The Journey Has Come To An End

  • Good Afternoon,

    To my fellow equus simmers, this has been a long time coming I suppose I think we all eventually reach that age where life becomes far to busy and priorities change and well, we change.
    I have been in the Equus Sims community since 2011 - but 2018 is where I must leave it.

    There has been several hiatus announcements from me over the past 11 months, which in a way have been leading up to this point, and since my game has officially died and to be honest I have not even bothered trying to fix it, this was the ideal moment to write this post.

    Currently my life has become way to busy with work and horses and honestly I have lost all passion for the sims itself so this is me calling it a day.

    It has been been a journey and one I won't forgot, nor will I forget the friends I have made along the way - I will be reachable via both Equus Sims and Equus Sins slack if you just want to talk.

    If I own a horse from you, please contact me and I will shoot the profile back, if not well, they will sit dormant on my main site.

    You never know what happens so I might be back, but don't count your chickens -

    So this is me, signing off for the last time.

    I love you all

  • Oh, you don't even know how sad to hear it. Well, I wish you good luck in your life, and I'll keep my fingers crossed for you to come back here~

  • Eriiiiin :cry: I'm actually so sad to read this ;-; You were actually the very first person who made me feel like I actually fit in when I came back to sims. Bettina was the first horse I imported for anyone and I was so surprised that someone actually liked something I made. I also still think about how I found an old WPE horse of yours, WPE Apoi Flower, in my emails and was afraid you would demand her back and hate me :laughing: That was a really fun conversation and it made me feel really welcome being able to laugh about it together so thank you for being one of my first friends coming back to sims. :heartbeat: Anyway, I really hope for nothing but the best in your future!! (maybe some vacation days for you too HAHA) And that you'll come back to chat with us all every now and then!! :heart: Maybe one day you'll be able to find time for sims again and hopefully we'll all still be here :heart_decoration:

  • PR Committee

    Oh Erin I’m so sad to read this and see you go but real life has to come first. I will gladly take back the profiles I sold/bred for you. Or even any imports. If you don’t remember who they were just shoot me a DM 💔

  • So sorry to read this, you were a major inspiration! Best of luck in your future!

  • I'm really sorry to hear this, Erin. I still have a lovely mare and a stallion from you I hold dearly and they'll be kept active. I've always loved your horses, truly. You'll be missed <3

  • It saddens me to hear this, I've only talked to you a couple of times and I think that you are a very nice and friendly person! I wish you good luck in your future :heart:

  • Such messages are always sad to read, but thank you for saying goodbye to us none the less! Wishing you all the best in your rl :heart:

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