<Wanted> APH Import

  • A while ago I had someone make the marking for this mare that I showed high interest in buying(which never happened)

    I have since lost that marking and am hoping someone else would be willing to do a custom marking as well as a custom template and all.

    She is a Strawberry Roan Overo APH mare, my offering for her is $25,000 but I am willing to raise it up if needed.

    Obviously I am without laptop but I will use the images of her confirmation and such to register her and use her in randomized shows.
    Links X X X X

  • Are you still searching? I could try this afternoon.

  • @Irene-Duarte somene is working on it, been busy with training and my other job i forgot about this thread XD

  • @Maritza-Aehrenthal I'm glad to hear that someone took your request. Thanks for answering me. ;)

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