[Ended - Last Winner Announced] DPPR Birthday Prospect Sale

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    Yeah. Enjoy. :hugging:

    My rules are the standard; don't distribute files, be gentle with them, give them lots of love and show them to the ends of the Earth :heart: This crop is very special to me, having been one whole year in the planning and it exemplifies my stable's progress over the years I've been here, and I've tried to make that as evident as I can without being dumb. The world I chose to take their photos in is special to me as those from the old forum will recognize it from my scrapbook on there; and it's humbling to know many of these youngsters had parents and grandparents introduced in this world, in my old facilities, almost three years ago. Enough waxing poetic; let's meet those for sale and those you have the opportunity to take home.

    The auction will end on the 8th (:birthday:) but bids placed on that day will push the horse into 24/ALB.

    Smokey Cream Tobiano | Ee/aa/CrCr/TT | Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) | Mare | +6 SJ/+5 Eventing | Main Site

    DPPR Clarissa De Lune, or as we call her 'Clary' is a mare that any self-respecting colour breeder would not pass up on. Tested homozygous tobiano alongside being double-cream, Clary's future foals are guarenteed to be cream and tobiano, no matter what. That alone would make her appealing to programs; her pedigree itself is a massive boon as well. Out of our stud DPPR Paleblood Moon and by our mare DPPR 100 Letters, Clary has EQ greats like UD Degas, RDEC Trinidad, MSE Bad Horse, MSE Lonesome Devil's Brew & our own DMS Eclipse influencing her lines. Lots of names, I know, don't let your eyes glaze over! This makes her at least a 7th generation mare, and if you keep your gaze off her for just a second she might just disappear, changing with the phases of the moon... Mostly because she loves to run away in the paddock :new_moon_with_face:

    Perlino Roan Splash | Ee/Aa/CrCr/nRn/nSpl | Trakehner | Stallion | +11 Eventing | Main Site

    DPPR Muundancer-- He's just known as 'Muun' around here --is. Wow. Can we-- Can we keep him? Do you all mind? Damn, you do? Shame! Shame, I tell you! I can't blame you either, though. By DPPR Desperate Deceptions out of DPPR Musical Mundana, Muun is the stud your program needs in 2019, be it for Trakehners, other WB breeds, or just in general. A grandfoal of MSE Desperate Measures, a horse we've owned for nearly 3 years now, and descended from our own Roan Trakehner lines via his dam, these are lines we do not give up easily and are hesitant even now but, come on, look at him, why wouldn't I hesitate :joy: Ontop of that, he's hardworking, no-nonsense, and has 3 stellar gaits. Definitely not an opportunity to miss!

    Grey (Smokey Black) w/ Pinking | EE/aa/nCr/Gg | Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) | Stallion | +20 SJ/+20 Eventing | Main Site

    Oh, this one is even nearer and dearer to my heart -- DPPR Vevilo (Just known as 'Vevilo') is a special boy. First grey of the crop, he's markingless except for his pinking, which just makes him look like someone did some wacky face painting whilst he was passed out at a party or something. Which definitely fits his lazy, slightly drunkard personality of not really caring. You see, he has quite the legacy to live up to -- By Eretria's Vittorio and by DPPR Sterling Penumbra, this is another horse with our own storied lines that are very precious to me. With DMS Eclipse as a grandsire on his dam's side and a descendant of Call Me Casanova on his sire's side, he has a pedigree full of champions and that reflects in the hefty bonus he gets. He even comes with a little colour from his dam, so he could be a great stud for your program too if you're not looking for someone to throw chestnuts -- This boy is homozygous black :black_heart:

    Grey (Bay) | Ee/Aa/Ff/Gg | Hanoverian | Stallion | +12 SJ/+20 Eventing | Main Site

    Second grey! DPPR Legerity (Just 'Legerity') might be the plainest boy here, but don't let that turn you off from consideration. His lines are solid and he himself is perfectly sound, perhaps not a mount for beginner competitors due to his rashness in the arena and occasional hot-headed fits but by no means unworthy from it. Out of Légende d'Auroy and by Marello L, He has old legends like Voltaire Du Tussock in his line, along with May Day L as a grandsire and Sail On By REC as a great-grandsire. He's got the scope and talent to take you there; he just needs a little discipline on the way :fire:

