[Ended] Breeding Raffle

  • Offering up some of my geldings that do have some frozen sperm coverings left.


    • Try to be active in shows with the offspring.
    • No baby making machines
    • This is a BIY raffle, as I cannot do the breeding nor send the files over
    • All offspring must carry my prefix(Aehrenthal's) they can also carry your prefix/suffix as well
    • You are welcome to sell the offspring if you want too, but contact me first so I can update my records
    • NO TWINS
    • Mares must be of breed eligible for outcross with my boys.

    RESTRICTION Paladin des Ifs only has 1 covering left, you may only enter for him once. The other 3 geldings you may enter for them twice.


    Images are included in the entry forum(because for some reason I can't upload them here)

    Aehrenthal's Spinnaker
    Chestnut Thoroughbred Gelding
    Flat Racing(50p, 2 bonus)/Eventing(51p, 2 bonus)
    3 Coverings Left

    Aehrenthal's Rougarou
    Bay Sabino Thoroughbred Gelding
    Show Jumping(84p, 2 bonus)
    3 Coverings Left

    Aehrenthal's Delirium
    Buckskin Min. Sabino Thoroughbred Gelding
    Show Jumping(76p, 2 bonus)
    3 Coverings Left

    Paladin des Ifs KN
    Bay Selle Francias Gelding
    Eventing(246p, 5 bonus)
    1 Covering Left

  • Bumping as there aren't many people entered. Very good horses, I know foundation can be a turn off but they have good potential :)

  • Bump 1 day left

  • Winners of the raffle.

    Spinnaker: @Annalena-Voigt
    Rougarou: @Katherine-Star-Ackles
    Delirium: @Irene-Duarte
    Paladin des Ifs: @Rachel-Deacon

    Thanks for entering guys I'm sorry if you didn't win.

  • Yay! Thank you for hosting this!

  • Thank you so much for hosting! :heart:

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