Gestüt Lestallum// Fendi-Fendi-Fendiman! // 19-03-19

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    Gestüt Lestallum was founded back in the 19th century. The main focus was to breed horses with a strong character, easy to train and a good conformation which would easily survive the rough times. Horses from all around the world were bought to get the best
    possible result.
    As the years passed by a lot has changed.
    The facilities were old which caused a not safe home for the horses and staff. After years of re-building the facilities were safe and modern, that gaved the barn more options to intensify the horse breeding, training and riding lessons.
    Gestüt Lestallum has a lot of different training projects where the horses are individually trained after their strength and interests. The same thing is possible to our riders.
    Every rider has three different horses to train which allows him to build a strong bond between him and his partner.
    There is also an option to get lessons at the stud with your own horse and rider or with one of our horses.

    ->Welcome to Gestüt Lestallum, the barn where disciplin and love is a part of the daily routine! <-![alt text](image url)

  • Fendiman LET
    Do you like chunky horses with a beautiful bay colour? If yes then is Fendiman definetly one of your favourite horses here!
    With a height of 183 cm he is not a small boy but that doesn't make him less loveable...quite the opposite! The bigger the horse the more you can love. ♥
    Autumn Vibes

  • He is beautiful! I also am a huge lover of chunky horses 😍

  • Wow, great editing! Can't wait to see more on your blog :heart:

  • oohhh amazing boy, and amazing edition <3

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hikarim
    0_1541534445977_Screenshot (2371).png
    I do love animes and I do love boys so why don’t create a guy who has something anime-dude-ish?
    I'm looking for some ppl who would like to make a picture with their sim....something like a collab. I sent u mine and u give me urs and theeen we both take pictures of it. c:
    Anyone interested?

  • You have so beautiful horses

  • 0_1541606640400_TS3 2018-11-06 23-29-21.jpg

  • Banned

    beautifull! <3

  • I love anime and mangas too :heart_eyes: I'd participate in your little exchange project but my sims are kinda ugly and I can't edit pics with sims in it xD

  • My youth is yours - Run away now - And forevermore
    (More of Hikarim because I do love him. Also I created him an hour? xd It's a miracle that I like him xd)

  • Ugh, your horses are just to die for :drooling_face: and don't even get me started on your editing. Mind sharing some of your talents with me? :innocent: :heart:

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    @Clementine-Laake ohh me too! but I also do love some sporty horses...mine always look chunky...xd
    @Annalena-Voigt thank you!
    @Luke-Alhmann thank you very much!
    @Mira-Green ohh thanks! I have more actually buuut I want to make new edits of them xd
    @Hilda-Wilson thank you! ur blog is really nice too. I really like ur editing style. It's so...unique? xd
    @Claire-von-Hohenfeld thaha! Maybe u can improve in making sims? It took me awhile to figure it out xd now i am trying to go away from the realistic thingys xd
    @Shea-Hamilton ohhh thank you! But ur pictrues aren't bad. I think its very hard to make pictures looking good without editing? Like for me it is really hard and difficult, altho I don't edit much but most I edit their tails and stuff and that gives me the biggest "atmophere" xd

  • Oldenburg stallion Donnerwetter LET
    He was one of my first horses when I breeded oldenburg horses and well, what do I have to say? I love and I hate him at the same time.. xd

  • Omg such a beautiful horse!! <3 Let me steal him please haha

  • what a stunning horse <3

  • He's absolutely gorgeous! And your editing is just wow :heart:

  • His coloring and that taiilll omg <3

  • Cold and windy weather aren't an excuse for no training
    Hellevator is a young oldenburg stallion who loves to jump. He's a really clumsy horse and forgets sometimes that he isn't like a cat or a dog...
    (Very quick edit. Took me an hour...xdd Ah heck. There should be an E and not an A in Hellevator...whooops)

  • hellevator <3 <3 <3

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