    Sooty Palomino Sabino | ee/AA/nCr/StySty/nW | Trakehner | Mare | +18 SJ/+5 Eventing | Main Site

    Finally, a mare. Trakehner, no less! DPPR Lochetic, commonly called 'Chettie' in the sale barn is dainty, delicate, and just a little bit of a damsel. She trusts her riders implicitly but is often startled out on her own so she should be boarded with horses that aren't domineering in herd pecking orders and would definitely benefit from some confidence boosting training. By our underground stud DPPR Loxotic out of MSE Moonglitter, this will be your last chance to get a foal from Moonglitter publicly with so much colour, to boot. Tested homozygous for agouti & sooty, expect her to produce plenty of liver chestnuts and sooty bays for your program, with the chance of dominant white and cream mixed in there, too. Lochetic's half-siblings by their sire, Leviathan and Themyscira, are both promising prospects that we own and we believe that Chettie is no different :checkered_flag:

    Bay Overo | Ee/Aa/nO | Thoroughbred | Mare | +15 SJ | Main Site

    And a sweet Thoroughbred girl to finish things off. One of the absolute last of sire Regis' Royal Sergeant's foals, DPPR Antares ('Antares') is an out of this world mare named after a truly royal star -- Because that's what she is. Out of MHS Solar Whisper this lady has old SHS Thoroughbred lines that give her a big bonus to Showjumping, and with her sire's flashy colour all eyes are on her in the ring, the parking lot, the McDonald's drive-through. You know, wherever you go. Inquisitive and brave, she'll jump anything you put her infront of, and can easily be taken all the way to the top with time. Be careful, though, she's a little alien goblin and will eat anything you put infront of her :alien:

    All starting bids are 5k. :heart_decoration:

    Horse Highest Bid Ending Time
    DPPR Clarissa De Lune Anna Hertler - 145k Nov. 12th 1:00 PM EST
    DPPR Muundancer Skye Valens - 145k Nov 12th 5:00 PM EST
    DPPR Vevilo Elin Fredriksdotter - 200k Nov. 10th 10:00 AM EST
    DPPR Legerity Zahid Sadir - 75k Nov. 10th 2:00 AM EST
    DPPR Lochetic Zahid Sadir - 550k Nov. 12th 4:00 AM EST
    DPPR Antares Nicole Loffer - 73k Nov. 9th 12:00 PM EST

  • DPPR Antares - Starting Bid

  • Banned

    Lukeee! Amazing pons :drool:

    SB for DPPR Muundancer
    SB for DPPR Vevilo

  • I can't resist.
    SB on DPPR Legerity

  • PR Committee

    DPPR Lochetic - Starting bid

  • DPPR Antares - 25k

  • DPPR Muundancer - 6k
    DPPR Legerity - 6k
    DPPR Lochetic - 6k

  • DPPR Vevilo $25,000

  • DPPR Legerity 7k

  • Bids updated :tea:

  • DPPR Clarissa De Lune - SB

  • DPPR Lochetic - 10k

  • PR Committee

    DPPR Legerity - 10k
    DPPR Lochetic - 15k

  • DPPR Clarissa De Lune - 10k holly cowy <3 what a pretty

  • Development Committee

    DPPR Muundancer - 10k :heart:

  • DPPR Clarissa De Lune 12k
    DPPR Antares 26k

  • PR Committee

    DPPR Lochetic - 16,000

  • Honestly don't know how to choose who is my favorite... this is an amazing foal crop!!!

    DPPR Antares - $27,000
    DPPR Lochetic - $17,000
    DPPR Legerity - $11,000

  • DPPR Clarissa De Lune - 13k

  • Moderation Committee

    ugh luke :weary:

    DPPR Vevilo - $30,000

  • Antares 28k
    Clarissa 14k

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