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  • Welcome to my blog!

    Nice to see you visiting us! Let's start with the small trip around the three stables and their stories! Each stable has their own logo and banner to make it easy to associate the horses and their stable they're living in. Every future update will start with the specificl stable name banner the horses are stabled at to make it easy to follow each stables stories!

    alt text

    Stable Name Owner Location Discipline Focus Main Breeds Prefix Official Branding
    Ryvensgate Stud Eric Sobeck Helbachdal, Denmark Show Jumping – Eventing - Dressage Danish Warmblood – Hanoverian – Trakehner - German Sporthorse - Thoroughbred RYV alt text

    Along the beautiful coast of Denmark you will find a little slice of heaven that has an amazing history.
    The stable that resides on this land was founded around the 1880's and it was founded due to a great love and passion for horses. Back then the horses they bred were famous for their unique coloring. Those horses eventually became known as the Knabstrupper.
    The countryside where the stable was built was named "Grifdal" - which is the name given to valley in which they reside. Rumor has it that the valley was home to the mythical beasts known as Griffins - At least accoridng to the records in the town council. Back then the land was avoided by the villagers. Of course, the presence of a Griffin could never be proved.
    The original owner of this stable was Grifdal Herregård and it is he whom gave the stud it's name. Mr. Jacobsen was a wealthy man, with no wife or children to call his own and he decided to put his efford into horses - an animal he knew well. At the time, he built what would be come the most modern stable in Denmark at the time.
    Unfortunally, when WWI started, all of the horses and people had to move out and the stable was abandoned. Being located a fair bit away from the town so it had fallen into ruin, even after the end of the war.
    In the early 2000's the land and all of it's buildings were purchased, very cheaply at auction, and they were soon rebuilt to their former glory. Thankfully, the new owners were able to find the old building plans in the main houses cellar.
    The stable is now well known for it's good competion horses. One of their longtime boarders, Eric Sobeck was good friends with the stable owners daughter. When the owner landed on hard times and the situation became dire, Eric decided to take a chance and invest his life savings into the stable he had grown to love. He hesitated for a long time about the decision but in the end it was his love not only for horses, but for Cecile that made up his mind. With a name change from Grifdal Run to Ryvensgate Stables, things could begin anew. They are still known for their excellent warmbloods and they continue to breed some of the finest Danish Warmbloods along with other warmblood breeds.

    alt text
    RYV Vandir-Tynau, Irish Sport Horse stallion that unites unique color and big talent for high sports!

    alt text

    Stable Name Owner Location Discipline Focus Main Breeds Prefix Official Branding
    Red Vale Ranch Richard Sterling Rocket Valley, Montana/US Reining – Ranch Versatility – Working Cow Horse American Quarter and Paint Horse RVR alt text

    In the beautiful countryside of central Montana, surrounded by the breathtaking wonder that is the natural landscape you can find a family run ranch that has called this place home for over three generations. The ranch itself is situated in a valley, near a small lake that is known as Rocket Lake. It is near Rocket Lake that the Sterling family decided to build their future and fortune. Roger Sterling and his wife, Marie, chose the area around Rocket Lake because of it's lush pastures and the natural, life giving resource that is the lake itself. They were fortunate enough to come across this area before anybody else and laid claim to it. Roger grew up on a cattle ranch in Wyoming while Marie was the daughter of the local blacksmith. As fate would have it, they fell in love and ran away together - Finding this beautiful place in the process.
    It was while in this beautiful place that Roger decided to start breeding and selling Long Horn Cattle. He had come into contact with the beautiful beasts while on a trip to Texas once with his father. It was here that he saw his future. A future where the cattle provided everything he would need to provide for his future family. Soon, Rocket Valley Ranch's reputation for having the best quality Long Horns grew and people from all over fought for their animals when they were at auction.
    It wasn't long before Roger and Marie started their family. Marie soon gave birth to a beautiful daughter and they named her Josephine. Sadly, Marie died in childbirth, leaving Roger all along to raise his new daughter. He could only hope that, as his heir, Josephine would grow to love the land as he did - And she did, just not in the way he intended. Where Roger loved cattle, Josephine loved horses. As an adult, Josephine nurtured her riding and soon became an avid horsewoman, even branching out into breeding some of the finest American Quarter Horses.
    Josephine met her husband, Hugh, at a local horse show and it was love at first sight. After only two years of dating, they decided to get married. Not long after that Josephine gave birth to two children, Richard, Dickie for short, and Elizabeth, affectionately known as Liza. Dickie is the head trainer for Rocket Valley Ranch while his best friend from school, Andrew Aaronson helps out on the weekends in exchange for riding lessons. He learned all that he knows about animals from his grandfather. Liza went to school in the city for Business Management and while there she fell pregnant with her daughter, Amy. Liza now manages the day-to-day happenings of the ranch - All with Josephine watching over them all, like the momma bear she is.

