[Ended] Breeding Auction ~ Titled Endurance Arabian Stud

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    Welcome to Cinnabar Courts Breeding Auction, we are offering one breeding to Cinnabar's Sunstone, a stunning Flaxen Chestnut Rabicano Sabino Arabian stallion (Crabbet) who competes in Eventing and Endurance. Sunstone currently has 27 points in endurance and 17 in eventing and has a long career or future titles to achieve, so the bonuses do not stop here. We promise your foal will inherent strong athleticism, great color and a great disposition!

    Rules :

    • The foal carries our prefix (Cinnabar's)
    • The foal comes with custom markings, please do not upload or share them anywhere
    • You are not allowed to alter the coat or conformation
    • You may adjust shine markings
    • You may change mane and tail style but not the color
    • The foal should be registered eventually, I can do this for you for a fee of $500
    • Please keep the foal active (at least in R-Shows)
    • Let me know if you don't have time to keep the foal active, we are always willing to lease horses we created
    • Notify me before reselling the foal, I might want to buy it back or at least know who bought it
    • Please mention your favorite coat color in your first bid to show that you've read and agreed to the rules <-

    -> Starting bid is $8,000, min raise is $1,000. I'm not too picky on the mares breed, happy bidding and thank you for visiting!

    "Blaze" is a very athletic stallion with a huge work ethic and a great mind who has yet to disappoint with his performance. He is not lacking in the color department, being a homozygous rabicano your foal is 100% likely to inherent the pattern, while also guaranteed to carry Flaxen and a 50/50 chance of Sabino. Needless to say your foal will have some appeal! He has sired two foals in the past, both of them got his incredible soundness and striking good looks and we can guarantee yours will too!
    Previous Offpsring
    Cinnabar's Black Scarab

  • PR Committee


    blood bay

  • $20,000

    Can't pick a favorite, there are too many I like.

  • 21,000

    Flaxen Chestnut 8)

  • All accepted

  • $30,000

    character filler

  • Sold to @Dimitri-Dane, please message me here or on slack with your mares details

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