[WANTED] Help decorating a SH training lot

  • I have a lot of jump CC in my game, I mean a lot like everything that has ever been made. However, I suck majorly at creating jumping arenas, even just for "training" pictures... Which is all I'm after.

    i have a lot that was gifted to me by a friend, and I really want to turn it into a training lots for my SH horses. I need help doing this. I would be willing to pay money and/or just share the lot with the person who does this for me.

    Please message me if you are interested!

  • bump. still looking

  • Still looking! Also willing to pay in breedings!

  • I don't really know much about show hunters, but I can build show jumping courses and I'm guessing they're not that different :slight_smile:

  • I have built SH arenas before! I didn't see this sooner, otherwise, I would have helped!

    Do you have the CC? 'Cause then I can build it and send you pictures if that works?

    (I don't HAVE a lot of SH jump CC, because I had to restart my game when my CC became corrupted D:)

  • I would love help from anybody. Can ya'll provide examples? I have most all SJ CC

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    ppppbt I can try to do this in the new year, I just gotta finish my holiday imports

  • If anybody still wants to help, please message me on slack so I can send over the lot!

  • Are you still looking ?

  • I am still looking. If anybody who has replied would like to try, please message me on Slack so I can send you the lot!

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