Ranch, first limited to Smoked Sparks, quickly expanded: the ranch, future plans, horses in general and Mustangs. It turned out that Richard had a Mustang in the herd that he couldn't do much with in principle. Since I had been working with Mustangs for many years, he offered me to visit the mare. It was a beautiful animal, healthy, independent, proud, but not rejecting. Her curiosity was too great for that.
    To cut a long story short, it only took a few minutes to convince Cadence of the horse's potential, and so we drove home with two RVR horses and the promise to Richard to promote both Sparks and Athene individually and to invite him to a visit at some point.
    At home we released the two mares together to a large pasture. We knew from Richard that Spark was very shy, low ranked and always looking for a good connection. Athene stayed away from other horses, didn't want anything to do with them. She would leave Sparks alone and had enough space here to feel alone. Sparks, on the other hand, had a horse near her that didn't go on her and she could get used to her new home in peace. So we thought. Sparks saw it differently.
    Although Athene showed her clearly with her ears and eyes that she did not want company, Sparks trotted after her wherever the Mustang moved. She always stayed at enough distance not to be chased away, but didn't give up. Sparks became Athene's shadow. As the days went by, the safety distance became smaller and smaller, and although Athene still cautions her ears when Sparks gets too close, we observe more and more moments when she curiously looks over at Sparks. Maybe sooner or later they will make friends?

    Unfortunately, my game has shown me a wrong mane coloring for Athene. Of course she has no white tips, her mane is black and white striped according to her coat. Since I have to work on the simllic Christmas presents now, I will correct the mishap in the next picture of her. I think she also looks pretty even with the mistake.

  • Two beauties <3

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