Richard's Blog ~ It's got pictures in it I guess! [Update: 10/02]

  • @Fernanda-Luchetta Thank you so much! :heart: Tidus is really lovely and I am really proud how his marking turned out!

    @Katharina-Opalhaven Thank you too :heart: Aww, don't say that! I am also not that good at blogs, don't worry! It took me a long while before I started creating this blog :blush:

    alt text

    Slowly but steady I have time to take main site profile pictures from all my horses! The stocks are mainly done, only a few left, and I finished all profile pictures from my grades! I have all warmbloods and some other horses from different breeds left! It's coming to an end soon!
    Stay tuned for more updates in the future! :blush:

    Please enjoy these calm boys before they ran off and played together in the first fresh snow!

    alt text

    In the evening when the boys were a little tired we let our new stallion, the Dominant White boy, join the group. The leader of the herd approched him slowly but full of pride and poise. He seemed to like him but we decided to bring back all horses in the stable again before it gets too dark outside. We will see tomorrow if we can let them all out together!
    alt text

  • I love this pictures!!!! :heart_eyes: Can't waith for you to show more. :P

  • I don't know how I haven't seen this album before, but your pictures are just gorgeous. Your herd is so handsome. :heart_eyes:

  • Ah, those precious things :heart_eyes:
    I really like how Leonidas' Dominant White's boy marking came along. Matches him and his coat beautifuly. He'll be the stand out of the boys' herd :heart:
    I cannot deal with so many pink noses

  • @Gina-Jolie-Richards Of course I am making more pics! Like now, more pics to stalk! :heart:

    @Clementine-Laake Thank you so much! :heart: I love them too, every single one!

    @Fernanda-Luchetta They are! I am so in love with "unofficial Leonidas" :heart_eyes_cat:

    Looks curious behind the snowy stable corner...
    Who are these two precious things? A new breed? Something I never had before?
    These two horses are Warlanders! A beautiful cross between a Friesian and a Lusitano or Andalusian.
    Instead of keeping these two, I have to separate myself from these lovely horses!
    These two gems are for @Sorina-Collins! :heart_eyes_cat: VYS Girassol (Palomino Mare) and VYS Lirio (Smoky Black Pearl Stallion) bot ready to compete in Dressage and Liberty! You can breed almost every color you want with this couple! I hope you love them as much as I do! I was soo close to keep them, @Fernanda-Luchetta can tell you that how much work I put into them and how hard it is for me to let them go! But I know that you will treat these two horses like gods, just what they deserve! :kissing_heart: I wish you only the best and have a lot of fun with these two! :heart:

    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

  • I can see why you would have trouble parting with them! Sorina is very lucky!

  • PR Committee

    So glad to see you have an active blog up and running! Can't wait to see all your gorgeous BIY babes from me! :D

  • WHAAAAAAAAT?! OMG, OMG, OMG! * running in circles * Such beautiful creatures and they are Warlanders! You really listen to my messages, i'm happy * laugh *They are wonderful, such beauties, I know how hard it must be for you to give them away. I'll carry them on hands, thank you so much!! Best pixel birthday present ever! Thanks for putting so much work in a present for me! :heartpulse: :two_hearts: :heartbeat:

  • They are very beautiful horses. :D

  • @Danielle-Maddox Yes I am happy that I could manage to make a blog that I like. I just have to start spamming more pics of all horses I have! :heart:

    @Sorina-Collins I'm soooo happy that you like them :heartpulse:

    @Katharina-Opalhaven Thank you! :blush:

    alt text

    The nights get colder and soon there will be snow. The grass is frozen but our horses don't mind the cold. Hati still enjoys running around to keep himself warm, even when the sun almost set.

    alt text

  • How on earth did I loose an update of yours? Not acceptable.

    The Warlander duo is beyond perfect - I was pretty close myself to sneak in with my trailler at night and kidnap those. I fell in love from the moment you showed them to me, and Sorina is the luckiest girl ever.

    tries to keep voice calm
    Its perfect. Your boy is perfect. Everything is.

  • beautiful really love this ambiance :)

  • @Fernanda-Luchetta I was thinking the same :smile: You are a bad stalker :eyes:

    :see_no_evil: Yes, I posted it! Finally! It took a while, but I thought sharing it in my blog is good :heart: Hati deserves to be shown!

    Thank you for supporting me so much! :heart: Feel hugged from me! :kissing_closed_eyes: I can't tell you how much I am smiling right now! That motivates me soo much!! :two_hearts:

  • Hati is absolutely beautiful :heart: dont be surprised if hes missing in the morning :smirk:

  • @Luke-Alhmann Thank you! I was also impressed about this feeling!

    @Charlie-Smith Thank you! :heart: He is truly a beauty and always a sweetheart! Oh! Then I have to keep an eye out for visitors! :smile:

    alt text

    This week a cold wind hit us and covered our lands in beautiful white snow! Of course we were prepared for the winter, they said it will be a harsh winter with very low degrees. We let our horses out in closer fields surrounding our Ranch, just to keep an eye out of them. We don't want to leave the alone and far away during wintertime. We have a lot of young horses waiting to start their competition carrers in January and we were training them all during summertime and autumn. They all did well and some of them really needed the free time now! Now we have time to train our youngstock! The basics for a young horse is to be comfortable around humans, other horses and dogs, picking up all feet, brushing and of course also be led. It is a lot work but with patience and time we can create our perfect partner for sports and also fun! We don't force our horses to high performance, we let the horse decide what to do next and how far we can go with it. It happens some time that the best bred horse just wants to be a pasture potato surrounded by joyful kids rather than compete in the highest classes.
    On this picture you can see RVR Psysolution One! He just started his training and he has the mind to be a perfect competition horse!
    Just enjoy him and the beautiful sunset this evening! Of course he loves playing in the snow! :heart:

    alt text

  • This boy is just stunning :heart_eyes:
    I can't wait to see your competition team coming out of the box in January - I know you've been much dedicated by training them slowly and building up a quality young team with some amazing bloodlines :heart:

  • alt text

    Coming soon... Next Generation 2019!
    alt text

    The new competition season starts soon and we will show our horses off! So why not use the last days to take some pics of our new horses?
    We will introduce some new horses and breeds soon! Keep an eye out on new updates here!

  • I'm so happy to see you've finally started showing your things off to the community! Love these horses!!

  • everything in this blog is perfect... HOW

  • Stop being so god! I hate you for that...
    Looking forward to see what you come up with in 2019!

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