Eric's Blog ~ It's got pictures in it I guess! [Update: 17. Jan]

  • Stunning update my dear!! Cant wait to hear more about this last horse you mentioned. <3 ♡♡◇ so many beautiful horses.

  • Lovely horses. Always enjoy an update from you.
    I have my suspicions about the last mystery horse.

  • all your horses are so pretty, Eric!! I'm excited to see Saddlebreds, I think they're so gorgeous!

    also RVR Hez'an Undone End is stunning <3

  • YAY for an update!! :eyes:
    Your news are so exciting and I can't wait to see more of what you are coming up with.
    Gorgeous, very well made horses with stunning markings as usual, no news on that, but you always menage to overcome yourself, don't you? I love them! Specially, of course, Carbonic Dragon, who is sure to continue Chloe's lines the best possible way. I'm so proud of my little girl who is now a mom! :heart:
    Blazarin, Glory, Charm, Platinum, Hez'an and Horizon are also among my favorites from this update, which made me realize I'm the worst on picking anything when there are so many pretty fellas. I mean, I love all? :sob:
    As usual, I can't wait to see your next update. Please, don't take too long! :panda_face:

  • An update! Finally. I love your new saddlebreds, that's an interesting breed you've got there. VYS Down In The Darkness is one of my favorites from your new ones, the marking is great. RVR Ima Charm The Ladies has a beautiful color and RYV Imaravetelli looks just awesome. Don't let the next update be so long, I know that there are still a lot of great pictures :P

  • PR Committee

    Yay an update :confetti_ball: so happy to see that you are branching out of your comfort zone and trying some new and interesting breeds!

  • Wow Campolinas are so rare yet so pretty. I'm glad there will be more in the community

  • Such stunning horses, I love the markings you make :heart_eyes:

  • Your horses are so stunning its not even funny. And your paints look so amazing it makes me want to get back into stock horses.

  • Thank you all for your lovely comments! It really made me happy and gave me a ton of new motivation to continue taking pictures and post them! :heart:

    alt text

    Summer was hard, it was rainy and unfortunally I got sick. My brother Eric helped me taking care for the Mustangs, feeding them and cleaning their stalls. I bought a gelding who was gelded just a few weeks before I got him, but he went so crazy around the mares, even if he was separated and not in direct contact with them, but the smell and the new home was too much for him I guess. He went all crazy, attacked my other gelding until he was bleeding and was lame for two months. Luckily it was only a big wound on his back leg and no infection or broken legs. It healed all fine and he is all good again.
    I tried calming down the gelding, but he wasn't able to settle down. My brother Eric visited me, Eric told me to sell him on, because he thinks he is too dangerous around the other horses and one day he might go after me. And just two days after he left, it happened. He reared and got stuck in the metal panel and couldn't get out on his own. He went nuts, tried kicking and biting me while I tried getting his foreleg out of the panel. He got more into panic and he tried dragging out his leg and the anchoring of the panels in the wall bended and broke. The panel fell towards him, he turned around kicked out and instead of hitting the panel who was laying on the ground he hit me on the leg. I passed out and woke up again in the hospital. They told me I have a thigh fracture and this is taking a while until I can walk and work again. Oof.
    So yeah that was my summer and autumn, not being able to work with my horses or do simple stable cleaning. Eric helped me a lot, he did all the work I couldn't do. He is experienced with mustangs and trained them properly. I could sit outside the riding place and see him working. I could still learn a lot from him even if I worked a lot with horses before. Everybody trains their horses different and it is still exiting to see others work with horses!
    I am back on my feet, no pain anymore, I just should take care not being stomped on, but my horses are nice, 80% the time :joy:
    Oh, you wonder what happened to the gelding? I sold him away. He is now in a boy group without any mares in reach. He is still difficult, but his behaviour got better.

    What is new?
    Well, the three girls Sahkyo, Cheveyo and Candycrush are doing great! I decided to give Candy a new name, fitting to the others, so she is called Taima now! In the background you can spot Kense, who is still happy! Eric lunged her a lot and she is used to the bit. She also had a saddle on and was super calm! No bucking around.
    alt text
    alt text

    She is currently alone in her stall, but nearby there are other mares. I do this to slowly introduce them to each other so they can slowly get known to each other.

    alt text

    We also have new faces in the barn! Let me show you Nygerewi, a sweet but strong-minded mare, who is more acting like a stallion like a mare :laughing: She gets along nicely with my gelding. She is dominant and tells him off when she is annoyed by him.
    alt text
    alt text

    That is Esjar, my gelding! He loves to roll in every dirty puddle he can find. He is from the same herd as Sahkyo, so around her age too. He behaves like a stallion sometimes, but he is never out of control. He tends to get hectic when he doesn't understand something so training with him means a lot of patience and time. He tries to please me. He is currenly only lunged and I have only made ground work with him. No saddle or bridle on him as I thought he should get this summer off to settle down more. And it was a great idea! He is now full of motivation and his character grew! He seems to be a bit calmer and thinks a bit more and doesn't get hectic when you get into his space. Nygerewi really helped him settle down.
    In the background you can see Cosari, a spotted Mustang who is currently living at Eric's stable. She is ridden for one year now and he uses her for ranch work, such as riding through the fields and check fences and get horses in and out. Of course he could use a western cutting horse, but he really liked her and so I gave him Cosari.
    alt text

  • Kense is really pretty :)

  • They are all so pretty, it's impossible to choose a favorite. Also, those tails are on point

  • What a wonderful update!! Sucks that you ended up in hospital, but glad of the recovery, what a great group of new horses....
    Your place looks homely.

  • Such pretty horses! I always enjoy looking at your photos :heart:

  • I like how you have the box designed. <3 It' a comfortable environment.
    And your mares are very beautiful. It seems like a very peaceful place.

  • by far some of the best horses iv'e made :) They look fantastic in your game!

  • You know how much I love your Mustangs and the stories around them, I'm always looking forward to another update!
    Poor Rafael always menages to hurt himself, doesn't he? Poor guy, always so dedicated towards his horses. I'm glad to know he is doing all better and how much Eric has helped him - that's one hell of a brother.
    Your girls seems to be doing great, I love the dirty looks you give them, so realistic. Nygerewi is among my favorites - I love her thick built and eye catching coat and markings. Something about her blue eyes just makes my heart a little warmer :heart:

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