Eric's Blog ~ It's got pictures in it I guess! [Update: 10/02]

  • @Fernanda-Luchetta Aww thank you soo much! :heartpulse: Your comments make me always blush! :see_no_evil:
    Unloads a bunch of horses at your stable - Take 'em all! :smirk:

    alt text

    Foals! :tada:
    Yes yes yes, finally!! :heart_eyes_cat: I am so exited to show off all my babies to you!
    But first a biiiig Thank you to all people who made these foals come true! :heartpulse: Feel hugged from me! :hugging:

    Let's start with these lovely yearlings!

    RYV Rumirelle

    Bay Hanoverian Filly
    alt text

    RYV Deauville

    Black Hanoverian Filly
    alt text

    RYV Sancerre

    Chestnut Danish Warmblood Filly
    alt text

    RYV Holivea

    Grey (Chestnut) Danish Warmblood Filly
    alt text

    RYV Callonia

    Blood Bay Danish Warmblood Filly
    alt text

    RYV Morricone

    Silver Buckskin Splash German Sport Horse Filly
    alt text

    RYV Teryllium

    Buckskin Tovero Trakehner Filly
    alt text

    RYV Viscount

    Dark Liver Chestnut Tobiano Splash German Sport Horse Filly
    alt text

    RYV Tertullian

    Bay Tobiano Splash German Sport Horse Filly
    alt text

    RYV Marillion

    Dark Chestnut Tobiano German Sport Horse Filly
    alt text

    RYV Chronospace

    Bay Overo German Sport Horse Colt
    alt text

    RYV Cavoiro

    Palomino Tobiano German Sport Horse Colt
    alt text

    RYV/RFE Endgame

    Bay Splash Sabino Irish Sport Horse Colt
    alt text

  • Ich wow all this beautiful Babys 😍 I can‘t choose my favorite one

    Foal crop!!!! :heart_eyes:
    Now WHY do your horses have to be always so perfect? Geez!
    I can't handle it. All those spoooots! Blue eyes! Pink noses! I want them all. Please. :weary:
    You've done a wonderfull job with those, girl. I know how hard you've worked, and it has definetely payed off :heart:

  • Those are some beautiful babies!

  • screams please do not worry if Sancerre is not at your stalls in the morning she is safe and definitely not with me. :angel: They are all so gorgeous Richard, I am incredibly jealous. They turned out amazing!

  • Radiant babes are in the place :trumpet: I really like all of them but Morricone has genuinely stolen my heart :heart_eyes: Please note (just in case I decided to ask you anything :angel:) (just in case) (did I actually say something?) : I am just weak when it comes to buckskin coats, especially when accompanied by a bald face. And pink nose is a supreme creation.

    Another thing. I think VYS Halvor is a serious contender for the Random Breed Challenge :star:

  • So many lovely horses. <3

  • I don't think I've been around much since you started this blog, but your horses are seriously amazing! I love all those blue eyed splash horses especially - Gladiator, Halvor :heart: . And Tantarous!!

    Welcome to working equitation too :) I'll be stalking your blog from now on!

  • @Mira-Green Me neither! I love all of them! :heart:

    @Fernanda-Luchetta :see_no_evil: Thank you so much for your kind words! You know how much they inspire me to go on! Thank you :heart: :hugging:

    @Roxie-Rowan Thank you! :blush:

    @Lux-Winscott Ahh thank you! Morricone is so sweet with her unusual color, yes! :heart: I am really exited how the challenge will end for Halvor!

    @Maize-Winters Thank you :heart:

    @Samantha-Jadirea Oh yes, Splash is also my favorite gene! Thank you :heart:

    Hm, yeah... how should I start? Please imagine a nice and inspiring text here.
    You did? Great, thank you.
    I am taking a break from everything around here. I know, I know, I am not really active, but also taking a break from the internet at all. That means that it take a bit longer than usual for me to answer, if you want something from me.
    I will check the forum of course from time to time, but I need this break.

    Some know, that some things happened, also in my rl. I just have the need to fix my rl problems first(but this is difficult), and I also lost all motivation here too. I have to put my rl back into place first.
    I might or might not enter my horses in shows, so practically everything stays the same as it is now.
    I might or might not sell a few or a lot horses, but I take my time to rethink everything and decide what I want. I lost my focus, and I feel that this is not good as it is now.

    I think I never showed this pic in public. I made it back in August or September. That horse motivated me to edit again. I still like it.
    So.. I think this is enough for now. This is not a Goodbye, this is only an information that I need to take a break and find my lost focus again.
    See you in a while! :wave_tone1: Thanks for everything :heartpulse:

    alt text

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