Gestüt Lestallum// Fendi-Fendi-Fendiman! // 21-03-19

  • PAPA ROACH LBR is a truck on the track. He may not be the fastest but you can't beat him at strength
    0_1543181384624_papa roach.jpg
    B/A HERE

  • Banned

    LOVE your race photos. He looks a speed demon!

  • Your album is seriously one of my fav ones! I really enjoy how very little edition your pictures have but still get amazing results and feel! <3 I don't have thoroughbreds in my stables but I still love seeing yours :heart_eyes:

  • "Next stop Hong Kong!
    So uhmm...well. I forgot to tell you that I'm now in Hong Kong. Korea was fun. I met a lot of cool people and I guess I also made some...friends? Lol idk. We got along pretty well.
    Arturo​ and me had a shoot today and he decided to take me for a coffee..that "badass mexican" is actually a mexican kitty girl...oops."
    -Kia, 27.11.19
    (Arturo belongs to a friend who’s not on Equus)
    (Kia is more the travel+model+ waste money don't wonder if there are more random posts xd)

  • Give me your trust
    Look me in the eyes and confess your lust
    Get on your knees
    Beg me to stop

    0_1543706958021_TS3 2018-12-01 22-52-27.jpg
    ((Idk if this is "too naked" since u can't really see if they're naked or nooot? ))
    Lets have some more couple pics. I feel like this one turned out pretty good.
    Watch B/A HERE
    Listen to that nice nice song that inspired me HERE

  • Quintin LET
    0_1543852020086_TS3 2018-12-03 01-55-35.jpg
    Quintin is a 10 year old Mangalarga Marchador.
    (I broke somehow my saves and I didnt saved all my horses soo...uhm...well heck. Be prepared for new horses.
    B/A HERE )

  • Competition Committee

    Holy heck. :drooling_face:

  • I made yesterday another guy. His name is June.
    I still have to fix a few thigns x d

  • Fredriksborger stallion Fredrick LET
    0_1544022164476_TS3 2018-12-04 18-01-40.jpg
    B/A HERE

  • Ellevelon's Monbebe (left), Kronborg's Raleigh Vejleby and Lullaby LET are enjoying the snow too.
    17 days are left untill Vejleby will give birth to her twins! (I'll post the pre-pictures soon here too)

  • I created myself a new TB mare. Her name is Wolke X LET and I can't wait to get a racing picture with her and trying out the new racing poses done by @Nikki-Calvaria <3
    0_1544389981412_Screenshot (2823).png

  • Administrators

    Cute horse! But the racing poses were made by the lovely @Nicole-Löffler, who I am lucky enough to share a nickname with :sparkling_heart:

  • @Nikki-Calvaria oh sooooorry! oh gawd. Thats embarrassing xD

  • Wolke X LBR(Chestnut) and Shoot Out LBR (Bay-ish) in their training
    B/A HERE

  • I like both versions of it lul

  • Banned

    Loooooool Ivan!!! They are looking amazing! definitely my favorite edit now. :heart:
    Really good job! :100:

  • beautiful editions :)

  • Kia enjoying the cold weather. Anyone who's a cold-weather-lover just like me? I'd love to have massiv snow but sadly we don't have the weather for it. v-v
    And i like the vibe of the picture...somehow christmass-y.
    0_1544725177226_TS3 2018-11-26 20-47-49 2.jpg

  • Competition Committee

    Stunning pictures and the editing is unreal!

  • I edited today a sim of a friend and actually I don't like editing females because idk...i can't create girls too so eh yeh. But I like this one somehow.
    B/A HERE (check it out, u will be suprised)

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