    alt text
    RVR I'mma Dusty Dune, American Paint Horse stallion, a perfect result of careful breeding

    alt text

    Stable Name Owner Location Discipline Focus Main Breeds Prefix Official Branding
    Vyceway Stud Connor Bishop Kildale, Scotland/UK Working Equitation - Country Pleasure - Various American Saddlebreds and more gaited breeds VYS alt text

    Scotland. A beautiful country full of myths and legends. Of all the legends, none remain about Kildale Valley near the coast. Kildale Valley is a relatively small parcel of land hidden away from the eyes of even the locals. It is surrounded by some of the most beautiful Scottish woodlands you could ever hope to come accross. Within the valley itself you will find a rustic old barn and some old paddocks. Nestled into a corner, with shade from the surrounding trees you can find the old brick house, with it's charming chimney. These dwellings once belonged to an old widow whose husband died in the Great War. When the woman died, the township took over the deed to the land but unfortunately, they didn't keep the place up and soon it was left forgotten. Not long ago however, Claire Hynes purchased the land and the surrounding forest from the township and has since rebuilt all of the old buildings and replaced the fencing along the pastures. When she became ill from Breast Cancer her brother, Connor Bishop, took over the dailing running of the stable, which was known as Vyceway Stud. It was a sad day when Claire passed on from this life but her dying wish was for the stable to succeed and Connor would be damned if he wasn't going to do his best to fulfill his sisters wishes. With only one horse left on the property and overwhelmed with grief, Connor was able to bring the business back up to it's former glory. Connor and his team now compete in the highest levels and are known widely throughout Scotland and England for their amazing horses.

    alt text
    VYS Gladiator, Grade (Baroque) stallion showing himself off in his favorite discipline

    Comments and questions are always welcome! :heart:

  • Absolutely lovely editing in all your photos :heart_eyes: I'm not much of a western fan but that Paint is stunning

  • Did anybody say baroques hehe, Vandir has such a beautiful coat and what can I say about Gladiator... He is sooo pretty <3 But let's not forget those amazing edits :O

  • @Kayla-Greyson
    Thank you very much ❤ I've found my lost passion again, so there might be more edited pictures!
    Oh yes! Dusty is also one of my favorite horses! Now you have to go and start western too! :smile:

    Yes, Baroques! 😍 and yes, Vandir is truly an outstanding stallion!
    Gladiator is just stunning, I'm so in love with him! I hope you too!
    Thank you so much for your kind words! :heart:

  • Finally you made a blog dear!! I'm looking forward to follow! 😍😍😍
    And of course your pictures are as stunning and lovely ass always!! 😘😍

    specifically the picture of my lover boy. 😍😍

  • @Gina-Jolie-Richards
    Oh yes! Finally! :heart_eyes: Now I can show all my lovely horses! And of course more of Gladiator too! :heart:

  • Uhm, hello? And you keep telling me you can't edit?! Your editing looks so nice and it's really pleasing to look at! :heart_eyes: <3 The tail on VR Vandir-Tynau is just absolutely amazing and the entire atmosphere in Gladiator's picture is just, idek, I have no words for it <3 :drooling_face:

  • Look at those horses! The editing skills! And you say you can't edit... right :rolling_eyes:
    I'm so excited to see more of your stables - especialy Vyceway Stud :eyes:
    The quality of your horses gives me chills. I want to see mooore, show us the pretty ponies you've been hidding :smirk: especialy a certain APH mare whose white face and pink nose made me collapse on Slack

  • Replies:

    @Shea-Hamilton Oohh Thank you so much for your lovely words! That motivates me to make more edited pictures :heart: Feel hugged from me! :blush:

    @Fernanda-Luchetta Thank you too for your kind words! So nice to hear that so many people like my editing :see_no_evil: Oh yes! I have plenty of horses running around just waiting to be shown! :heart:

    [Sorry for this late update! I was sorting out all horses, saving their files new with their names, looking if I miss any files and I am taking conformation pictures of every horse to put them in their main site profiles! All RVR Stock horses now have pictures! Time to stalk them! :eyes:]

    alt text

    Sometimes it's good to know what tricks a horse knows before you buy it! Connor was testing Tidus out, how much stress he is able to stand. He is a good stallion but he as so much energy that this young stallion can't hold for too long. Connor asked him to go backwards. Tidus was only 2 months in training but it seems that he learned a trick. Connor pulled on one rein plus making a sound with his lips. Instead of going backwards Tidus reared and luckily Lair was there to take this picture! Little Tidus has soo many to learn until he is a good riding horse!
    alt text

    As you might now Connor is breeding a special type of grades. There will be of course an update with all information about Connors breeding program! This stallion is one example of the new strain! Appaloosa! This stallion is unbroken only knows the halter and basic horse handling. He seems to be a shy but curious stallion. It might be a lot of work to make this beauty into a good horse!
    alt text

  • Lair... I know this name 😄
    Anyway, before you stands the first member of Tidus fanclub! 💖

  • @Sorina-Collins Of course you do! :heart: I love Tidus... but I am always in Team Kryanor! :joy: And secretly Team Gladiator! :see_no_evil:

  • So funny!! That's a really typical thing on new horses haha!! Second member of Tidus fanculb!! :v:

  • @Vera-Alvarez Oh yeah it is! Connor is gladly a very good rider but he was a little shocked in the first moment :smile:
    Yeah!! Let's make a Tidus fanclub! I have to feed your need for Tidus! :Joy:

  • I'm always excited to see your scrappy updates
    Already told you how I like this Tidus picture <3 he looks lovely, even on his full energy mode. I love his coat especially on the down parts
    I'm looking forward to hear all about Connor's breeding program plans :see_no_evil:

  • Love your blog layout I wish I was better at blogs. Your horses are beautiful :D

  • @Fernanda-Luchetta Thank you so much! :heart: Tidus is really lovely and I am really proud how his marking turned out!

    @Katharina-Opalhaven Thank you too :heart: Aww, don't say that! I am also not that good at blogs, don't worry! It took me a long while before I started creating this blog :blush:

    alt text

    Slowly but steady I have time to take main site profile pictures from all my horses! The stocks are mainly done, only a few left, and I finished all profile pictures from my grades! I have all warmbloods and some other horses from different breeds left! It's coming to an end soon!
    Stay tuned for more updates in the future! :blush:

    Please enjoy these calm boys before they ran off and played together in the first fresh snow!

    alt text

    In the evening when the boys were a little tired we let our new stallion, the Dominant White boy, join the group. The leader of the herd approched him slowly but full of pride and poise. He seemed to like him but we decided to bring back all horses in the stable again before it gets too dark outside. We will see tomorrow if we can let them all out together!
    alt text

  • I love this pictures!!!! :heart_eyes: Can't waith for you to show more. :P

  • I don't know how I haven't seen this album before, but your pictures are just gorgeous. Your herd is so handsome. :heart_eyes:

  • Ah, those precious things :heart_eyes:
    I really like how Leonidas' Dominant White's boy marking came along. Matches him and his coat beautifuly. He'll be the stand out of the boys' herd :heart:
    I cannot deal with so many pink noses

  • @Gina-Jolie-Richards Of course I am making more pics! Like now, more pics to stalk! :heart:

    @Clementine-Laake Thank you so much! :heart: I love them too, every single one!

    @Fernanda-Luchetta They are! I am so in love with "unofficial Leonidas" :heart_eyes_cat:

    Looks curious behind the snowy stable corner...
    Who are these two precious things? A new breed? Something I never had before?
    These two horses are Warlanders! A beautiful cross between a Friesian and a Lusitano or Andalusian.
    Instead of keeping these two, I have to separate myself from these lovely horses!
    These two gems are for @Sorina-Collins! :heart_eyes_cat: VYS Girassol (Palomino Mare) and VYS Lirio (Smoky Black Pearl Stallion) bot ready to compete in Dressage and Liberty! You can breed almost every color you want with this couple! I hope you love them as much as I do! I was soo close to keep them, @Fernanda-Luchetta can tell you that how much work I put into them and how hard it is for me to let them go! But I know that you will treat these two horses like gods, just what they deserve! :kissing_heart: I wish you only the best and have a lot of fun with these two! :heart:

    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

  • I can see why you would have trouble parting with them! Sorina is very lucky!

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